1. How do you feel about stumbling posts with product reviews? Stumble-worthy or falling under the same category as giveaways?

    • Jenn, a couple of my beauty reviews have received thousands of views from StumbleUpon. So I definitely think that stumbling the right kind of reviews can work. 🙂

    • Product reviews can totally be stumble-worthy (if they're good – copy/paste press releases are not really stumble worthy, but genuine reviews certainly are).

      If you offer a review/giveaway in the same post, be sure to take off the giveaway part before stumbling, otherwise it makes the post dated. Better yet, do two separate posts – one for the review and a separate one for the giveaway. Darcy from Darcy & Brian's Tales From The Nursery does this and it's been really successful for her: Review: Giveaway:

  2. Jen, thanks for linking to my StumbleUpon post! 🙂

  3. Great overview! I should separate mine more often like I did with King Arthur Flour. 🙂

  4. Very informative. I did learn something new, thanks!

  5. Alan T. (Omega Doom) says:

    Very nice job on this post! You didn’t make it sound overly complicated, which is good thing. I don’t use StumblUpon often because I’m already overwhelmed with Facebook, twitter, blogs, and other stuff in my life. Still, you wrote an impressive how to use guide! Thanks!

    • Thanks Alan. I'm with you on the social networking overload, too. But I really like StumbleUpon for random entertainment when I'm bored (especially if I'm stuck in line somewhere)

  6. Nice writeup.Thanks. 🙂

  7. Clear-cut, concise and very helpful. Thanks and have a beautiful day! Going to try to follow you in Stumbled-Upon as well.



  8. Great post! Just a quick question about the iPhone app: I use it too but there is just a thumbs up/thumbs down with no option to post a review so does stumbling with the app really do the sites much good?


    • There's a little icon on the lower right side of the app that allows you to post a review. I don't recommend discovering with the app, though, because it doesn't allow you to select categories. If you need screenshots to help, email me and I'm happy to send some over –

  9. Thanks for this great post. I joined Stumble Upon a while ago, but wasn’t really sure how to do everything. I only now figured out how to get the toolbar and I wasn’t sure if I had it installed correctly at first. I think I do now. I followed the link at Oh My Gosh Beck to find this post.

  10. great advice on how to get the best out of the website. thanks for your great blog

  11. Thank you for such great tips. It has been difficult to figure out how to get more hits as I have recently switched from blogger to WordPress and been having to spend a lot of time fixing links, videos, and photo sizes. Then keep posting and promoting on top of all that. So to have a list that I can just go through and check off is great.

  12. This is awesome, thanks for spelling out all the basics of StumbleUpon! It is a really great sharing tool if used correctly!

  13. I know this post is super old, but I still found it helpful! I just barely started on StumbleUpon and found your article helpful!

    BTW, the Chrome link is kind of broken, so I’m not sure if you want to bother to change it out (they probably just changed the page or something, not your fault).

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