Wanna win a Keurig + Coffee for a year?


Even if you haven’t caught soccer fever with the World Cup this year, if you’re a coffee drinker, you’ll want to check this out. Quill.com, an awesome online office supply company, is hosting the Coffee Cup 2014. It’s like a battle of the K-Cups, and you get to decide who wins! The competition is already on round 3, which means you’ll want to get your votes in ASAP to be qualified for a chance to win a Keurig® B130 Deskpro Brewing {Read More}

Summer Must Have: Kinivo Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


If you’re in the market for new headphones, I have a warning for you if you’re thinking about going wireless– Mykl will steal them. As soon as these* Kinivo BTH240 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones arrived on my doorstep, I saw him eyeing them. “Don’t get any ideas! These are for a review.” I warned him. “But I can open them to look, right?” He was already opening the packaging. I can’t really say I blame him. They’re pretty awesome. Compatible with almost {Read More}

Missing socks? That’s because your washing machine is eating them


I finally figured out where missing socks go when they disappear. I’ve long since puzzled over where missing socks go. No matter how many pairs I buy, there are always some that manage to go missing. For a while, I thought there must be some secret sock gnome that sneaks around at night, stealing socks for his own personal stash. I imagined him cackling with delight as he watched me leave the house wearing mismatched socks when I couldn’t find {Read More}

Handling the bad days: 3 things we think we’ve got right


A comment from my friend Jo on my Facebook status yesterday inspired this post about handling the bad days in a relationship. She wrote: I have to confess that at least there is a worst part of your relationship. You guys always seem so perfect it’s nice to hear that there are a few blip on the radar. This was the status I posted: Post by Life With Levi. When you see bloggers sharing their lives online, it’s easy to {Read More}

Technology makes me hate flying less #VZWbuzz


Thank goodness for technology. It makes flying so much more tolerable! I’m not sure about y’all, but I love traveling. I’m just not a huge fan of the actual transportation part that goes with it. Take my recent trip to Chicago for the Verizon Midwest bloggers* summit. The trip itself was awesome. I learned a lot about their current initiatives, got training on some of the devices I’m testing out, and even got to tour the new Motorola headquarters and {Read More}

Sometimes simple things are the best (aka my latest recipe fail)


Sometimes simple things are the best. (KISS graphic) I’m going to clue you guys in on a secret – when bloggers create gorgeous, delicious recipes, we normally only share the final product. Like these poached pears – they’re plated pretty, well-lit, and look ready to eat. What we don’t often share is our failed attempts to create the recipe in the first place. Take, for example, my attempt to get creative with some Tastefully Simple products this week. They sent {Read More}

Can we please stop over-simplifying marriage already?


Can we please quit over-simplifying marriage already? It’s bad enough Hollywood gives us unrealistic expectations of how marriage works. No wonder folks don’t realize how much work a marriage takes when photos like this are what get shared across social media. Post by Happy Wives Club. Marriage is never as easy as “just stay married.” Being married takes work. It takes compromise. It takes personal growth. It takes strength and perseverance and love and kindness and compassion and time and {Read More}

My boyfriend brought me funeral flowers


I admit – like many women, I am guilty of hinting to my boyfriend that he should send me flowers more often. So he brought some home yesterday. They were leftover from a funeral. Yes, my boyfriend brought me flowers from a funeral. Now don’t get me wrong – they’re very lovely flowers. And it’s not like he went out to a random funeral home to snag them from some poor family. These were sent home with him by a friend {Read More}

$2 Kids Summer Craft Classes! Michaels Passport to Imagination


This week, Michaels kicked off their Passport to Imagination summer crafting program. Tillie & Lucy headed out to our local store* to check it out. Passport to Imagination is Michaels annual in-store summer craft program. Now through August 1st, kids ages 5-12 can enjoy classes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10am-12pm for just $2 per session. This summer, 7 of the best museums across the nation have partnered with Michaels to create a museum road trip. Each week, a {Read More}

Miley & Hannah: 4 Week Chicken Update


Chickens grow fast! Look how big my girls Miley & Hannah are getting already. If you look above their beaks, you can just start to see their combs starting to develop. Their feathers are starting to fill out more as they continue to lose their chick fuzz. They’ve officially moved into the backyard chicken coop. We keep a heat lamp in there, since they’re still a bit too young to self-regulate their temperature. The biggest challenge has been keeping them {Read More}