There Are No Muppets In My House

I’m super sad that there were no Muppets at my house when I got home last night.


See? Those are the Muppets. And they’re not in my living room.

Here’s the scoop. The last time I really fell in love with a movie was when How To Train Your Dragon came out. Love it. Can watch it over and over. When it came out on DVD, Jason surprised me with it when I got home. Major brownie points.

Now, I won’t say I expected him to buy me The Muppets DVD yesterday, but, well, I expected him to buy me The Muppets DVD yesterday.

I love the new Muppets movie just as much as I love How To Train Your Dragon. Maybe more. I went to see The Muppets twice while it was in theaters. (That’s pretty unheard of for me). I’m not a huge fan of seeing new movies when they’re released in theaters simply for the fact that I don’t like crowds.

There have, however, been some advances in movie-going that make it worth my time to see things on the big screen:

  • Alcohol (you knew that one was coming, didn’t you?)
  • Assigned seating (yes, the theater by my house lets you pick your seats)
  • Advance ticket sales (online ticketing and cinema times)
  • No kids (now, I don’t like this for ALL movies, for obvious reasons, but when I get a babysitter for date night, it’s nice to keep the evening adults-only)

All those things I just listed that make movie-going more enjoyable for me? Yeah, I can totally do all of those at home. I just have to wait for Levi to go to bed – then I pop some popcorn for Jason and I, pour him a glass of milk and myself a glass of wine, and camp out on the comfy side of the couch.

I kind of had my hopes up that The Muppets would be waiting for me when I got home last night so I’d have a really good excuse not to do my homework. I’m already singing “Man or Muppet” in my head.

No worries, though. I’ll totally go pick it up myself this week. But in the meantime, if I hear about someone else that already bought it, I might turn my own shade of Kermit 🙂


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  1. Jacqui Odell says:

    I didn’t really like the muppets move. But I love going to the movies. It doesn’t happen that often anymore with three little ones at home.

  2. how dare he not buy you the movie! I actually have not seen it yet but might be finding a RedBox this weekend so I can watch it!

  3. Muppets night. I call it!

  4. courtney b says:

    i love the muppets! kermit is so cute!

  5. This Friday they’re having movie night at my son’s school and the movie that they will be showing is the Muppets. Can’t wait to see it!

  6. I’m sorry that he didn’t get it for you.

    I haven’t seen it yet. My kids aren’t fans of Muppets and I tend to avoid kids shows when they’re not around.

  7. Aww.. I hope that you’ll get the Muppets DVD soon enough. I’m not a Muppets fan myself other than Kermit and Ms. Piggy.

  8. I love Kermit but am torn weather I want to see the new movie or remember as they were when I was growing up! Let me know what you think of the movie!

  9. You had me at alcohol!! 🙂

  10. Aww the muppets rock i use to love them as a kid though im not a big miss piggy fan.

  11. lisa brown says:

    I always liked the Muppets as a kid. Enjoy the movie 🙂

  12. I think you need to leave your hubby more hints 😉

  13. beth carbone says:

    i haven’t seen the muppet movie yet.. i had actually forgotten about it as we don’t have cable so i haven’t been bombarded with previews 🙂 i need to check it out, though- i loved the muppets as a kid!! i probably need to go back and watch a few more muppet movies- i watched one of them on netflix recently and was pretty surprised as to all the hidden innuendo in the movie that i obviously didn’t get when i was a kid!! 😀 i like it when shows do things like that.. makes it fun for the whole family!! 😀

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