Redefining “Date Night” With Moneyball #CouchCritics #CBias

Jason and I have been going through a tough time in our relationship lately, so making time for date nights has moved towards the top of our priority list.

Unfortunately, even something as basic as going to dinner and a movie is tough for us to manage. I’m usually studying for class most weeknights, he works a part time job on Friday and Saturday nights, and then there’s the whole scheduling a babysitter for Levi part of the equation, along with the cost of said babysitter and our evening out.

To be honest, most the time we just skip it because it’s too much work to go out for a night.

This morning, though, I was out running errands at Target and realized that maybe we just need to redefine our idea of “date night.”

Why not do a date night at home?

So that’s exactly what we did this afternoon.


I channeled Pretty Woman and made us our own carpet picnic, complete with pizza, chips, and good beer.

See, I got the idea while I was shopping at Target for some face wipes earlier today. I passed by the grocery aisle and the frozen pizza section. Levi’s been SUPER fussy all day, so the idea of popping a pizza in instead of cooking a big lunch totally appealed to me. You can view all of the photos from my shopping trip in my Google+ album.


I had to stop for gas anyway, so on the way back home I swung by Bill’s gas station. They have one of those Blockbuster Express kiosks outside and I had a promo code for $1 off. They share lots of promo codes through their Twitter and Facebook pages, so make sure you’re following them.


Jason and I have been wanting to see some of the Oscar-nominated films that were announced last week, so I picked up Moneyball. I figured even if I didn’t like the movie, at least there would be some nice eye candy for me to check out 🙂


Ok, maybe he’s not as cute as he was back in the day, but I still think he’s a good looking guy. And he’s definitely a talented actor.

I like that the Blockbuster Express kiosks make it easy to have a last-minute movie date just about any time.


They’re located outside convenient places I visit already, like the gas station, and have a pretty good selection that includes new releases. Plus, I can almost always find a promo code online to make my dollar go farther.

Why did I pick Moneyball? To be perfectly honest, I didn’t really know what Moneyball was about, but Jason was excited to see it, and that was good enough for me. I brought it home and as soon as Levi went down for his nap, we popped the pizza in the oven and I put together our little carpet picnic.


It was the perfect “date.” We didn’t have to worry about all the logistics of getting a babysitter or finding a night where we were both free to go out. We didn’t have to deal with a crowded restaurant, and best of all, I think it only cost us about $12, which could be cut down even more if we didn’t like expensive beer 🙂

Moneyball was a good choice, too. The actors were great and they kept the plot line moving. Levi woke up about 3/4 of the way through, so we had to pause it, but we picked up right away when he went to bed this evening so we could see the end.

I think now that we know weekend naptimes are prime “date” times, we might be able to take time to watch more of the Oscar nominees before the big award show.

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  1. I had not heard about Moneyball until reading this post; I’ll have to check it out now. My husband and I have had date nights at home for the same reasons you and Jason had. We’re barely making enough to save on, have to find a babysitter, pay the babysitter, etc. It’s easier to do some special and out of the ordinary at home.

    • I always thought it wasn't really a “date” if we were busy entertaining Levi – that's family time to me (still awesome, but, you know, not a “date”) I felt pretty smart today when I told him we were going to take advantage of nap time as our date time, and that we wouldn't really have to spend much money, either.

  2. I LOVE your redefined date night! When our kids were younger, our babysitter for nights out were my parents. While the kids loved to have a sleepover and the grandparents loved it, too, with over an hour round trip each for dropping off and then picking up, the effort was often prohibitive.

    However you can do it, taking a special time out together is healing for any relationship! The extra effort makes it memorable and meaningful!

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. So cute. Hubby and I do this too, usually after the kids are in bed we have our little “date” night in the basement. It is fun. It is so hard to get out of the house with little kids so it is important to get creative with our dates.

  4. Love the indoor picnic. I haven’t seen Moneyball, but Pretty Woman is an all time favorite of mine.

  5. That is a really good idea!! My husband and I don’t really have anyone to babysit for us, military life can make it tough! We do occasionally rent a movie on the weekend but that doesn’t even happen much and we are both so tired by the end of the day! I will try a weekend lunch ‘date’ soon!

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