Barbie isn’t just sexist about computer engineering, she’s also insulting


Barbie’s idea of computer engineering isn’t just sexist – it’s insulting to our children. The Internet response has been fantastic in addressing how the book I Can Be a Computer Engineer  should have been written. But I’m still mad about the story itself.  should have been written. But I’m still mad about the story itself. Let’s try to put the sexism aside for a moment. It’s still a crap book that, quite frankly, is insulting to our children. Let’s take the basic premise of {Read More}

Past The Breakup Stage


Fact – until this weekend, I didn’t know I had a “breakup stage.” Some things are easier to figure out in hindsight. I’ll start by being transparent – I have a “crazy” streak a mile wide. To most of the world, it’s a stereotypical “bitches be crazy” type of personality trait, though I’ve learned as an adult it’s actually an “anxiety & depression” thing, but that’s just maturity and semantics talking. Anyhow, over the weekend Mr. Grey pointed out that {Read More}

DIY Dog Chew Toy: 10 minute project #TreatThePups


I’m a sponsored blog partner with Lunchbox. As always, all opinions are my own. Our dog Dany is still a puppy, and this will be our first year celebrating the holidays with her. Naturally, the kids want to make it extra special and include her in our fall festivities. This year, Big Heart Pet Brands® is encouraging people to #TreatThePups and has a great page on Walmart with cool crafts and ideas on how to incorporate your pets into your holiday celebrations. {Read More}

VeggieTales In The House: New Netflix Series Premieres Nov 26th


Netflix and Dreamworks Animation will be unveiling their new original series VeggieTales In The House on November 26th, just in time for Thanksgiving. I was given a behind-the-scenes look at the development of the new VeggieTales series earlier this year and couldn’t be more excited to finally get to see the Netflix series come to life. The first 5 episodes (each consisting of 2 mini episodes) will be available to stream on Netflix beginning November 26th. With a refreshed look, {Read More}

Proving a Point to Mykl with Hillshire Snacking #HillshireSnackPros


#spon: I’m required to disclose a relationship between this site and Hillshire. This could include Hillshire providing content, product, access, or other forms of payment. Sometimes I get to do really awesome things because of my blog. Like get paid to prove a point to Mykl. Thanks Hillshire for the excuse to prove that Mykl’s shirt looks like a tablecloth. Hillshire Snacking has a new line of snacks with premium meats, bold flavors, and 15+ grams of protein per package. {Read More}

4 Cool Features of the Motorola Droid TURBO #VZWBuzz


Earlier this summer I got a chance to tour the new Motorola headquarters in Chicago. I’ve been psyched ever since then to see what’s next for their Droid line of cell phones, so I was pretty damn excited when I received the new Droid TURBO last week to review. Thanks to some great training courtesy of Verizon & Motorola, I’ve already discovered 4 really cool features of the Droid TURBO that I think you’ll like. Custom Voice Prompt with Moto Voice {Read More}

Farewell Miley and Hannah


I should be super sad to write this, but I’m not. I’m smiling as I say “Farewell Miley & Hannah!” Back in May, we added two baby chicks to our household: Miley & Hannah. I’d been wanting chickens for a long time and had done lots of research before deciding to add new pets to our family. It was really cool to get the girls when they were only 2 days old and watch them grow into pullets with our kids. {Read More}

Karina Dresses on ModCloth + November FrockStar Giveaway


Thanks to Karina Dresses (and their FrockStar™ blogger program), I have discovered ModCloth. And I’m totally in love. Karina Dresses: Patti in Navy Floral I’m wearing the Patti dress in the photo above. With pearls. And sensible shoes. And I’m standing in my friend Kristen’s living room, because her house is an amazing work of mid-century modern and Mykl thought it would make a great background for photos of me in the dress. He was right. It’s my first dress with {Read More}

Halloween Family Traditions


Yesterday was Halloween, my favorite holiday of the year. The candy, the costumes, the decorations – I love it all. And I especially enjoy the family traditions we’ve created. Halloween has been a difficult day for my family since my Aunt Monica passed away in 2002. That makes me extra appreciative to be able to give my cousin Cheryl and my dad big hugs in person. Just like last year, the cousins joined our kids to go trick-or-treating in our {Read More}

Halloween Thumbprint Spiders Activity

Fingerprinting Halloween Crafts with Kids, Easy at home kid activities fun, break out the paint!

Trisha’s Halloween Thumbprint Spiders Activity My name is Trisha and I am a creative mom blogger over at MomDot. Jen has very kindly allowed me to write a quick article for all of you and introduce myself! I hope that if this article helps you in any way and you enjoy this type of content, you come over and say hi to my on my blog. Now lets get started- While I know some are being negative ninnys about the {Read More}