What’s In A Name?

There are some names I will always associate with a particular person.

To me:

  • Janice is an annoying girlfriend on Friends.
  • Janet reminds me of the Rocky Horror Picture Show (and I can’t help but sing “Janet, damn it” in my head every time I hear the name said out loud).
  • Chance is not someone’s cute puppy – he’s the cute guy I had a crush on one summer.

People often ask me how my husband and I came up with Levi’s name. There’s no big exciting story about it. But we did have a few things we wanted to avoid when choosing his name:

Not Super Popular

Jennifer and Jason aren’t exactly uncommon names. Both my husband and I grew up with several other kids who had the same name as us. We wanted something different for our child. I only know one other person named Levi. Sure, there are the jeans, but that’s a brand, not a person.

Not Super Crazy

I think some people go a bit overboard choosing a name that’s unique for their child. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing, but when you pick something that no one can pronounce or has a crazy spelling, I think it makes it harder on the child. Levi is common enough that most people recognize it and know how to pronounce it and spell it.

Not Associated With Someone/Something Negative

As I explained above, there are certain names that I associate with certain people and their personalities. The personality part is key. If I had a negative experience with someone, I’m probably going to associate their name my feelings from that experience. The one person I know named Levi is someone I went to elementary school with. He was cute in second grade, and seems to have turned out ok as an adult. I certainly didn’t name my son AFTER him, but when I think of the name, I know I don’t have any bad connotations with it.

Jason & I finally settled on Levi after discussing a few names we both liked. The fact that it’s a biblical name is a bonus, and we love that so many people have commented on our choice.

How did you choose your child’s name?


  1. erinclot says:

    These were pretty much our rules too. Something different, but not "kre8ive". Something easy to spell and remember. Something that was tied to a family name if possible. Any name that had a person in my past that stuck out to me as negative was out of the question- no "mean girl" names. We lucked out with all boys in that respect!

  2. I totally associate Janice with friends too!

    I've always kind of liked the name Mason and B brought it up one day early in the beginning when we were going through baby name books and it kinda just stuck although we didn't make a decision until he was born!

    • lifewithlevi says:

      Jason & I both knew we wanted Levi after we found out I was having a boy, but wanted to make sure the name still fit after we met him in person.

  3. We wanted names that had a strong meaning. Also, wanted a French name because we got engaged in France. We didn't know the sex of our child beforehand and once our son was born my husband and I agreed he should carry his dad's name which happens to be French and his middle name means strength.

  4. We went nuts with kid names. We wanted names with meaning and tradition, but nothing too common and nothing too crazy.

    It took us 2 years to come up with 1 of our daughters' names (we planned it before we had her. She wasn't nameless for 2 years).

    We always knew what we were having by what names we had picked out. If we only had a girl name we were certain of, we had a boy. When we had one girl's name and two boys' names, we, of course, had twin girls. The only exception was our last child. We were set on a girl's name, but could not agree on a boy's. We thought that meant we would have another son, so we were shocked when we had a daughter.

    I like using family names, but, often, we changed them a bit. My oldest daughter's middle name is Natanya which is the Hebrew version of my grandmother's name. Her twin sister has Ella in her name because my grandmother's middle name was Stella, but she hated it and used Ella instead. In the Jewish tradition, you can use the same first letter to name in someone's memory. So my son is Sebastien in honor of his grandfather, Sigbert. My youngest daughter's Hebrew name is Rayna in memory of my cousin Ricky.

    In Judaism, it's believed that, if you name a child after someone, that child has the potential to be like that person (for the good or bad). So we had to think long and hard before we used certain names.

    • lifewithlevi says:

      Natanya is beautiful. I love that your names have both meaning and tradition. Hopefully your kids will continue that tradition when they are older, too.

  5. Both my S/O and I have different names. I haven’t met another Xochitl and he is Irish so his is Kelly. I wanted my boy to have an easy to pronounce name, but strong, but spelled a little different so we decided Aleczander. Still easy, strong and we can call him Zander for short!

  6. Sabrina Macready says:

    Chad and I went round after round trying to name our oldest. I liked Sierra and he liked Alexis, in the end we went with Alexis and used his best friends name as her muddle name. With Trenton it was easy, we had chosen a boy name while we were pregnant with Alexis. And with Jessa it was my gimmie, I caved with Alexis 6 years earlier so he caved the last time and allowed me’ to choose.

    All of our children have namesakes, because you know, we love people 🙂

  7. mryjhnsn says:

    What a great post! The Husband wanted Corey for my son and I was dead set against because I had a crush on a Corey and did not want that to be his name… I caved and wouldn't you know it – I run into him often. I caved because he was so fixed on it and it was Irish which was a condition of mine to honor my family (Slovak would have worked as well). I got to name our daughter, thought I didn't think he would go with my name choice so her middle name is after his mom 😉 Her name is Rowan and it came from The Witching Hour (sue me I am a big Anne Rice fan) and not Mr Bean lol.

    • lifewithlevi says:

      Yay! I'm not the only one who thinks of The Witching Hour when the name Rowan comes up. I had a major Anne Rice obsession when I was younger.

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