Homework help from Verizon Educational Tools #VZEducation #VZWbuzz

The girls are already a little over a week into the school year, so that means homework is part of our routine when they get to visit home for the weekend. Mykl & I are pretty smart, but with Lucy in 4th grade and Tillie in 6th grade this year, we’ve had to admit that sometimes their homework is smarter than we are.┬áLuckily for us,┬áVerizon Educational Tools is making it easier for us to help them learn. Verizon Educational Tools {Read More}

Timesaver Fail

Do you know what isn’t the best idea? Doing homework in the tub. Since I’m usually pressed for time, I thought I could combine studying with a bath. It didn’t work out real well. I don’t blame the bathtub. It’s not its fault that it isn’t as big as a desk. No, I blame the homework. See, if I had just been reading, it would have worked well. But I had to read AND take notes. Have you ever taken {Read More}

Back To The Grind

While all the kids are starting their summer break, I’m headed back to school after a month off. Oh, what a glorious month that was! No homework, no quizzes, no studying. I actually had free time! Thankfully, my school schedule for the summer semester isn’t too bad. I’m taking Finance for the next 6 weeks. Even though tomorrow is the first night of class, I’m already working hard – I had to read three (boring) textbook chapters, complete a couple {Read More}