Sexiest Dads Alive?

I think these babywearing, dancing dads might just be the very best eye candy I’ve ever come across. Babywearing. Dancing. Choreography. Confidence. Yup, this is awesome. GroovaRoo, a San Diego-based dance studio, has been making waves with videos of their classes where parents dance while babywearing. The classes aren’t just for moms, either. As you can see in the video above, dads have gotten in on the action, too. Is this the next new fitness craze? I don’t know. But {Read More}

Random Awesome Chicago Family

Over the weekend, I was in Chicago for the #BBSummit12 blogging conference. While heading to the after party, Sadie and I got a bit mixed up with our directions, but it was TOTALLY worth it because we ran into this cool family. I was so excited to see the guys babywearing while out with their wives, I asked them if I could take a picture and post it on my blog. (I also gave them one of my business cards {Read More}

A Boy And A Beco Baby Carrier (Giveaway)

Even though my little boy is almost 16 months old, he still loves to be worn in a baby carrier. For me, it’s a no-brainer. Wearing Levi means I don’t have to chase him around, plus it allows me to have my hands free. He’s perfectly content to chill and ride around kangaroo style while I’m out running errands or walking the dogs.

Seeing In Color (Dad Post)

I am traveling for work, so I asked some of my favorite dads to guest post on the topic of fatherhood while I am away. Micah is the father of three (3, 2, & 3 weeks) and the husband of one (beautiful).  They live together on 5 acres in Missouri where they babywear, collect ticks, and throw rocks to their hearts content.  I grew up in a big family. Somehow I always knew that when I finally did grow {Read More}