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Lucy and Tillie have a cell phone that they share. At least, they USED to have a cell phone.

Technically, they still have a cell phone; it just doesn’t work terribly well anymore.

The girls were over at my cousin’s house for a playdate with her kids. The girls went to take the dog for a walk, and since they were going around the block, one of them stuck the phone in her pocket just in case something happened and they needed to call.

The dog returned from his walk happy, tongue hanging out of his mouth. The girls were a different story. At some point, the phone had fallen out of the pocket it was stashed in and hit the pavement, shattering the screen. They were equal parts defensive that it wasn’t their fault, sad it was broken, and concerned they’d get in trouble.

It’s a familiar story, unfortunately. A couple months ago the same thing happened to me.

I was outside playing with the kids on the front sidewalk. My phone slipped out of my pocket and the screen shattered upon impact with the ground.

There were two big differences between my incident and the girls:

  1.     I thought I was being careful. My phone had a clear screen protector and a hard case around it for protection.
  2.    My phone costs significantly more to repair ($200-300) or replace ($600-800).

Despite those major differences, there’s one thing both accidents had in common:

I really wish we had purchased SIMPLR™ Product Protection Plan!

What’s a SIMPLR™ Product Protection Plan?

Accidents happen, right? (Cough, see photos above, cough.) The SIMPLR™ Product Protection Plan gives you peace-of-mind by taking away the fear of accidental drops, spills, and cracked screens for many electronic products like computers, TVs, cell phones, and cameras. They also cover major appliances and jewelry, too!

You can purchase the plan with your product at several major retailers, or go online to add it to your device up to 30 days after your original purchase. More and more retailers are offering SIMPLR™ Product Protection Plans, so if your favorite store doesn’t offer them yet, make sure to check back or go online to buy it direct.

The SIMPLR™ Product Protection Plan is as EASY as 1-2-3!

  1. REGISTER at
  2. FILE an online claim.
  3. PACK & SHIP your product or schedule your in-home repair.

There are no extra fees, no deductibles, and no repair costs. Just easy repair, replacement, or reimbursement.

The girls have to earn their next cell phone. We haven’t decided yet if that’s going to be by doing extra chores, or good grades, or maybe a combination of both.

What we do know is that with their next cell phone, we’ll definitely be getting a SIMPLR™ Product Protection Plan. They’re kids. Accidents happen, and it’s all part of the learning process for them. But for us as parents, we’re wise enough to know that it pays to plan ahead and purchase a little peace-of-mind before we need it.

It’s almost like they knew exactly what I was thinking (and my love of pirates) when they made this cute little video:

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Thanks again to SIMPLR™ for sponsoring this post. 


  1. Such a cute video, love the imagination and that dad didn’t over react!

  2. I am all for making life easier. Buried treasure would be nice, too.

  3. I dropped my phone on the pavement as I was getting out of the passenger side of the car the other day because I had forgotten it was in my lap. Luckily, I picked the right protective case to put around it, but it could have easily gone differently. It just shows that it could really happen to anybody!

  4. I haven’t heard of the Simplr plan before, but I really like it! I’d use it on my phone.

  5. sarah banes says:

    I liked the cute face on the little boy when he sad dad are you mad?

  6. The extra insurance would have more than paid for itself with those breaks already!

  7. Oh no! I know how important cell phones are for teens (and their blogger mamas). My kids aren’t quite ready for cell phones, but they will need Simplr when they are. I need it now, however. I totally cracked my tablet over the weekend. Whoops!

  8. Love the message of that video and ultimately about the benefit of simpler… yes accidents happen and it’s so much nicer to know they won’t get in the way of happiness with your kids… God know how hard it is to smile, even when you KNOW it was an accident, when you’re looking at a pricey repair or replacement cost!

  9. I’m a klutz with my electronics and could probably use a plan like this. I’ll have to check it out!

  10. my sister definitely needs this, she breaks her stuff all the time.

  11. We have so many devices, appliances – just stuff that costs a lot to replace in general! I’m definitely going to check out how much a SIMPLR plan would cost us!

  12. I totally need this!

  13. I travel frequently and my laptop and phone go with me everywhere. It would be nice to have a little extra protection for them!

  14. That’s a cute video. At least they didn’t blame the kid – adults do dumb stuff, too 🙂

  15. Meghan C says:

    I have a Surface Pro tablet/computer (what is it, exactly?) and I love it… but my YOUNG kids try to play with it. Luckily, it has not been dropped too many times and hasn’t been damaged but the next time could be it. Nooo! Going to have to look into these SIMPLR plans more!

  16. Meghan C says:

    Haha and the video is cute! “Arrghhh you mad?” is my favorite part!

  17. Cracked the screen on my s4 Recently. .. My Next Phone I NEED this!

  18. I would use SIMPLR to protect a new computer. They’re so expensive and they always seem to have problems AFTER the regular warranty ends.

  19. My 2 year old lost my phone for me recently and I had to go out and buy a new one, sadly it’s been more than 30 days!

  20. Karen Zippler says:

    Had never heard of the plan before – thank you for the info – between my klutz self & 4 crazy kids it looks like a great idea.

