Dear Baby – Ultrasound Today!

Dear Baby, I’m amazingly excited to see you on the ultrasound this afternoon. In less than 4 hours, I’ll get to look at you and feel even more connected than I already do. Every time I get a glimpse of you, my heart melts a little bit more. I can’t wait to find out if you’re a boy or a girl, just so I can feel like I know you a little better. Either way, I know you’ll be beautiful {Read More}

Looking back to look forward

I’m sitting on the couch tonight, watching VH1’s 100 Greatest Songs of the 90’s instead of cleaning, and reminiscing about back in the day when I originally heard all these songs on the radio. Baby is kicking away, which is making me think about what lies ahead. It’s amazing how quickly a song can bring back a memory – the sights, the smells, or best of all, the emotions that went with a particular past event or time. There are {Read More}

Custom Bracelet Giveaway

Last week I met up with my friend Kristen, who makes FABULOUS beaded jewelry. I had a chance to preview some of her work-in-progress, and also see first-hand some of the items she currently has available on her Etsy shop. I’m a fan of all of her work, but I really fell in love with her new wire crocheted bracelets. The intricate wire looping and beautiful bead colors can compliment any outfit. The clasps are surprisingly easy to put on, {Read More}

Made it to Missouri & Back

This past weekend I took a trip to Missouri for my friend Melanie’s bachelorette party and bridal shower. Excited though I was about the trip, I was also a little nervous (ok, I was completely freaked out), since the last time I took a plane trip, I had a miscarriage while on vacation. Thursday night I left Minneapolis. Thankfully I had direct flights both ways, and I’m not afraid of flying, just a little superstitious. I had an ass of {Read More}

Readjusting My Perspective

I still have morning sickness. It’s greatly improved since the first trimester, but it’s still there, making me feel crappy and uncomfortable and sick. Work sucks. I’m bored with my job, and I’d much rather be daydreaming about my baby and what he or she might look like, or researching what baby items are the best, or even just thinking up names. I get frustrated easily with people. Things that I used to be able to brush off now make {Read More}

My Bump Has More Game Than I Do

I’m 16 weeks along now, and definitely have a little bump. Some days I’m excited to notice. It’s kind of a pregnancy calling card or badge of honor – look at me, I’m pregnant! After all, it’s really the first tangible way for others to tell you’re pregnant. This past weekend, my husband and I did a round of visits to family and friends. I gotta say, I wasn’t quite prepared for the reactions I got from them. On Saturday, {Read More}

It’s been a while…

I’ve been avoiding this blog for two reasons: #1 – I was EXTREMELY worried about having another miscarriage. Call me superstitous, but I was worried that blogging about my pregnancy might be bad luck. #2 – I’m not always near a computer when I think of something great to blog about. Thankfully, I’ve made it through my first trimester safe and sound. My baby’s heartbeat is strong and the doc says everything is progressing well. Jason (my husband) and I {Read More}

Attachment and Another Week

I’m officially one week past the date of my previous miscarriage! Emotionally, I’m doing ok. I mean, I have my hormonal moments (like yesterday when I got VERY attached to a stuffed penguin that was soft and baby-size), but what pregnant woman doesn’t? The hard part now is making sure I do everything right. There’s all this stuff you’re not supposed to do or use: saunas, hot tubs, certain acne cream, etc.. And of course there’s still the fear that {Read More}

6 Weeks, 5 Days

I waited until today to start my blog for one very important reason: This is my second pregnancy – my first ended in miscarriage on this very day, just over two months ago. My husband and I started TTC in Feb of 2009. We weren’t trying very hard – more like not trying NOT to get pregnant. Each month that it didn’t happen, I’d add something new – like tracking my temp, using an ovulation predictor kit, etc… After trying {Read More}