Quick Tech Tip to Fall Asleep Faster

Like many people, I tend to lay awake in bed at the end of the night, scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook or checking my email one last time. I am a card-carrying blogger & part of the Verizon influencer team, after all. Or maybe I’m just addicted to social media. Maybe both.

Quick & Easy Sleep Tip

In an age where our mobile devices are almost always within arms’ reach, it’s hard to resist the temptation to check your cell phone one last time before going to sleep. You might even feel more at ease & relaxed after glancing at your phone to double-check you haven’t missed anything important. [tweet_box inject=”#vzwbuzz” design=”default”]Clearing push notifications before bed can help clear your mind.[/tweet_box]

But there’s a tradeoff that happens when you sneak a peek at your phone during bedtime. According to research from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Massachusetts, the light emitted by your phone not only makes it harder to fall asleep, it also impacts how alert you are the next day.

Breaking habits is hard, which is why I’m excited to share my simple tech tip to fall asleep faster – a blue light filter for my cell phone.

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Blue light emitted by cell phones and tablets can disrupt the sleep hormone melatonin. Blue light is also known as short-wavelength enriched light, and is used by many e-readers, tablets, laptops, and smart phones. When your eye is exposed to enough blue light, your pineal glad can stop releasing melatonin, causing a shift in your circadian rhythm.

Since I’m not going to give up checking notifications on my phone any time soon, I’ve found a much simpler solution – using an app like Twilight that filters out the blue light. Twilight automatically adjusts your phone or tablet’s color temperature (brightness), intensity, and screen dim, effectively reducing blue light from being emitted. With a simple tap, you can set the app to remember your preferences and automatically adjust your screen for you based on the time of day.

[tweet_box inject=”#VZWBuzz” design=”default”]Twilight app helps filter blue light from your cell phone for a better night’s sleep. [/tweet_box]

The nice thing about the Twilight app is that it can be configured to adjust according to the sunrise and sunset based on where you live. That means brighter screens with little or no filter during the day that gradually adjusts to reduce the blue light emitted as the sun goes down. This helps your body maintain its natural circadian rhythm and helps you fall asleep faster at night, even if you’re like me and still can’t resist checking Facebook one last time before bed.

Or if you don’t like it running in the background all day, you can turn it on and off as often as you’d like from within the app.

Twilight is available for Android as a free download in the Google App Store. A similar app is available for iOS called f.lux. (I haven’t tested that one myself.)

If you download it and try it out, I’d love to hear what you think!

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