Looking Both Ways: Preventative Measures for Kids

As part of Child Safety Month, I’ve opened up my site for guest posts on how to keep our kids safe. Today’s post on preventative measures for kids comes from Austin Kelly of Deventory.com.

Child Safety Sign

As children, we are taught to look both ways before crossing the street. These minor maxims are, in turn, handed down to our own children.

This principle doesn’t just apply to children or only to crossing roads. And it’s about more than traffic accidents – this principle can be used to help prevent accident and injury in the home.

How? When we teach our children to look both ways before crossing the street they are actually being trained to spot accidents before they happen. So when children grow up and become parents themselves, they need to be well trained to see and spot accidents before they happen to their own little ones.

The following is a list of some ways to prevent your kids from being hurt in your own home:

-Make sure that all sinks, bathtubs, and washing tanks are firmly attached to the wall or ground so that they cannot be easily tipped over by a child.

-Install a carbon monoxide detector in your home.

-If your child has a toy chest, ensure that it has air holes and hinges that allow it to close slowly.

-Be sure that all electrical outlets are covered when not in use.

-Cover exposed cords and replace any frayed lines or wires.

-Place pots and pans on the stove so that the handles are pointing toward the center of the stove.

-Make sure the smoke detectors in your home are functioning. Replace the batteries once a year.

-Keep at least one fire extinguisher in the home and make sure that anyone of age knows how to use it properly.

-Your iron, and its cord, should be stored out of the child’s reach.

These are but a few of the key hazards that parents should be aware of and teach their children to look out for. Remember the principle of looking both ways before crossing the road.

It is impossible to list and think of every conceivable accident. Keep that principle in mind and you’ll be better able to spot an accident before it happens. Remember what they say, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" -Benjamin Franklin


Austin Kelly is the founder Denventory, an easy to use web application for creating and maintaining a home inventory. Denventory makes it easy to add items, descriptions, photos, and other useful information about your stuff. Wouldn’t you rather be prepared before tragedy strikes?


  1. This is so very true and often times we may forget the “small things”, such as the toy chest! Thank you for posting this. We should all be more aware of our surroundings whether it be outside or in the home.

  2. These tips are really good to know!

  3. Thomas Murphy says:

    great tips and advice, this is very important. Thank you

  4. this was extremely insightful!!! thanks a bunch !!

  5. this is great

  6. Carole Ingram says:

    Awesome reminders for all of us mommies! I have my fire alarms hard wired into our home so that we never have to worry about dead batteries 🙂

  7. jamie tucker says:

    thank you for all the tips. i didn’t even think about checking his toy box!

    tuckersaver at hotmail dot com

  8. Just passed a smoke detector that needs a new battery as I came in here to read. Good reminder to get that puppy back up with a fresh battery! 🙂

  9. Good reminder about smoke detector batteries!

  10. Excellent article and very crucial tips to remember. Just wondering if they have the “Mr. Yuk” stickers around any longer. In the days when my children were growing up, they had not yet invented the latches that they put on cabinet doors these days. So, we used the Mr. Yuk stickers on items that were harmful for our children. It was a large green sticker with the words “Yuk” and I believe a frown written in big black letters. We instructed the children what the stickers meant and thankfully I never had any incidents occur within my home. Of course, dangerous items such as drain cleaners, etc. were kept up high away from menacing little hands, and only kept the soaps and scrub pads under the sink. As you quotation states, one can never be too safe when it comes to prevention of harm to you or your family. Thanks for the great article.

  11. Michelle F. says:

    Great information. WIll be bookmarking it.

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