Video: Pumping While Raking Leaves

Although I’m no longer actively pumping for Levi, I do still have a few “pumping while” videos I recorded to share with you.

With the unexpected weather we’ve had lately in Minnesota, I had the opportunity to rake leaves pretty early in the season.

Why not make the most of my time?

If you are unable to view the video above, please click here.

Pumping while raking leaves is just as easy as pumping while doing anything else. Grab your PumpEase, hook up your pump, throw a shirt on over everything, and get to work – easy peasy.


I’m not real sure what’s up with the weird shadow on my nose, but really, when you’re pumping while raking leaves in your front yard, that’s the least of your worries 🙂



  1. You crack me up! I wonder what your neighbors think when they look out and see you mowing the lawn or raking while pumping. Hilarious!

  2. Jen~ You are indeed a brave woman! I used to joke that while it’s “moderately” acceptable to breast feed in public (hey, I’m ALL for it!…I’m talking about the fuddy duddies who still cluck at women who do), I’d be hard pressed to sit at a bench at the county fair and pump. Of course that’s limited my activities these past 9 months because of course I have to pump every 3-6 hours. Truly though, once we get breast feeding in public finally completely acceptable, I say our next task should be to get pumping socially acceptable as well! As it is, I usually use my pumping time to hit my favorite blogs. Cheers to you!

  3. I was going to say the same thing! I wonder if you neighbors think you are testing some sort of new fandangled jet pack or something. LOL I love it!

  4. You are seriously the most brave woman I know! It’s just insane! I haven’t pumped with Grady but I might reconsider if I were able to do it anywhere, dude.

  5. Gaby @ Tmuffin says:

    When I was still working, I used to talk about pumping in the office all the time just to get people more used to it and not think it was some freakish thing.

    You took it to a whole new level. Thank you for the laugh. This is hilarious, especially the comment about the shadow on your nose.

  6. LOL! You are a brave woman. I don’t think i could have the courage to rake leaves and pump at the same time

  7. Now that’s just skill! Multi-tasking at its best! Love it! You go girl!

  8. I pump at work, but barely move in the chair. I would be afraid of spilling milk or messing up the suction if I raked while I pumped! Go you!! ps – I have the same PumpEase! Can’t imagine pumping without a hands free bra!

  9. tubbytelly says:

    Seriously 🙂 how many cars stopped to stare at you 🙂

  10. Way to go!

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