Vegan Pie Crust Recipe

As many of you know, I’m lactose intolerant. So I love it when I come across vegan baking recipes, since they are already dairy-free. Unlike my regular pie crust recipe, this vegan pie crust is dairy-free and egg-free. Best of all, it’s still nice and flaky! Vegan Pie Crust Ingredients: 2 ¼ cups all-purpose flour ½ cup coconut oil, chilled to a solid (fill your measuring cup with the oil and place in the freezer until solid) 1 teaspoon salt 1/3 {Read More}

Lactose Free Chewy Fudgy Brownie Recipe

When I bake, I prefer to do it from scratch. These brownies are fudgy, chewy, and really easy to make. Plus, they’re lactose-free for anyone like me that has a milk sensitivity. Even if you’re not lactose intolerant, these brownies are seriously good. If you have a full-on dairy allergy, you can easily substitute a non-dairy product in place of LACTAID for this recipe. Just add an extra tablespoon or two of sugar if you’re using a non-sweet alternative. Lactose-Free {Read More}

Giddy Up & Go Granola – A (new) Thoughtful Food

My family has been making healthier decisions when it comes to food. When I first heard about Giddy Up & Go Granola from Thoughtful Food, Inc., I knew it would be a perfect fit for us. ‘lil Arianna has dairy allergies, and it’s not exactly easy to find dairy free granola, but Giddy Up & Go fits the bill. Also, it’s gluten-free and certified organic. Not only does Thoughtful Food, Inc. distribute (and now produce) organic and gluten-free foods, there {Read More}

Ooh, Is That A Cookie?

I am terribly guilty of poor eating habits. I’m not really sure how they deteriorated so quickly. While I was pregnant with Levi, I ate really well. I tried to eat healthy snacks and well-balanced meals to ensure I got all the proper nutrients to pass on to him. My weight gain during pregnancy was fairly reasonable – I gained about 40 lbs total. After Levi was born, I continued my healthy eating habits. I was nursing, and I thought {Read More}

Brilliant Idea = Fail

My husband had a brilliant idea this morning. We’re running out of freezer space to store breastmilk, so we’ve been talking about what to do about our “problem”. One idea was to donate some of the milk. Cool. The other idea was to allow me an occassion “cheat” day. Cheating on my dairy-free diet, that is. Levi is sensitive to cow’s milk products, which means I’ve eliminated dairy from my diet. No milk. No cheese. No yogurt. It’s tough, but {Read More}