The Queen Should Have Killed Kristen Stewart #ytmovienight

I invited over some of my friends for a Snow White and The Huntsmen movie party at my place a couple weeks ago. We all agreed: The Queen should have killed Kristen Stewart.

Snow White Apple

Overall, the movie was pretty true to what we had heard about it: a twist on the classic story, dark, and full of visual appeal. Especially the Huntsmen. Chris Hemsworth is nice eye candy in anything.

Yellowtail sent some great goodies for us to enjoy with the film, including both a red and a white wine. I’m more of a red drinker myself, but Kelly from Muddy Flowers thought the Chardonnay was pretty tasty.

Snow White Enjoying Wine

The Queen’s crowns were fantastic, and it was even more fun to chat about the kind of crowns we would want to wear while sipping Yellowtail Merlot. If you haven’t tried their wines, you should. They come in several varieties that are all delish and are very budget-friendly.

We totally pretended we were Statler and Waldorf while munching on popcorn, cookies, and tootsie rolls from Popcorn Factory. 

Snow White Amy Snacks


Shouts of “that’s not Whistle While We Work” and “are there trolls in every fairy tale?” got called out from the couch and my giant FomBag where Kelly was getting comfy with Isaiah.

Snow White Kelly Bean Bag

We all thought it was pretty cool that the dwarves were average height actors, but the special effects made them look smaller. The camera angles and movement were different from what we were used to. It almost seemed like the movie was filmed as though someone was walking with the camera and witnessing the scenes as they played out.

None of us are big Kristen Stewart fans, so I admit, we picked on her a lot throughout the movie. No offense Twilight buffs, but she just doesn’t have a wide range of emotions when she’s acting. We decided that the movie would have been better if the Queen had killed her at the end. That would kind of fit with the dark theme of the film, right?

Even though we thought the movie could use a little improvement, it was still fun to get together with the girls for a movie night. Even a bad movie could be turned into a cool night with the girls when you add in Yellowtail!


  1. How can you not root for the queen when it’s Charlize Theron? We haven’t seen the movie yet, mostly because we’re also not big fans of Stewart. Glad you had a fun time! 🙂

  2. Funny post – you made my day.

  3. Don’t feel bad – I made fun of her too. I won’t go so far as to say she’s a bad actress…I just think that she has very specific roles that she’s good at and if she does anything other then those very specific roles then she just comes across as flat and emotionless. I liked the movie but I just don’t think she was a good fit for Snow White…at all.

  4. I thought that the movie *could* have been quite good, Charlize Theron was certainly great in this role. When we side with the evil characters in a movie, it isn’t a good sign. lol

  5. Karen Hand says:

    I felt that Charlize Theron’s performance was quite good in this movie, although I didn’t care for the movie itself that much. More than likely, it was Kristen Stewart’s performance that gave it thumbs down in my opinion. Looks like you had fun with the girls though.


  7. Funny! Thanks! Haven’t watched this movie though. 🙂

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