Molded Sugar Hearts

Simple Sugar Hearts - Instructions at

You know that saying that little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice? That’s what inspired these molded sugar hearts, perfect for Valentine’s Day, baby showers, or other special occasions. Molded sugar hearts are easy to make and can be fun addition to spice up your regular coffee or tea routine. To start, you’ll need superfine sugar*, a bit of water, food coloring, and a heart-shaped mold. *Tip: If you already have regular granulated sugar in the house, just run it {Read More}

Wine to help you keep your resolutions #IC #FlightSongResolutions


I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Brancott Estate Flight Song. I received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for my participation. We’re two weeks into 2015, which means more than 75% of people that made resolutions have probably already broken them. For those that are still on the wagon of watching their waistline (or those that just like to make healthy choices no matter what time of year), Brancott Estate has {Read More}

A Long-Overdue Morning Reset (and some major news)


This morning was exactly the kind of reset I needed. Levi woke up at 6:30am like normal. I told him it was too early to be awake, so he grabbed his Elsa blanket and laid (mostly) quietly on the couch until 7am. Then he woke me up for real. He requested a bowl of cereal with no milk for breakfast and a show to watch, per our usual weekday morning routine. Except this morning is different. Today, Levi and I {Read More}

Minneapolis No Pants Subway Ride: What To Expect


Thinking about participating in the 2015 Minneapolis No Pants Subway Ride? Here’s what to expect. First, a bunch of normal looking people meet at a designated location to ride the light rail (you’ve probably noticed we don’t have subways in MN.) Don’t show up pantsless, please – it’s cold, and it ruins the improv element of the event. AFTER you get on the light rail and go down a couple stops, THEN everyone drops their pants. The improv leader will let {Read More}

Banishing Dry Air With The Holmes Smart Humidifier


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Holmes Products. All opinions are 100% mine. I live in Minnesota. The winter weather here is frigid and dry. And I don’t mean just a little uncomfortably freezing and frigid. I mean full on, polar vortex, cracking skin, frostbit fingers, bloody noses because it’s so cold all the moisture has been sucked out of the air dry.  Yeah, I live here.  Voluntarily.  Thankfully, there are companies like Holmes® that make {Read More}

Set a Santa Command on the Droid Turbo #DroidHolidays #VZWBuzz


One of my favorite features of the Droid Turbo is the ability to set a custom voice prompt using Moto Voice. Since Christmas is less than 2 days away and Levi is finally old enough to “get” the whole Santa thing, I thought it would be fun to set up a fun Santa surprise for the next time he tries to grab my phone without asking. How to set a Santa Voice Command on the Droid Turbo In the video {Read More}

Preschool Activity: Paper Straw Necklace

Paper Straw Necklace Preschool Activity

I wasn’t a fan of paper straws until I discovered this cut and string necklace activity with Levi. It allows preschool kids to practice their cutting skills, pincer grasp (important for writing), pattern recognition, and hand-eye coordination during stringing. The great thing about using paper straws is that they’re inexpensive and provide resistance so your child gets some deep muscle stimulation while cutting them. We found these at the dollar store in a several festive designs, and used ribbon as {Read More}

Tastes Like A Treat, Cleans Like A Toothbrush #ChewsWisely #MilkBone


We treat our dog Dany like a member of our family. She sleeps under the covers with me at night. She joins us for family activities. She even has her own stocking hung up alongside the kids’ over the fireplace. Now, just like our kids, she has to earn her presents from Santa by being a good puppy, which includes minding her manners and brushing her teeth*. Don’t worry, we don’t expect her to brush them herself. After all, it’s {Read More}

The Cadillac Of Strollers: Chicco Activ3


You know that feeling when you test drive a car that’s way better than the one you own? That’s kind of how I felt the first time I took Levi for a jog in the Chicco Activ3 – it’s like the Cadillac of strollers. I admit – before I had kids, I didn’t think anyone needed a stroller for a 4 year old. Because once they learn how to walk, you’re golden, right? Yeah, riiiiiight. Parenting is never that easy. {Read More}

An awesome iPhone alternative: Huawei Ascend Mate2


You guys know I love checking out new phones. In fact, I have 3 different ones in my laptop bag right now. Meet the Huawei Ascend Mate2: ​This smartphone is Huawei’s latest offering for the US, and features a massive 6.1″ display screen. That’s even bigger than my Galaxy Note3. It looks and feels a lot like an iPhone, but the Mate2 comes with a couple features that will rock your socks: It’s completely unlocked. That means you can choose {Read More}