Llamas are in this season

This past weekend, our family celebrated Father’s Day with my dad by going out to a llama farm near his girlfriend’s house. Because llamas are totally “in” this season. The kids and adults all had a blast hanging out with the llamas and feeding them. It was something new and different and fun that our family did, not something I was planning to blog about. At least, I wasn’t until I got an email from the fine PR folks behind {Read More}

Parent & Kid Perspective: Max Movie Review

Guest post by Mykl Roventine, also known as Mr. Grey and the Life With Levi Movie Reviewer when Jen isn’t available. Max, which opens today, touts itself as a family action adventure movie but families with younger kids might want to pay attention to the PG rating, so earned for a fair amount “action violence/peril”. My girls, 10 and 13 years old, were very excited to see the film based on the trailer. I approached the screening with some trepidation, {Read More}

Donkey Kong Country On DVD

This Donkey Kong Country DVD review is part of a paid campaign on behalf of Phase 4 Films. As always, all opinions are my own. Last night we all went out to Smashburger for dinner, and thought it would be fun to follow up a fun evening out with movie night. Mykl and Levi helped me air pop some fresh organic popcorn before settling in on the living room couch for a fun movie night. Levi gets super excited to {Read More}

Road Trip Prep: How To Lose A Guy In 6 Hours

On Friday, I’m headed down to Chicago for WordCamp, a cool conference about the software I use to run this blog. Since my boss wouldn’t give me the day off, instead of flying down Thursday night like I planned, I’m stuck driving down Friday afternoon as soon as I can bail from the office. As it were, Mr. Grey (code name for the guy I’ve been dating) is also going to the same conference and was planning to drive instead {Read More}

A Bear-y Good Date With The Berenstain Bears

Last night I had a really fun date with Levi watching the Berenstain Bears DVD that Phase 4 Films sent me for review.  Seriously, could my date be any cuter? Yeah, I’m single, but there’s no one else I’d rather spend an evening with in my jammies than my baby boy. Especially after I just spent 5 days out of town in Destin, FL for Brandcation. This was exactly what I needed to come home to. After picking out the {Read More}

My Cute Valentines Date

For my first Valentine’s Day as a single mom, I had the best date: Levi. Since it was just the two of us, I thought it would be fun to do a popcorn and movie night. After dinner, we made popcorn together. I recently got my first air popper and Levi thought it was super cool to see the popcorn come shooting out into the bowl. I think it’s great that I could finally make it the way I want {Read More}

The Queen Should Have Killed Kristen Stewart #ytmovienight

I invited over some of my friends for a Snow White and The Huntsmen movie party at my place a couple weeks ago. We all agreed: The Queen should have killed Kristen Stewart. Overall, the movie was pretty true to what we had heard about it: a twist on the classic story, dark, and full of visual appeal. Especially the Huntsmen. Chris Hemsworth is nice eye candy in anything. Yellowtail sent some great goodies for us to enjoy with the {Read More}

Enter to Win! Frankenweenie Monstrous Sweepstakes

It’s no secret that I’m totally excited about Frankenweenie hitting theaters on October 5th (less than a month away!), so I had to share this sweepstakes with you! Frankenweenie Monstrous Sweepstakes Enter the Frankenweenie Monstrous Sweepstakes for a chance to win a spooktacular vacation for four to experience all the fun of Halloween Time at the Disneyland® Resort. Plus, don’t miss The Art of Frankenweenie Exhibit only at the newly expanded Disney California Adventure Park, where you can get an {Read More}

We Already Have A Zoo, But Bought Another One Anyway #iLovemyK9 #CBias

This week We Bought A Zoo came out on DVD, so Jason and I thought it would be fun to do a family movie night with our own zoo. This is how movie night normally looks at my house, with the exception that I’m usually squished on the couch, too. (Hey, someone had to take the picture, right?) On the left is our pit bull JD, and in front of Jason are our two chihuahuas, Bailey and Kahlua (Bailey is {Read More}

Do 3D Movies & Vodka Mix?

Do 3-D movies and vodka mix well together? Because I totally want to see Finding Nemo in 3-D when it comes out this year. I figure I have two options – go with hubby for a date night (he likes the movie, too), which would probably involve sneaking in a flask or two. Though I’m not sure if 3-D sharks would be awesome or totally scary if I’m drunk…. The other option, of course, is to skip the alcohol and {Read More}