How Verizon helped me recognize a 12 year milestone #VZWBuzz

Let me start by saying I haven’t really decided if this is a good post or a bad post. It’s an honest post about how Verizon helped me recognize a 12 year milestone, and there’s a whole messy mix of feelings that goes along with that. I’m part of the #VZWBuzz Lifestyle Blogger team, which means I’ve received a line of service from them, as well as some cool devices & accessories. It also means I get kept in the {Read More}

Saturday’s SlutWalk Is Seriously Misguided

Have you heard about Saturday’s SlutWalk here in Minneapolis? Yeah, You Heard Me Right. SlutWalk. I get it. People are trying to gain attention by using provocative language and provocative dress to protest attitudes about sexual assault that blame the victim. Signs like “My Dress Does Not Mean Yes” will be waved as participants march down city streets. I Understand The Cause I am a survivor of sexual assault. I’ve had a knife held at my throat while being forced {Read More}