Dell XPS 13 Review Part Deux

Last week I shared how the Dell XPS 13 ultrabook measures up to what moms really want in a laptop. Although I think I got it mostly right, I have to admit – my post was a lil’ biased because it was based on my experiences as a working mom and my business needs. So I decided to write a Part Deux of my review. You’ll still get some bias from me (it is my blog after all), but I {Read More}

Funny Blogger Meme

I know this meme has run it’s course, but I couldn’t help but giggle at this one for bloggers.

Bloggers Should Not Act Like Cucumbers

I was out in my garden earlier this week and it dawned on me that there is an important lesson we can learn from vegetables. You can read all about it on my guest post over at Life Of Rylie (just click her cute button below): Or you can stick around and see my garden’s progress 🙂 I added stakes last night to give my cucumbers something to grab onto before they take out all of my other plants:  As {Read More}

Coffee Bombs And Other Awesomeness For Busy Moms

Trying to juggle work, school, and family means I don’t always have time to get dinner on the table, too. That usually means I cook meals in advance or Jason steps up and helps out in the kitchen. Which is great, but sometimes neither one of us feels like cooking. Running to grab takeout was an option that was much easier before Levi came along. Now it means checking the diaper bag to make sure it’s fully stocked, getting bottles {Read More}