Coming Soon: VeggieTales Celery Night Fever

VeggieTales has an ALL NEW DVD available August 5th!


Are you ready to experience Celery Night Fever?

Veggie pals Laura Carrot and Junior Asparagus have a big job to do…save their beloved Celery Park from being destroyed! Laura and Junior plan a fundraising concert with the formerly famous Groovy Brothers, but the bandmates refuse to play together because of an old grudge. All hope of saving the park seems lost until the group remembers that God forgives without question, so why can’t they do the same? Will the band reunite to save Celery Park? Find out in this fun, music-filled VeggieTales adventure! Featuring Terry Crews as the voice of “Bruce Onion”

Earlier this year I got to see a live performance of Saturday Night Fever onboard Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas during my Brandcation trip. I had never seen the movie before and was surprised and impressed with how fun the musical numbers are.

Now I’m excited to see VeggieTales take on the story. All 3 of our kids enjoy watching VeggieTales, and I know Mykl will be excited to show off some of his dance moves during family movie night.

Think he can get as funky as these vegetables?

Get Funky with ALL-New VeggieTales DVD Starring Brooklyn 99’s Terry Crews! from gracehillmedia on GodTube.

Right now when you pre-order Celery Night Fever, you can take advantage of special offers like free shipping, fun stickers, bonus DVDs, and more. The official release date for the DVD is August 5th, so be sure to reserve your copy soon!


  1. That VeggieTales looks cute. My kids have *almost* gotten past the age that enjoys them whole-heartedly. We still watch the ones we have, though, and I recommend these videos to all Christian families!

  2. This looks awesome! Can’t wait!

  3. OH I love Veggie Tales. They always have great morals. Can’t wait to see this one.

  4. I love VeggieTales! I wish my son would get into it more. 🙂

  5. This sounds like a really cute movie! I love the veggie tales 🙂

  6. My youngest loves Veggie Tales. Thankfully it’s one cartoon I know I can feel good about the kids watching.

  7. Angela S says:

    Veggie Tales are a family favorite around here! This one sounds really cute.

  8. What a fun Veggie Tales!!

  9. I’ve never seen a Veggie Tales. I bet my daughter would love it.

  10. We love Veggie Tales around here and this one sounds so fun. I have to admit that as an adult, before I had kids, I had bought one of the Veggies Tales CDs and would listen to it in the car.

  11. I remember Veggie Tales from when my kids were younger. Fun with a great message!

  12. My 5 year old adores veggie tales! She’ll be thrilled about this.

  13. How cute! Looks awesome!

  14. Awww, what a cute looking movie. I wish my son were still young and would appreciate it.

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