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I can tell you exactly what day my relationship with Mr Grey became “Facebook Official.”


It was August 21st, over a month after he had moved in with me. For some couples, changing their Facebook status is an important part of falling in love. For us, it was something we kind of forgot about along the way. We were too busy falling in love with each other face to face.

A few weeks before making it Facebook Official, I had posted my meet-the-boyfriend reader interview here and finally shared his real identity with you guys. Part of the mystery was because I wanted to make sure things were serious before “announcing” anything. A bigger part is because we both have kids and wanted make sure anything that we posted we’d be comfortable with them finding out from friends or family – once you put something online, you can’t get it back.

Of course, our close friends & family already knew, but it was still fun to “announce” our relationship to the rest of the world. I imagine it’s kind of like how a girl in the 80’s felt like when her boyfriend gave her his letter jacket to wear around campus.

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  3. My husband and I haven’t actually celebrated Valentine’s with each other in years. All of our focus (and money) gets directed towards the kids. I’m eager to change that this year.

  4. You guys have a great story- I had just started reading your blog a little before this and remember trying to “figure” everything out lol! So happy your families are great together. My husband and I will be celebrating our 16th first date anniversary later this month but we met through AOL if anyone still remembers that 🙂

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