Quick Tech Tip to Fall Asleep Faster

Like many people, I tend to lay awake in bed at the end of the night, scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook or checking my email one last time. I am a card-carrying blogger & part of the Verizon influencer team, after all. Or maybe I’m just addicted to social media. Maybe both. In an age where our mobile devices are almost always within arms’ reach, it’s hard to resist the temptation to check your cell phone¬†one last time before {Read More}

Time to Wake Up

As of the writing of this post, I want to go jump up and down on my bed. My husband is still sleeping, yet I am in the midst of a day off. Our kids are away at my parents’ house for Vacation Bible School and I took a day off. Yes, it is just past noon (EST). If Greg were sleeping in Arianna’s room, he’d know it’s time to be awake thanks to the ZAZOO Photo Clock. Disclaimer:¬†I was {Read More}

Sometimes I Do Not Want To Pump

It’s true. Sometimes I don’t want to pump. It’s hard to keep up with my pumping schedule when life so often gets in the way. Especially when it comes to sleep. Yes, sleep. That elusive commodity so many moms and dads want to get their hands on. Last night was a normal night for us. Jason had to work at the bar, so it was just me & Levi most of the night. Levi slept an awesome 4-hour stretch, then {Read More}