Outside the Lines

Disclaimer: I received a sample of Outside the Lines in exchange for a review. All opinions, however, are 100% my own. My kids are pretty darn lucky. They get to spend most of their days coloring, playing, and sleeping. Greg doesn’t really do much in the way of structured play, it’s all fairly creative, come-as-it-goes play. Each day, I have no idea what kind of artwork, projects, or mess I will come home to. It’s our way of parenting–letting the kids {Read More}

Brilliant! H2 Whoa Water Markers From B Toys

B. Toys have long been a favorite in our house, so naturally I was excited when they offered to send me their H2 Whoa! water marker drawing toy for review. The concept is brilliant. You fill the “markers” with water, then draw on the dual-sided board to your heart’s content. As the water evaporates, the drawings fade away and the board clears, ready to continue to play. The H2 Whoa! comes with four water markers and convenient storage spots to {Read More}