Ready to Get Twined? Introducing a New Resource for Product Reviews & Discounts

Product reviews are nothing new online. There are tons of sites where you can find reviews of almost anything. Just Google “(product name) review” and you’ll get plenty of results from industry experts, video reviewers, and even bloggers like myself. Then comes the harder part – finding reviews you can actually trust and searching for the best price if you decide to buy. That’s where Twined comes in. They provide a place where you can see honest reviews AND team {Read More}

Outside the Lines

Disclaimer: I received a sample of Outside the Lines in exchange for a review. All opinions, however, are 100% my own. My kids are pretty darn lucky. They get to spend most of their days coloring, playing, and sleeping. Greg doesn’t really do much in the way of structured play, it’s all fairly creative, come-as-it-goes play. Each day, I have no idea what kind of artwork, projects, or mess I will come home to. It’s our way of parenting–letting the kids {Read More}

Noosa Yoghurt

Disclaimer: I was sent samples of Noosa Yoghurt and asked to review them in exchange for the product. All opinions, as always, are 100% my own. Watch it, mates. There’s a new yogurt in town and it’s made this Mama quite happy. Noosa Finest Yoghurt is well worth a chinwag and then you should avago with it. Noosa is a flavor-packed, all natural yogurt. It’s Australian style (hence my Aussie slang, above), made in small batches, and combines the sweet/tartness of fruit with the {Read More}

Battling Kids’ Winter Colds with Xlear

’tis the season…for colds. With so many holiday parties and gatherings, it’s pretty much a given that my kids are going to end up with a cold. This year, we’re giving Kid’s Xlear Nasal Spray the chance to ward off all the germs. Xlear (pronounced “clear”) is a way to wash kids’ noses and keep them free of germs. It comes in the form of a saline nasal spray, and is safe for kids of all ages, including infants. What sets the Xlear ® Nasal {Read More}

Teaching Gratitude (and other life lessons)

October is fast approaching, and that means my daughter is going to be turning four. There will be a birthday party, and since she is now old enough to say thank you on her own, I dread the thought of “making her say thanks”. Luckily, I recently read a book full of great tips to teach children gratitude and other life lessons (like integrity, commitment, and forgiveness). Now I feel armed with advice to share using the suggested month long {Read More}

VeggieTales Giveaway: Princess and the Popstar DVD

I love VeggieTales. Back in high school I had the Veggie Tales theme song as my answering machine message. So naturally I was really excited to receive a review copy of the newest VeggieTales DVD: Princess and the Popstar. Click here if you are unable to view the video above. Princess and the Pop Star is a great story about a topic I think a lot of little kids dream about: switching lives with a celebrity. Princess Poppyseed and popstar {Read More}

Closed: 30 Meals In One Day Giveaway

You’d think that as a busy mom, I’d be all over the whole meal planning thing. There’s really just one major barrier for me – the busy part. I don’t have time to sit down, go through recipe books, figure out which ones to make, what ingredients I need, how much time I’ll need to cook, etc… Heck, I feel tired just thinking about it. When I got the chance to read Dinner Is Ready! I was pretty excited. Dinner {Read More}

Contest Closed: Red Charlotte #Babywearing Sucking Pads or Stuff Sack

We’re big fans of babywearing at our house. Huge. In fact, I’m not entirely sure when we last used the stroller. Both Jason and I prefer wearing Levi in a carrier wherever we go – grocery store, out walking the dogs, trips to the zoo, etc… I own lots of baby carriers, but right now our favorite style is the soft structure carrier. Levi is still perfectly content to be carried inward facing on the front. I absolutely love leaning {Read More}

Soda vs Pop

First, it’s soda. Definitely not pop, despite what my husband says. Second, it’s all good when you’re using a SodaStream to make it in your own kitchen. Let me start with a little background. Most of you guys know I work full-time as a business analyst. What you probably don’t know is that I work for a world-class manufacturer of beverage dispensing equipment. That’s right – I work for a company that makes soda machines. I’ve worked under the umbrella {Read More}

(Giveaway Closed) I Heart My MomAgenda Day Planner

The tagline for my blog is “Balancing work, school, and family, one sip at a time.” That’s me in a nutshell. I work full-time during the day, I attend college part-time at night, and I’m also a mom 24/7. Since I spend so much time on the go, I get a little, um, scatterbrained. Jason gets frustrated because I always have stuff going on, but I can’t remember what’s going on which days or at what times unless I consult {Read More}