Lulu B Cocktails Pair Well With Indulgence

The back of the Lulu B Chocolate Martini bottle says “Pairs well with…Indulgence.” I took that literally.

Cocktail Bath

Yup, they were totally right. A martini and a hot bath were exactly the indulgence I needed.

Plus, it was pretty guilt-free at only 48 calories per serving.

I tried both the margarita and the chocolate martini flavors. I normally don’t like chocolate martinis because they’re heavy and syrup-y, but this doesn’t have any heavy cream or liqueurs – just yummy vodka and chocolate notes. Kristen from Thrifty And Fit even gave it two thumbs up (not in the bathtub, of course).

I definitely preferred the margarita flavor, though. Even though each serving was only 38 calories, it had a great balance of tequila, lime, and just a hint of saltiness. I wouldn’t recommend adding a salt rim for this one if you’re looking to dress up your glasses – the mix already has a hint of saltiness, so a rim on the glass would be a bit of overkill.

Lulu B is true to their claim of guiltless indulgence. I really like that they use all natural flavors, and I can’t wait to try their Mojito next time I stop by the liquor store.

What’s your favorite cocktail indulgence?


  1. They sound delicious! I’m gonna have to look for these during my next daily…I mean, weekly run to the liquor store. 🙂

  2. Hm… This sounds yummy! I may have to go in search of that chocolate martini.

  3. Jessica P. says:

    They sound so good! I’ve never had a martini in any flavor!

  4. amanda roach says:

    yes please

  5. This sounds like it would be a great drink cold! And I like that there is not a lot of calories!

  6. angela dupree says:

    All of these sound great.

  7. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    The chocolate martini sounds ideal. I love chocolate and this has few calories – unlike Kahlua,etc.

  8. Christy Maurer says:

    In the winter I’m constantly taking tea in the tub with me, so this would be a nice change…maybe for fall, spring, and summer! 🙂

  9. OMG, this is going to be my most favorite beverage. I am so against Aspertame, NutriSweet and all of those other chemical killers and when I saw that these are sweetened with Steevia…..Ah I’m in love!

  10. Tammy Greenbury says:

    Just what the Doctor ordered!!!

  11. Sounds like a good way to destress 😉

  12. Alecia H. says:

    Those sound good at such low calories! Going to have to try them all! lol!

  13. Now, this is the way to end a day!

  14. Sara Campbell says:

    These sound delicious, especially the mojito one. Are they better than the Skinnygirl cocktails? The Skinnygirl ones are a little on the strong side as far as taste. I would like to try the chocolate martini one as well as the mojito.

  15. OMG that looks absolutely delightful! I really wish we had a bath tub in our house (shower only as the last tenants were handicapped) because that would TOTALLY be on my agenda tonight. I’m thinking I would try the Mojito flavor. Bliss in a bottle 🙂

  16. Those sound yummy! I have never tried a chocolate martini before..I would like too!

  17. It all sounds wonderful…and for more than a couple times a week! lol

  18. Sherry Compton says:

    Can’t wait to try these. My daughter is always making lower calorie drinks for us…many she just makes up as she goes but she does love Hungry Girl’s margarita recipe.

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