Minnesota Ice Daze is coming to Grand View Lodge

Looking for something fun the whole family can enjoy this winter?

Minnesota Ice Daze is coming to Grand View Lodge January 30th – Feb 1.


Located in Central Minnesota in the Brainerd Lakes area, Grand View Lodge offers guests all-in-one getaways that are fun for the whole family.

MN Ice Daze is a weekend dedicated to outdoor winter fun. Guests of Grand View Lodge will be able to participate in a guest-only fishing derby, ice olympics, snow sculpture contest, and much more. If you’re staying the full weekend, you can also join in the snowmobile poker run and Superbowl party on Sunday.

Be sure to download the full 2014 Ice Daze schedule to prepare for your visit.

Don’t forget – the resort still offers all of their regular amenities for guests, like the indoor pool & water slide, skiing & snowmobiling, sleigh rides, and Glacial Waters spa.

In addition to the main lodge rooms, Grand View Lodge offers cabins, suites, villas, and cottages for rental.



  1. Wow, that place is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. As someone who grew up in the desert, all of those cold-weather activities sound LOVELY! &That place looks beautiful, too!

  3. We lived in Wisconsin for years and I never visited Minnesota until after I moved to North Carolina–how sad is that?! This sounds like a really fun event and that lodge looks like a beautiful place to stay!

  4. Wow! This place looks amazing and I would love to visit! Perhaps a future family vacation destination? Thanks for the post 🙂

  5. This sounds really fun. We have an outdoor winter fest coming that we go to every year!

  6. What a great winter weekend getaway!! The place looks gorgeous! Perhaps I can convince hubby we need a weekend away!

  7. This place is soooo pretty!!! I would love to visit there!

  8. beautiful!!! wish they had something like that near me :)!

  9. that’s an awesome entrance.

  10. That lodge is absolutely gorgeous! I love all the winter amenities, especially as the parent of a child who has snow running through her veins part of the year, and salt water the remaining 6 months!

  11. Looks like a great place to be in the cold! Love winter activities! The Ice Olympics sound like a great time!

  12. What a gorgeous place!

  13. What a cool place! I’ll look into it if we ever visit Minnesota. I have been wanting to take my kids somewhere that has snow so they can go sledding. We hardly ever get enough snow for fun in NC.

  14. I would love to see all the snow sculptures. That would be crazy amounts of cool!

  15. I am loving all the events & activities that you can do at the resort. Definitely makes me feels like I’m getting more bang for my buck!

  16. Looks like a great spot for a family vacation. I wish we were closer! My kids would go nuts over the indoor pool.

  17. Wow, it looks amazing! If/When I visit Minnesota I’m definitely staying there!

  18. That place is BEAUTIFUL! I’d love the sleigh ride!

  19. WOW, if I am ever in Minnesota!!

  20. This resort looks amazing! I wish I can go!

  21. That looks so beautiful! I would definitely love to spend a weekend there.

  22. Wow! Is that a photo of the lodge? It looks beautiful. I want to stay there!

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