The Result Of Being A Crappy Mom: Teenager Edition

Recently I was talking to my friend Nicole about my whole Crappy Mom project from last fall. She’s a lot like me (loud, obnoxious, awesome), but has teenagers instead of a toddler. After a couple drinks at Happy Hour one night trading parenting war stories, I begged her to please write a guest post about her experience as a crappy mom. I hope you guys appreciate this perspective as much as I do. When my kids were babies and youngsters, {Read More}

I Am A Crappy Mom

A heated debate on my Facebook page led to a snarky (funny) discussion with Trisha from MomDot on what bad parents we are. I still think she wins, but I had to try to top her. I’m a crappy mom. Here are all the things I do to screw up my kid: I hug him every day. I kiss his boo-boos. I use cloth diapers. I breastfed him for a year. I supplemented with formula. I use disposables at night {Read More}