Set a Santa Command on the Droid Turbo #DroidHolidays #VZWBuzz

One of my favorite features of the Droid Turbo is the ability to set a custom voice prompt using Moto Voice. Since Christmas is less than 2 days away and Levi is finally old enough to “get” the whole Santa thing, I thought it would be fun to set up a fun Santa surprise for the next time he tries to grab my phone without asking. How to set a Santa Voice Command on the Droid Turbo In the video {Read More}

How To Make Footprints From Santa

This is such an easy and cute idea, I’m bummed I didn’t think of it myself! We all know baking soda can be used for just about anything around the house. From helping rid your fridge of odors to whitening your teeth, it has a million and a half uses. Turns out you can also use your Arm & Hammer standby to create footprints from Santa! I happen to have the Arm & Hammer shaker, but you can use the {Read More}