Maytag Kitchen Makeover!

I’ve been talking up my new Maytag kitchen appliances for a while now. I found out earlier this summer that I was chosen as one of the Maytag Dependable Moms, and now my amazing appliances are finally here!!

Maytag Oven

My new oven is amazing. For one, it’s completely clean (woot!!) and it has a 5th burner. Since I like to cook in big batches on weekends to make freezer meals, this is such a benefit to me. And even though it’s slightly smaller than my old oven as far as width goes, it actually has MORE cooking space inside.

It even has convection baking, which is new to me. I had to ask a friend what that meant. Marta told me that there’s a fan inside that circulates the heat to ensure even cooking. Awesome.

Maytag Fridge

My new fridge is definitely the focal point of my kitchen now. For one, it’s gigantic, but in a really good way. This is my first time having a French-door refrigerator and I’m totally in love. It can store almost anything. If I thought I the shelves could hold my weight, I’d totally climb in there to prove it.

Maytag Fridge Inside

I’ve never been able to store a full gallon of milk in the refrigerator door. With this Maytag fridge, I can actually fit TWO GALLONS in the door. I don’t drink much milk though, so I just buy half gallons for myself and Levi, and Mike’s milk goes in the door.

I thought that the icemaker would take up a lot of space, but there’s still tons of room for everything. In fact, this photo shows it fairly empty since I haven’t been grocery shopping in a while.

That’s not all the room, though. There’s a special easy-access drawer that offers ADDITIONAL storage space.

Maytag Fridge Drawer

It’s great for Mike and I because it’s already divided, so we can tell who’s groceries are who’s. (My eggs are on the right, his are in the middle.) Levi really likes it because it’s about the same height that he is, so I normally have lots of fresh fruit in there for him to reach in and grab for a snack.

Maytag Freezer Drawer

The bottom-mount freezer is awesome for my roommate situation, too. Both the bottom section and the pull-out drawer are already divided in half, which makes it easy for Mike and I to keep our groceries separate.

I feel like a real grown-up now that I own such fancy appliances. Maytag has been offering dependable kitchen appliances for over 100 years – my mom had Maytag, my grandma had Maytag, and now I do, too. Even though the company has been around forever, they’re totally hip to the social media scene. They answer customer questions and offer household tips on both their Facebook and Twitter pages.

I’m still working on getting a new countertop and cabinetry to go around my Maytag dishwasher. Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated on that project and any other kitchen destruction I blame on Maytag along the way 🙂

I wrote this post participating in an Maytag Moms Dependable Kitchen Ambassador program by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Maytag. I was provided with a Maytag kitchen appliances set, including a refrigerator, dishwasher, and range to facilitate my post.


  1. Wow! You are one of a heaven very lucky blogger what with that kitchen appliances set that others could only envy about! Congratulations!

  2. Hi there! I’m excited to be your newest follower! I was hoping you’d hop on by my blog and return the favor!


  3. I definitely need a fridge like that! Our old one is way too cramped and I don’t like a top freezer.

  4. Lindsay Lee says:

    Wow those look awesome!!! We are redoing our kitchen right now and need some new appliances so thanks to your awesome pictures I am going to be sure and check out the Maytag appliances. I really want a bottom freezer like you have!

  5. What a lucky blogger! lol
    Seriously though, the fridge and stove look amazing. I especially really like the stove…would love to have one like that. The fridge sounds fantastic, but we don’t own our own house and giant fridges are miserable to move (we own an old one that is giant and have had to move it several times). Ah well, a girl can dream, right? 🙂

  6. Lori Trezza says:

    Wow I love it! We really need a new fridge since we are always hunting for space on grocery day with our old fridge!! Beautiful!

  7. Wow this refrigerator has a ton of storage space. I wish I had room for a enormous refrigerator. If I could afford to remodel the whole kitchen, then I would buy a BIG Maytag!

  8. A French door fridge is on my fantasy wish list! We’re a family of 9 with a 17 cu. ft. fridge and so this post causes me serious fridge envy, lol! When I get sick of my fridge I just remind myself of when we were so poor we didn’t have a fridge and we kept our perishables in a cooler with ice. Enjoy your appliances!!

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