I Am A Crappy Mom

A heated debate on my Facebook page led to a snarky (funny) discussion with Trisha from MomDot on what bad parents we are. I still think she wins, but I had to try to top her. I’m a crappy mom. Here are all the things I do to screw up my kid: I hug him every day. I kiss his boo-boos. I use cloth diapers. I breastfed him for a year. I supplemented with formula. I use disposables at night {Read More}

Nutrition At Daycare

Last night I posted about starting solids with Levi, and how I prefer to follow his cues and not worry too much about what I’m “supposed” to be doing. But I forgot to consider something kind of important – daycare. My daycare provider is really awesome. She’s always been supportive of our parenting preferences. I mentioned to her that we’re finally starting solids, and she’s very excited about it, and said she’ll be happy to start feeding Levi solids at daycare {Read More}