Bathroom Confessions: One Toilet, Five People #TweetFromTheSeat

First confession – when Influence Central asked me to participate in a campaign on behalf of Charmin called #TweetFromTheSeat, I snorted and giggled a little bit. When they said they wanted me to make a video and have fun with it, I started thinking this could be fun. Then they enticed me with free toilet paper. Done deal. I’m all over this. So was Lucy, who wants to be an actress someday. I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of {Read More}

Parent & Kid Perspective: Max Movie Review

Guest post by Mykl Roventine, also known as Mr. Grey and the Life With Levi Movie Reviewer when Jen isn’t available. Max, which opens today, touts itself as a family action adventure movie but families with younger kids might want to pay attention to the PG rating, so earned for a fair amount “action violence/peril”. My girls, 10 and 13 years old, were very excited to see the film based on the trailer. I approached the screening with some trepidation, {Read More}

Whatever EWG, I’m Using Neutrogena Sunscreen Anyway

Here’s the deal, folks – I was recruited by Influence Central to write a post about Neutrogena sun screen. They sent me samples, and after I send them a link to this post, hopefully they’ll still continue sending me promotional items for the campaigns I work with them on. This post isn’t just a bunch of sponsored stuff someone is paying me to write about. It’s my rant about the EWG and why I disagree with information that’s been making the {Read More}

How Young Is Too Young for a Cell Phone? #VZWBuzz

How young is too young for a cell phone? If you had asked me this question a couple months ago, I would have said Levi is DEFINITELY too young to have his own cell phone. He’s not quite 5 – who needs a cell phone when they’re not even in Kindergarten yet? Not my kid, that’s for sure. But oh how things change. As part of the Verizon team of lifestyle influences, I was able to learn all about one {Read More}

Linux Drone: Solo Smart Drone Now Available at Best Buy

Disclosure: I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card for participating in this advertising campaign. The first-ever drone powered by two integrated Linux computers is now available at Best Buy. This bad boy seems to be on every dad’s wish list. Mykl happened to be looking over my shoulder when I pulled up photos of the Solo™ 3DR Linux Drone, and I kid you not, my 40-something year old boyfriend turned into a child when he {Read More}

5 Quiet Activities for Preschool Kids

If you have multiple children, you know how important quiet activities for preschool kids can be, especially when your older kids participate in performance arts. Unlike sports games where there is plenty of action for the little ones to watch, musical & theatrical performances usually have less action happening up on stage to keep your preschooler engaged. Thankfully, there are plenty of quiet activities to help your preschooler sit through a sibling’s performance. (Or cousin’s. Or friend’s. Or parent’s.) These are {Read More}

GoPro HERO+ LCD Launch at Best Buy

GoPro has gotten a whole lot cooler over the years, and the GoPro HERO+ LCD shows it. Besides being able to capture crisp 1080p60 video on the go, it also takes 8MP still photos and has built-in Wi-Fi to share your pictures as soon as you take them to Facebook or Instagram, or just back them up to the cloud so you can edit them later.

Megan Dress + Majewski = Gorgeous Photos

A couple months ago, Tomasz Majewski from Majewski Marketing & Media did an impromptu photo shoot of me in the Kate dress from Karina Dresses. I was so thrilled with the pictures that I used one of them as my headshot for all of professional business stuff. (I do content strategy as my day job.) So when he asked if I’d like him to take photos of me on the regular, I jumped at the chance. As part of the {Read More}

HTC One M9 vs HTC One M8: Is it worth the upgrade? #VZWBuzz

This year, HTC released the HTC One M9, an improved version of 2014’s HTC One M8. The big question many people have wondered is about to be answered – is it worth the upgrade? As part of Verizon’s team of influencers, I’ve had the pleasure of personally using both the HTC One M8 and the HTC One M9 cell phones. Since I own both, I figure I’m decently qualified to compare the two. So compare them I shall, judging if {Read More}

25 Grown Up Slushie Recipes

Ready for some grown up slushie recipes? Summer is here, the kids are out of school, and it’s time for the adults to reward themselves with a frozen cocktail to cool down as the temperatures rise. Grown Up Slushie Recipes (aka frozen cocktails for adults) Count em’ with me, everyone – let’s start with #1 – some Raspberry Lemonade Slushies from Simplistically Living. They’re easy to make and totally hit the spot. Next up is #2 – the Watermelon Margarita Slushie from fellow MN blogger Ms. {Read More}