Cocktail Recipe: The Tipsy Minion

I confess, I don’t get the whole Minion thing. Sure, they’re cute, but they speak gibberish. Cocktails, on the other hand, are something I totally understand. That’s where the idea for the Tipsy Minion came from. If any parent can follow along with Minion-ese for an entire movie, they’ve definitely earned a shot or two. For an even better experience, enjoy a Tipsy Minion or two BEFORE the movie starts. The Tipsy Minion Ingredients 1 oz Hypnotiq 1 oz Blue Curaçao 1 {Read More}

20+ Family-Friendly Things to Do at the MN State Fair

With over 1.8 million people visiting the Great Minnesota Get Together (the MN State Fair), it can seem like an overwhelming place to bring your kids. I remember the first year Jason & I brought Levi. He was only a year old and just starting to walk, and he had a BLAST. So did we. Image Courtesy of the MN State Fair.  That’s because there are TONS of family-friendly things to do at the MN State Fair. This year’s hot new educational {Read More}

Are phone conversations dead?

I remember when I first discovered the magical awesomeness of talking to my friends on the phone. I want to say it was right around the beginning of middle school, when I found my circle of friends expanding to people outside a one-block radius of my house. That’s how it works, right? In elementary school, you have your best friend or friends in your class that you see all day, every day at school. But the kids you play with {Read More}

Ready to Get Twined? Introducing a New Resource for Product Reviews & Discounts

Product reviews are nothing new online. There are tons of sites where you can find reviews of almost anything. Just Google “(product name) review” and you’ll get plenty of results from industry experts, video reviewers, and even bloggers like myself. Then comes the harder part – finding reviews you can actually trust and searching for the best price if you decide to buy. That’s where Twined comes in. They provide a place where you can see honest reviews AND team {Read More}

Another Karina Dresses #Frockstar July Giveaway

It’s that time again – time to win some gorgeous new dresses from made-in-the-USA Karina Dresses! Earlier this month I got super flirty with some sky-high boots and the Sophie dress. Then I headed up North to a cabin in Grand Marais with Mykl & the kids. Time always seems to slow down (in a good way!) when you get out of the cities, so it was nice to relax by the waterfront with a simple, casual look in my {Read More}

Looking Good on the North Shore with Karina Dresses

We escaped the cities as a family this past week to head up to the North Shore of Lake Superior. Since this is a cabin trip, I only packed one Karina Dress in my suitcase. I didn’t really think I’d have an excuse to dress up, but I’m part of their Frockstar™ team of bloggers and Mykl thought the lake would make a great backdrop to show off my new Nora dress. He was right, of course. The harbor made {Read More}

Gigli Pasta Salad

Looking for a quick & easy side dish to make? This Gigli Pasta Salad is delicious and full of colorful vegetables, textures, and flavor. This is also a great dish to make to use up leftover veggies from meals made earlier in the week. Gigli Pasta Salad Ingredients 1 lb Gigli Pasta, cooked (available at World Market & Home Goods stores) 1 cup broccoli, cooked 1 cup cauliflower, cooked 1/2 cup tomatoes, diced 1/2 English cucumber, diced 2 stalks green onion, chopped {Read More}

Oh Nair, why did I think you would change?

Remember those Nair commercials from the 80’s? I wasn’t old enough to worry about leg hair in the 80’s, but I remember the commercials. The ones they had in the 90’s weren’t much better, but they worked. Like most teens, I was self-conscious about my looks, especially my body hair. My whole life I’ve dealt with the stages of mediterranean body hair grief: Denial: All my friends have fine, light hair. They don’t wax their arms. I’m not going to. That would {Read More}

Ad: Having a Family Outing? Pack Up HIBICLENS!

All content for this advertisement was provided by HIBICLENS.  MAKE HIBICLENS® ANTIMICROBIAL SOAP PART OF YOUR FAMILY OUTING Family outings are a great way to bond with your children and create memories that last a lifetime. From a picnic at the local park to a weekend getaway, family outings are only limited by your imagination. Whether taking photographs outdoors or going on a hike, we want to be fully in the moment with our family. And we especially don’t want {Read More}

Because I have yet to find a better excuse to wear these boots

According to Instagram, I’ve had these boots for 11 months. They’re kick-ass boots, but they’ve never made it out of the house. Mostly because I’m generally adverse to breaking my neck, but also because I just haven’t had an occasion yet that called for bringing all kinds of sexy back in the form of stiletto heeled boots. And maybe also because I live in MN and it’s hard to walk in heels in the snow. But yesterday I said f*ck {Read More}