Halloween Thumbprint Spiders Activity

Trisha’s Halloween Thumbprint Spiders Activity My name is Trisha and I am a creative mom blogger over at MomDot. Jen has very kindly allowed me to write a quick article for all of you and introduce myself! I hope that if this article helps you in any way and you enjoy this type of content, you come over and say hi to my on my blog. Now lets get started- While I know some are being negative ninnys about the {Read More}

Kleenex Halloween Craft: 3-D Ghost Plate For Under $2

I know Kleenex are probably better known for stuffing underage teen bras or wiping drippy noses, but they have lots of other uses, too. Like this cool Halloween craft that you can make for less than $2. 3-D Ghost Plate Supplies 1 plastic charger (bought on sale at Michael’s for $1.50) Kleenex tissue (on hand) Modge Podge (on hand) Felt for letters, eyes, and nose/mouth ($0.29 for a 6” square)   Instructions Begin by forming your ghost out of two {Read More}