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Products/Services Must Be Relevant To My Site

I blog about my adventures in NOT growing up. My son Levi is 4 years old. The girls are 9 & 12. I have a messy house and a dog. I enjoy cocktails, cooking, and having fun outdoors. My readers are mostly US moms ages 25-34 with young children. Denture paste is probably not going to be a good fit unless you don’t mind me making fun of it.

Review Items Are Non-Returnable

If you want me to review your product or service, I need to be able to personally try it out. I require that the item you wish to have reviewed be provided to me at least three weeks prior to your requested publishing date.


I’m not a huge fan of running giveaways, but my readers like them. If your product/service kicks ass, I’m willing to give it a shot.

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