On Being A Quitter

Sometimes I feel like a failure for being a quitter.


Then I realize that I’m not superwoman, I don’t have magic undies or special powers, and it’s totally ok to not be everything to everyone at every time.


I said it.

And I’m ok with being a quitter sometimes.

Quitting This Past Weekend

Like this past weekend. I decided to try one of those low-carb, low-sugar diets because “keto” and “paleo” seem to be all the rage.

And maybe because I saw a photo of myself in a swimsuit from a recent trip that lit a bit of a proverbial fire under my ass to lose some weight.

Wanna guess how long I was able to stick to this so-called diet?

10 hours.

10 frickin’ hours before I was eyeing a can of Pringles the same way I oogle Ryan Gosling’s abs. Except unlike that washboard stomach, potato chips hang out in my kitchen and before I knew it, I was stuffing my face with a few.

I could have chalked it up to lesson about diets being dumb and I should eat sensibly and exercise and yada yada yada, but I decided to look at the experience a little differently.

In plain view was a more obvious lesson – my self-control lasted a whopping 600 minutes.

When it comes to diets, I am a quitter.

Quitting In General

My trend of quitting has a history much longer than giving up on diets. I failed at Nutrisystem, I failed at those yucky Weight Watcher shakes, and I’m sure I’ll fail at something new later this year.

I’ve also been a quitter when it comes to¬†other things. I used to do more art. I used to (at least attempt to) pole dance. I used to hang out more with my friends.

All those things are still important to me, but I haven’t done them in a while. Does that make me

Does that make me a quitter? Honestly, I’m not sure. Maybe I am. Or maybe I just need to re-ignite my passion and actually get off my ass to do something.

Like this blog post. Yeah, I’m technically sitting on my ass while I’m writing it, but at least I’m writing and getting some words down after being in a bit of a writing funk lately.

And the big mess in the living room. I quit organizing a bunch of paperwork for the night because cleaning is boring and I was over it, but I know later I’ll have to head back there and finish it because my accountant says she won’t touch my taxes unless I have some semblance of organization going on with my business documents. More importantly, if I don’t finish cleaning in there, my dog will be a jerk and start eating those important documents and then I’ll really be screwed.

So yeah, sometimes I’m a quitter. But I’m working on it.

Image credit: Jon Aslund on Flickr

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