My Son Is A Whacker

Yes, my son is a whacker. Or at least he’s trying to be one.

Mostly he’s been practicing on the dogs. But sometimes he does it where he’s supposed to:


The Whacky Ball from B. toys has 4 brightly colored balls and a hammer that squeaks. The object is to whack the balls into the openings at the top, then watch them zig and zag down to the bottom. It’s pretty fun, and when you hit the balls into the holes, it makes a really satisfying smacking sound.



Levi loves balls, so he had a great time playing with this toy. He doesn’t quite have enough coordination to whack the balls hard enough to get them to drop through the openings, but he seemed to have fun trying. I like that this toy makes it a little bit challenging for him so he can figure it out on his own.


The B. Whacky Ball is great toddler height. When Levi’s standing, it’s at a nice level for him to try to lift the plastic mallet up to whack at the balls.


Since Levi couldn’t hit the balls hard enough to get them through the opening, he lined them up on top for me and then I helped him hit them into the toy. Shortly after I took this photo, he realized he could take the balls AND the mallet and chase around JD, who you can see in the background here.

B. toys have two features that really stand out to me:

  1. The use unique colors you don’t find everywhere. The colors and patterns stand out and it’s not just another toy that you’ve seen a million other places.
  2. They really try to minimize their environmental impact. From using soy-based inks to recyclable packaging and designing toys so they have multiple uses, B. really does make an effort to be eco-friendly.

The B. Whacky Ball is available at Target for $15.99. B. has a wide range of other great toddler toys that make great gifts for birthdays or everyday occasions.


  1. That looks way cool! I love the colors. My twins would love whacking each other.

  2. This would be nice for my older one to do the whacking and the younger one to enjoy watching! Neat toy!

  3. That’s a really cute toy – like whack-a-mole at home! 🙂

  4. This toy looks entertaining, but my 3yr would probably wack the other kids up side the head instead.

  5. Melissa pezza says:

    This looks like such a cute toy. I need to check it out. Nice price too!

  6. I love seeing product reviews of toys with kids playing with them! I thought this was a much smaller toy when I looked at the stock photo, but seeing your little guy with it shows it’s much more substantial than what I thought. Good to know because my little one is getting to the age where he’d love a toy like this! And you’re right; what is it with little boys and thwacking things?? 🙂

  7. That’s a cool looking product! It would probably be great for my 11 month old son. His favorite hobby seems to be banging toys on things. >.<

  8. Oh how they love toys that make noise

  9. I love B. toys! And my son is also a whacker, sometimes with vehemence.

  10. My grandson is a whacker, too! haha! He would love a toy like this. He has a little yellow baseball bat he likes to take around and hit things with.

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