  21. That would definitely come in handy for my family!

  22. Mari-Kristin Gilbert says:

    Insurance is always great when you need it!

  23. Marsha H. says:

    The cost of eletronics is so expensive and yet they are so fragile it makes sense to protect them. Accidents happen and it is nice to not have to hassle to get it fixed/replaced. I will definitely be looking up this company for my future purchases.

  24. Tiffany Barnett says:

    Out of 4 functional phones in my house (and half dozen we’ve accumulated that don’t work at all) the only one without a broken screen belongs to my 8 year old stepdaughter. It’s nice to see a warranty program that doesn’t involve going back to the store and dealing with pushy salespeople just to get a repair.

  25. Kelly Reynolds says:

    My boys are watching Jake and the Never Land pirates right now so their favorite part was the pirate ship lol. I like how relates to parent problems today my boys have dropped our I pad before.

  26. Laura Kelley says:

    My husband could use this! He is always breaking his phone. He goes thru 3 in the time it takes me to go thru one!

  27. With a plan like this I would be more comfortable buying my kids a better phone (instead of a used one from ebay like they currently have lol)

  28. video made me lol cuz that’s usually how it happens in our house. i stress about my kids breaking stuff but it’s usually some combination of us that really ends up being the problem

  29. Robbie Reynolds says:

    I’d be more comfortable with my kids playing with my phone. Kids aren’t easy on electrinics.

  30. Laura Viken says:

    I would definitely feel better about my son having his phone if we had this plan!

  31. Robbie Reynolds says:

    Like the dad’s reaction to the tablet breaking

  32. You can’t imagine how many cellphones we’ve lost to a cracked screen. The kids just cracked the screen to their Samsung galaxy tab so not happy about that.

  33. I have nightmares about something happening to my phone. This would be great!

  34. Kelly Reynolds says:

    Two toddlers, smartphones and an I pad I think that explains why I need a protective to on plan.

  35. My young son already destroyed a laptop and scratched our tablet. I think we may need to invest in this!

  36. I would love this for my tablet!

  37. Good Lord we have dropped more phones than I care to count! This looks like a must-have!

  38. Love the little boy “Arrrr you mad?” so cute
    I commented on Simplr facebook page, wasn’t sure where to leave a comment on their website,

  39. Where do I leave the comment on their site? I’ve gone over their page several times and can not find a place to leave a comment am I just missing it or are we supposed to leave a comment on the blog post?

  40. Dawn Monroe says:

    It was kinda cheesy but I like the part in the video when the kid say argg like a pirate.

  41. My teenager insists on carrying his iPhone without a case. Even with a case I freak because, well he’s a teenager. This plan would give me peace of mine.

  42. Laura Heitkamp says:

    This SIMPLR plan is leaps and bounds ahead of the insurance plan offered by my cell phone company. The one time I did need to file a claim with the cell insurance I currently have I still ended up paying $200 for a phone that was “comparable” (read: the cheapest phone they could find that could potentially perform the same functions as my broken phone) and it was a disaster. I didn’t even know there were other options!

  43. Laura Heitkamp says:

    The video is simple and explanatory (and no speed-talking exceptions and “subject to…” at the end? FANTASTIC!)

  44. shantelle stately says:

    This plan sounds amazing! And NO deductibles is a great feature of this plan. Being a mom of two young kids it is inevitable that our cherished items will be damaged or replaced. I look forward to learning more about Simplr.

  45. Jacquelyn F says:

    When my boys get their own phones a plan like this will be crucial. I just know they will break a phone at lease once. I’m kinda amazed they have not broken mine yet.

  46. I tend to drop my phone (slippery fingers). A Simplr plan would be nice to have!

  47. Jennifer says:

    I could really use desktop computer coverage since thats the only device i own! we’re pretty low grid!

  48. Abbie Olson says:

    I could use Tablet protection, or phone protection for sure (I am ALWAYS losing my phone, so it’s bound to end up dropped or something eventually).

  49. jenna tomaszewski says:

    I have always been pretty lucky with not dropping my electronics but it makes a nice safety net in case.

  50. I love that there’s no deductible or repair fee!

  51. I think my husband needs this… He always manages to break/drop/crack/destroy things. :-/

  52. Super simple to understand how it works video!

  53. With three small kids, my phone is definitely in need of some extra protection, lol.

  54. I like the pirate theme in the video.

  55. Stacy McBrayer says:

    Had this happen with a phone and a tablet!

  56. Stacy McBrayer says:

    Cute video although I am not sure most parents would have been quite that calm lol

  57. it looks like it was run over by a truck LOL

  58. I’d use it for my phone and camera. Good plan to know about!

  59. Wow, I have never seen a shattered phone like this, my first. Let’s hope I never see this in my house. Everyone in my home has a shockproof, waterproof phone but me. I really should look into this.

  60. Wow, I have never seen a shattered phone like this, my first. Let’s hope I never see this in my house. Everyone in my home has a shockproof, waterproof phone but me. I really should look into this.

  61. Joey Simmonds says:

    The video shows the most common cause of needing this. People drop stuff, that simple.

  62. I could definitely use a Simplr plan, we seem to have bad luck with electronics.

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