Dollar Store Craft: Four Leaf Button Clovers

Looking for an easy St. Patrick’s Day craft to do with the kids? This cute Four Leaf Button Clovers craft my friend Katie came up with easy and fun to do with the family. You don’t have to be particularly crafty (even I can make this one) or spend a lot of money on supplies to create a little festive holiday decor with your kids to display around the house. Most of the materials used for this craft can be {Read More}

Preschool Activity: Make a Bird Feeder From a Toilet Paper Roll

Now that Levi is in preschool, I’m always on the lookout for easy projects we can make together, like this bird feeder you can make from an old toilet paper roll. We did this in his preschool class recently, and he was thrilled with the results. Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder Project Supplies:  Cardboard toilet paper roll Bird seed Shortening or peanut butter Plastic knife or spatula String Instructions:  To keep things from getting too messy, cover your workspace with {Read More}

DIY Essential Oil Gel Air Freshener

This DIY essential oil gel air freshener is perfect for those that want their home to smell better, but don’t want yucky chemicals going into the air their kids will breathe. This recipe is cheaper and healthier than buying commercial air fresheners at the store. DIY Essential Oil Gel Air Freshener Supplies: Assorted glass jars with lids 2 packets (1oz ea) unflavored gelatin ½ cup boiling water ½ cup ice water Essential oils of your choice Assorted food coloring, if desired {Read More}

DIY Dog Chew Toy: 10 minute project #TreatThePups

I’m a sponsored blog partner with Lunchbox. As always, all opinions are my own. Our dog Dany is still a puppy, and this will be our first year celebrating the holidays with her. Naturally, the kids want to make it extra special and include her in our fall festivities. This year, Big Heart Pet Brands® is encouraging people to #TreatThePups and has a great page on Walmart with cool crafts and ideas on how to incorporate your pets into your holiday celebrations. {Read More}

DIY Edible Marshmallow Finger Paint

Kids love to paint and they also love marshmallows. So why not put the two together for a simple, edible finger paint? In just a few simple steps you can make your own edible and easy marshmallow finger paint, perfect for crafting your own works of art. DIY Edible Marshmallow Finger Paint Supplies 2 Cups marshmallows (regular size) 1 Tbsp corn syrup Assorted food coloring Multiple microwave safe bowls Spoons Directions Start by adding a few drops of food coloring & {Read More}

Sponsored Video: Hot Roommate Installs Showerhead #WomensIn2ition

A few weeks ago I announced that Delta sent me a new fancy In2ition showerhead to review, and also shared a photo of my hot roommate Mike installing it. What can I say? I think he’s cute when he plays handyman. The photo above is Mike taking out the old showerhead. This is my new fancy Delta In2ition showerhead. Isn’t it fancy? t I was really impressed just how easy it was to install. The video below is about 4 {Read More}

Easy Kool Aid Easter Egg Dye

Earlier this week I brought Levi over to my dad’s house to dye Easter eggs with his cousins. I thought I’d get all crafty and let the kids try dyeing the eggs three different ways: the regular box dye you buy at the store, the silk tie method, and using Kool-Aid to dye the eggs. The silk ties were a bust since my rubber bands broke while boiling the eggs and I forgot the store bought egg dye, so we {Read More}

Guest Post- Sugar Scrub, DIY or Buy?

Dry, flaky skin drives many of us crazy! Many people use sugar scrubs to exfoliate and moisturize their skin. The question then becomes do I make it myself or buy it? Well you can make it at home with oil and sugar, but it is a bit messy. I make my sugar scrubs with butters, oils and many other goodies so they are thick and creamy. I kept experimenting until I came up with a mix that I absolutely love. Nothing artificial just natural {Read More}

5 Easy Home Repairs For Those On The Go

I should probably be posting photos of the progress on the basement remodel, but Diane Kuehl offer to write a guest post for me so I’m continuing to procrastinate while you enjoy her tips for easy home repairs for busy people. 5 Easy Home Repairs For Those On The Go As a younger woman, I was pretty busy. Maybe you’ve heard the story – working by day (at a crappy job), going to school online and raising my son by {Read More}

Easy Stencil Tutorial Using The 3M Mobile Projector

When I first heard about the 3M Mobile Projector, something didn’t quite click in my head. Even though the name clearly says MOBILE, I still thought it would be close to the size of a normal projector. This thing is tiny. That’s your standard iPhone 4 on the left. The projector is the white device on the right. See what I mean? It’s barely bigger than the phone! Plus, it does cool stuff, like projects what’s on your phone screen {Read More}