Easy Halloween Treat: Mummy Graham Crackers

Mummy Graham Crackers are an easy Halloween treat to make in your home kitchen. The prep time is reasonable, and the finished result is perfect to add a little something extra when it’s your turn to bring a homemade treat to a Halloween party or potluck. Best of all – the decorating is super easy to do! If you can draw a line, you can totally make these delish little Mummy Graham Crackers. Mummy Graham Crackers Ingredients: Graham Cracker Squares {Read More}

Home Organization Tips From Local Bloggers

If you caught my segment on Fox 9 this morning, you saw me share some of my favorite home organization tips. If you missed the news segment, here are¬†some of the home organization tips I shared: Start small – Pick a room or area you can complete the same day you start.¬†Closets and pantries are a good place to start. By picking a room you can complete in one day or less, you’ll feel accomplished and ready to tackle the {Read More}

Pirate’s Booty: A Delicious Halloween Treat

This fall, my kids have been obsessed with Pirates (who can blame them, arr?). Just in time for Arianna’s “Pirate Princess” birthday party, I was sent Pirate’s Booty, “a deliciously baked, all-natural snack that kids love”. Pirate’s Booty, a snack from Pirate Brands (www.piratebrands.com), is very similar to the “cheese puffs” I used to eat as a kid, but there are staunch differences. This treat is baked, made with aged white cheddar (not some cheese powder), and the samples I {Read More}