Why I’m Not A State Influencer

A few months ago I submitted an application to be part of a new blogging program. It sounded pretty good. Write 1-2 posts for a site each month and send some tweets for them each week. I thought it might be a good way to get my name out there and boost traffic to my site from their site.

The program just launched this month. I’ve been holding out submitting my bio and first post because I wanted to learn more. Last night I got a video from the company owner with an overview of the program.

It’s a great program. If you’re the company. As a blogger, it’s definitely one-sided. There are 50 bloggers, give or take, participating in this program (one or more for each state).

Here’s my take on it:

  • The company sells marketing services to clients. Cool.
  • As part of this program, if I refer any clients to the company, I get a commission for life. Cool.
  • In my monthly posts, I’m allowed to include backlinks to my blog and also have my bio feature links to my social media stuff. Cool.

Here’s the part I don’t like:

Each of the 50 bloggers is required to send 5 tweets written by the company 3 times each day. That’s right, 15 tweets per day. That’s 75 tweets per week. About something someone else has written.

Each of the participating bloggers has 2000 followers or more on Twitter. So let’s do the math:

50 bloggers x 2000 followers = 100,000 followers that could potentially see EACH TWEET. That’s an amazing reach. But don’t forget, we’re tweeting 3 times a day, 5 days a week. 100,000 x 3 = 300,000 per day. 300,000 x 5 = 1,500,000 twitter users per week that could see the tweets about your business.

That’s pretty fucking awesome, isn’t it? Sure, for the company.

What about the participants?

Aren’t we basically employees that are doing a heck of a lot of work for the company? As a group, we’re sending out a million and half tweets for the company’s client each week. I bet that would help draw in more clients for the business, right?

Not only that, but we’re sharing this with OUR followers. If I’m going to inundate my followers with a bunch of tweets, they better be worth it. I don’t mind posting the occassional sponsored tweet, but 75 per week? Really?

So let’s recap what’s in it for the bloggers that are participating.

At least, this is how I understand it.

  • We write one to two posts per month. We promote those posts to our followers. So we’re providing content and traffic to the site.
  • We tweet 5 messages 3 times per day. We’re providing marketing for the company’s clients.

In return, we get commission from NEW clients we bring in to the company. Wait, doesn’t that mean we’re acting as salespeople for the company, too?

The only monetary compensation is a CONTEST for the most comments on our blog posts on their site each month. The post with the most comments gets a $40.00 gift card. Which is another smart move by the company. With 50 bloggers all competing for the gift card, I bet there will be a lot of traffic sent their way.

The non-monetary compensation isn’t worth it to me. Sending 75 tweets about your content & clients per week and promoting your site for potential traffic back to my blog?

No thank you.

Now, if they want to change the program and compensate bloggers for sharing their influence – then I’ll be all ears.


  1. Wow that company is insane. I’m glad you backed out of it. Hell I don’t even do 75 tweets a week for myself. They should be paying you some big bucks!

  2. oh, that’s just so wrong. I’m glad you backed out…now go spend all that time you just saved yourself on making YOUR site as awesome as you can!

  3. That just blows my mind. They need to do some serious compensating for that kind of work. I wouldn’t want to flood my Twitter followers with THEIR stuff that often, for one thing, but it’s a win/win for them (not for the blogger at all). I am glad you backed out too!

  4. Who falls for this shit?

  5. Their bloggers aren’t going to have followers on twitter for very long if they are requiring them to spam their accounts lol

    The amazing thing is they will have plenty of people take this offer. It’s sad that people don’t value their skills, time or business enough to see how this will wreck their efforts. Good for the company though, it should make them a lot of money!

  6. Wow. That’s kind of insane. Glad you turned it down and I’m glad you said something! How many bloggers are starting out and jump at a chance like this because they get caught up in the invitation?

  7. I also signed up as a blogger and did the same thing to. The math. Ridiculous. Doing Sponsored Tweets you can get $4.00 a tweet. So they are basically getting free exposure at our suffering. Thank you for writing this.

  8. I feel the SAME!!! I wrote them and said that I didn’t feel comfortable spamming my followers with so many tweets. I have been partners with other companies and there was more in it for the partnered blog/company.

    • lifewithlevi says:

      I have a call set up with them tonight – they're open to making changes, which is pretty cool. I'll update the post after I talk to them.

  9. I don’t blame you one bit. They are crazy-pants!

  10. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who responded to them! I considered doing a “reply all” instead of a reply, but I decided to just send in my opinion and see what happened. To make matters worse, they were selling the advertising 🙁 Charging people to advertise on their 50+ network of State Mom Influencers… while asking us to just send out tons of unpaid tweets. I signed up because I really like the site, but I do not think they thought this through. I couldn’t even find the buttons and links of all the State Mom Influencers on the site.

    Don’t beat yourself up, you wouldn’t have seen through it “right away”. It sounded like it would be a good group to belong to. A guest post and tweets to support a group of mom’s. It never said it would be a guest post and tweets to support the site and only the site. It definitely never said that they would be charging for the tweets and not paying the people they were asking to send them. It also said that we would be getting “thousands of tweets sent back to us”, not that there was actually no plans for ever tweeting about our own sites (unless maybe if we bought the advertising from them).

    Maybe they were just hoping we wouldn’t see through it once we got the real details.

    Oh, and as for that commission – 1%! for new customers only! and… there were no affiliate links so I am guessing the new customers would also have to disclose that you sent them there in order for the commission to kick in. All those tweets that you sent out – just a normal link!?

  11. by the way, they didn’t even respond to my email – just the mass message saying there was issues with the program so they were going to put it on hold.

    • lifewithlevi says:

      Really? Interesting. They must have removed my email from the list, because I did not get that message.

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