Easy Halloween Treat: Mummy Graham Crackers

Mummy Graham Crackers are an easy Halloween treat to make in your home kitchen. The prep time is reasonable, and the finished result is perfect to add a little something extra when it’s your turn to bring a homemade treat to a Halloween party or potluck. Best of all – the decorating is super easy to do! If you can draw a line, you can totally make these delish little Mummy Graham Crackers. Mummy Graham Crackers Ingredients: Graham Cracker Squares {Read More}

Quick Tech Tip to Fall Asleep Faster

Like many people, I tend to lay awake in bed at the end of the night, scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook or checking my email one last time. I am a card-carrying blogger & part of the Verizon influencer team, after all. Or maybe I’m just addicted to social media. Maybe both. In an age where our mobile devices are almost always within arms’ reach, it’s hard to resist the temptation to check your cell phone one last time before {Read More}

Best Emerald Coast Area Activities For Families

Last month I spent a weekend in the Emerald Coast area of Florida for Brandcation, an annual blogging event that’s part girl’s weekend, part brand trip. It wasn’t my first time exploring the Emerald Coast area, and it definitely won’t be my last.  Next time, I plan to bring the whole family. During my first visit to the Emerald Coast area of Florida, I spent most of my time on the Harborwalk reveling in all the things I could do {Read More}

Minions on Wheels Giveaway: Dynacraft Folding Scooter

I’ve had Minions on the brain lately. Last week I shared my Tipsy Minion cocktail recipe, and now I’ve got a giveaway for y’all for one of Levi’s favorite outdoor toys: the Dynacraft foldable scooter. Dynacraft is a US company that’s been making bikes pretty much as long as I’ve been alive (we’ll call it 30+ years). They’ve got a new line of Minions bikes and scooters designed specifically for 5-8 year olds, featuring their classic well-made designs and bright, eye-catching colors.  {Read More}

I Didn’t Know I Had a Rainbow Baby

I was browsing Facebook yesterday and this gorgeous photo mentioning Rainbow Babies came up in my newsfeed. As many of you know, the whole reason I got into blogging in the first place was because I had a miscarriage with my first pregnancy and wanted to connect with others going through conception and pregnancy struggles so I wouldn’t feel so alone. A big part of that was having a “safe” place to discuss the different highs and lows I went through, {Read More}

Cocktail Recipe: The Tipsy Minion

I confess, I don’t get the whole Minion thing. Sure, they’re cute, but they speak gibberish. Cocktails, on the other hand, are something I totally understand. That’s where the idea for the Tipsy Minion came from. If any parent can follow along with Minion-ese for an entire movie, they’ve definitely earned a shot or two. For an even better experience, enjoy a Tipsy Minion or two BEFORE the movie starts. The Tipsy Minion Ingredients 1 oz Hypnotiq 1 oz Blue Curaçao 1 {Read More}

20+ Family-Friendly Things to Do at the MN State Fair

With over 1.8 million people visiting the Great Minnesota Get Together (the MN State Fair), it can seem like an overwhelming place to bring your kids. I remember the first year Jason & I brought Levi. He was only a year old and just starting to walk, and he had a BLAST. So did we. Image Courtesy of the MN State Fair.  That’s because there are TONS of family-friendly things to do at the MN State Fair. This year’s hot new educational {Read More}

Are phone conversations dead?

I remember when I first discovered the magical awesomeness of talking to my friends on the phone. I want to say it was right around the beginning of middle school, when I found my circle of friends expanding to people outside a one-block radius of my house. That’s how it works, right? In elementary school, you have your best friend or friends in your class that you see all day, every day at school. But the kids you play with {Read More}

Ready to Get Twined? Introducing a New Resource for Product Reviews & Discounts

Product reviews are nothing new online. There are tons of sites where you can find reviews of almost anything. Just Google “(product name) review” and you’ll get plenty of results from industry experts, video reviewers, and even bloggers like myself. Then comes the harder part – finding reviews you can actually trust and searching for the best price if you decide to buy. That’s where Twined comes in. They provide a place where you can see honest reviews AND team {Read More}

Another Karina Dresses #Frockstar July Giveaway

It’s that time again – time to win some gorgeous new dresses from made-in-the-USA Karina Dresses! Earlier this month I got super flirty with some sky-high boots and the Sophie dress. Then I headed up North to a cabin in Grand Marais with Mykl & the kids. Time always seems to slow down (in a good way!) when you get out of the cities, so it was nice to relax by the waterfront with a simple, casual look in my {Read More}