HTC One M9 vs HTC One M8: Is it worth the upgrade? #VZWBuzz

HTC One M8 vs M9 Back

This year, HTC released the HTC One M9, an improved version of 2014’s HTC One M8. The big question many people have wondered is about to be answered – is it worth the upgrade? As part of Verizon’s team of influencers, I’ve had the pleasure of personally using both the HTC One M8 and the HTC One M9 cell phones. Since I own both, I figure I’m decently qualified to compare the two. So compare them I shall, judging if {Read More}

25 Grown Up Slushie Recipes

grown up slushie recipes - frozen cocktails for adults

Ready for some grown up slushie recipes? Summer is here, the kids are out of school, and it’s time for the adults to reward themselves with a frozen cocktail to cool down as the temperatures rise. Grown Up Slushie Recipes (aka frozen cocktails for adults) Count em’ with me, everyone – let’s start with #1 – some Raspberry Lemonade Slushies from Simplistically Living. They’re easy to make and totally hit the spot. Next up is #2 – the Watermelon Margarita Slushie from fellow MN blogger Ms. {Read More}

Sortly Review: The Ultimate Organizer App

Sortly QR Code Labels

Sortly has been billed as the Ultimate Organizer App. Considering how much help I need organizing my house, I was more than happy to agree to put it to the test and share my thoughts with y’all. What is Sortly? Sortly is an iTunes app available for iPhone & iPad that helps you create a visual inventory of all of your stuff. And by stuff, I mean just about anything you can think of – your pictures, your books, your home {Read More}

Potty Party + 4 Tips for Toilet Training #PampersEasyUps

Pampers Easy Ups Potty Party

Ever wondered what a potty party (potty/toilet training party) is all about? Thanks to a partnership with Pampers Easy Ups (and Jen being past the potty-training stage with Levi), I hosted my first potty party a week ago. My daughter is almost two, and has already shown signs of being ready to begin potty training. After explaining to my friends and family members what exactly it was I hoped to accomplish by hosting a potty party in the first place, {Read More}

New Children’s Book Recommendation Service: Beanstack


Looking for children’s book recommendations for your kids? The St. Paul Public Library recently launched Beanstack, a free online service that offers personalized recommendations of books tailored to your child’s age, interests, and reading level, along with learning tips to help you engage with your child. Best of all, it’s available to anyone, anywhere – even if you don’t have a library card! How Beanstack Works Beanstack is a free app that matches up your child’s reading level, interests, and {Read More}

15 Quick and Easy Beef Recipes

Quick and Easy Beef Recipes

Looking for quick and easy beef recipes? You’ve come to the right place! Low & Slow Beef Recipes If you haven’t tried the Slow Cooker Beef Brisket Sliders from This Mama Cooks, you’re missing out. They’re easy and delicious and a total crowd pleaser. The Beef & Guinness Stew recipe from Dixie Delights calls for a dutch oven, but it’s fairly easy to modify to work in a crock pot. Slow Cooker Shredded Beef Tacos from The Nerd’s Wife are easy and delicious! I warm {Read More}

Lube Hacks: 6 Alternate Uses for Personal Lubricant

Lube hacks - alternate uses for personal lubricant

Blogging has perks, y’all. Like getting paid to be funny and write about stuff most people don’t talk about publicly, like KY lubricants. At least, I hope I’m funny. Otherwise oversharing things like losing my marbles and writing a tutorial about how men can use housework to get laid more often might seem out of place on this blog. So let’s assume I’m funny. And that I want to do a great job writing about lube for KY, but I don’t want to get too {Read More}

The Pink Solution for Everyday Hygiene


Everyday hygiene is important in our house – when you have 3 kids at home, you start to learn all the gross stuff they can get into. Plus I’m a tattooed mom, so keeping germs away while my skin is healing after getting new ink is a big deal – I pay a lot for my skin art, and I want it to heal correctly so it lasts a lifetime. Recently, we started using Hibiclens at home. It’s an antimicrobial skin {Read More}

June Karina Dresses $500 #Frockstar Giveaway

Karina Dresses Summer Giveaway

Ready to kick off summer in style? The Frockstar™ team from Karina Dresses (including moi) is excited to bring you another great dress giveaway! The weather is finally starting to warm up here in MN, so I’ve been sporting some short sleeve & sleeveless dresses this past month. I accidentally ordered the same print for both styles: black with pink micro dots. Luckily for me, the dresses are still different enough that it’s not a big deal. For the Peggy {Read More}

Looking Good on TV: RobbinSALE News Segment

RobbinSALE TV Segment

Yesterday I had the opportunity to chat with Channel 12 news about the upcoming city-wide garage sale for my town: RobbinSALE. RobbinSALE is Robbinsdale’s 2nd annual city-wide garage sale. Last year I was involved as a participant. I had such a good experience that this year I joined the organizing team. Over 50 participants have already registered to host sales throughout Robbinsdale June 4th-6th. You can view a list of all of the sales on our interactive map. To view {Read More}