Llamas are in this season

This past weekend, our family celebrated Father’s Day with my dad by going out to a llama farm near his girlfriend’s house. Because llamas are totally “in” this season. The kids and adults all had a blast hanging out with the llamas and feeding them. It was something new and different and fun that our family did, not something I was planning to blog about. At least, I wasn’t until I got an email from the fine PR folks behind {Read More}

Friday Photoshop: Squirrel Edition

The internet would be far less interesting without Photoshop:       Which one do you think did it best?

Squirrel Says Cheers!

    Cheers to a happy weekend! Photo Credit: Peggy Collins

Photoshop Or Not? Elephant Edition

Think these elephant photos are real or not? Basketball Waterskiing Golf Caddy Raincoat Soccer Player Elephant Nest? What do you think? Are these real photos or do you think they’ve been photo shopped?

My Pit Bull Pest

  I thought I figured out who my garden thief was, but I was wrong. Yup, that’s JD, INSIDE my garden. Apparently he prefers hunting cucumbers over squirrels.