Giveaway: Little Tikes Backyard Barbecue Grill Play Set

Levi loves to cook with me in the kitchen, so it’s no surprise that’s one of his favorite pretend play activities, too.


Little Tikes has long been a go-to brand in our house for encouraging Levi to use his imagination. In fact, the dollhouse I bought him a couple years ago is a classic Little Tikes model. Their play sets are open-ended and encourage pretend play, which is something I can really get behind.

Levi also has a Little Tikes play kitchen, so we already had plenty of play food on hand when they sent me the Backyard Barbecue™ Get Out ‘n’ Grill set. It’s a kid’s version of a classic grill that can be used inside or outside. If you don’t already have play food at your house, don’t worry. The grill comes with a hamburger, hot dog, buns, and play utensils. It even includes a (play) bottle of ketchup.


The great thing about this play set is that it’s relatively small and compact. You can use the cabinet under the grill for storage space, which makes it really easy for Levi to help with clean up time. He knows that all of the food and accessories need to get put away when we’re done playing. Little_Tikes_Grill_Storage_Play

You can find the Little Tikes toy grill barbecue set online or at most major toy retailers like Toys R Us, Target, and Walmart. It retails for about $39.99 and is a great value if you’re looking for a compact play kitchen type of toy. It’s also a great expansion for an existing toy kitchen set, or as a freestanding outdoor toy (though for obvious safety reasons, don’t put it anywhere near your real outdoor grill.)

Win It

One lucky reader will win their very own Little Tikes Backyard Barbecue™ Get Out ‘n’ Grill play set!

To enter, just complete the easy Rafflecopter form below.

Giveaway ends Friday, August 16, 2013. Open to US residents only.

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Disclosure: Little Tikes sent me a gift code to purchase the barbecue play set for myself (well, for Levi). All opinions are my own.


  1. Race loves to cook on his sister’s play stove all the time,and he also helps his daddy on the real grill.He would love one of his own to play with.

  2. Angela Bowen says:

    My son loves to play like he owns a restaurant…

  3. Dena Sablotny says:

    She likes to play restaurant.

  4. I love little tikes toys! They are so durable, and opens up the world of imagination for the wee ones.

  5. Heather Smith says:

    My children, Jackson 4 and Julianne 2. Love cook like daddy. They would adore this little grill!!

  6. sarah banes says:

    This is so darn cute, my son loves to help me cook and would just love this 🙂

  7. This would be great for our new kids room at church. They love playing with the old kitchen set!

  8. Amanda Olson-Laurette says:

    My son loves pretend play, and would really enjoy “cooking” with this!

  9. Tiffany M says:

    I have been looking to get one of these for my little guy. He loves to watch his daddy use the ‘outdoor stove'(I have no idea where he got that from). Plus his sisters love to play restaurant and always make him the cook. 🙂

  10. My nephew would love this! He loves to play like he is cooking! I know his twin sister is getting a kitchen for Christmas so this would be great to give him so he has his own little space to cook!!

  11. Heidi Daily says:

    My daughter loves to cook, and has seen this grill in the store and has asked for it. If we won it I would have to get her the shish-kabob set, as that is her favorite food on the grill.

  12. Laura Miller says:

    My kids would love to pretend to cook out just like Daddy! Since I’m expecting Daddy will be cooking a lot soon!

  13. laura buysse says:

    my boys love watching daddy grill and always want to “help” this way they can grill right with daddy!

  14. Megan loves to help cook and is always asking to help us when we grill, so I know she’d love playing with the Little Tykes Grill!

  15. JustCorey says:

    My sons currently use their tool table as a ‘grill’ and use whatever they can find as ‘food’ – it is quite creative, so creative in fact that I am not sure what they are making and can only say ‘it’ is yummy until they tell me what it is. “I’d love to have an actual play kitchen or grill for them

  16. melissa leyh says:

    my children love to help mommy cook, so they would love this pretend set:)

  17. Terry Cover says:

    Cool , Grandson and his neighbor would sure love palaying with this

  18. Chelsea s. says:

    My daughter loves to watch her dad grill I think this would be a safer option when hr it’s outside doing it

  19. Jessica O says:

    My husband and dad do competition BBQ so my daughter loves all things BBQ related! 🙂

  20. Katie Gerlach says:

    My youngest, Claire, Loves to play kitchen and chef all the time with her older brother and sister. Would love to win this so that they can share and not all have to crowd the tiny little kitchen set we have.

  21. Jennifer says:

    Evan loves cooking with me and helping get food ready.

  22. Michelle R says:

    He would love to grill alongside daddy! Right now he is stuck with his sister’s cupcake kitchen.

  23. My son would LOVE this because he always helps his papa BBQ!

  24. My girls love to cook. This would be great for them!

  25. Christina Lunsford says:

    My little Izzy loves to help her father and Ibwith everything we do. When I’m in the kitchen making a meal, she’s always under foot. The buger is her favorite thing to eat, so this grill blow her away!

  26. My daughter LOVES “helping” daddy when he grills out. I know she would love having her own mini grill (and help teach her baby brother how to grill as well) 🙂

  27. Cassandra Huber says:

    My little man loves to do everything we do, but he really loves to imitate his “Papa,” my dad. I could see him grilling out side by side with his Papa, although a bit of a distance away from the real grill.

  28. What an adorable gift for my two daddys boys! Four and two. Daddy grilps e ery nighg and now they could too!

  29. Elizabeth says:

    My son loves to be involved, and do everything we are doing!

  30. My son is an amazing little helper in the kitchen, he would go gaga over his own grill set.

  31. Jamie Craig says:

    I have 3 kids that would absolutely love this grill! A friend of theirs had one and they always played with it at her house. When she moved a couple weeks ago I had searched high and low to buy them one (totally had a brainfart about Little Tikes online store) every place I checked was sold out or they didn’t have any because it was a “summer” item. Umm I thought August was a summer month…

  32. Elizabeth Godschalx Wisniewski says:

    My boys love to play restaurant, and bring me play food so I know they would love to have one of these!

  33. My niece Mara would love to have this to play with because she loves to help me cook.

  34. Jenny Lloyd says:

    my boys love to “help” their dad grill so i know they would love “cooking” on their very own grill

  35. The boys love to watch their Dad grill so I’m sure they’d love to pretend to grill right next to him (and maybe even stop giving me a heart attack with how close they get to the real grill!)

  36. My little girls would love this!

  37. Linda Heyde says:

    My husband grills about 4 days a week and when our grandson is here he wants to help. This would be fun to set up near “papa” so he can grill with him.

  38. Jillian Tyre says:

    My son has to have everything his dad has. He takes his tools, his mower, his weedeater, and now that we’re doing a lot of grilling, he’s trying to take my kitchen utensils. He needs his own grill!

  39. Karen English says:

    My oldest grandson who is almost 4 loves to watch his dad cook, so this would be great.

  40. My daughter has a play kitchen set at her grandma’s that she LOVES. She also enjoys watching her daddy cook on the grill. This seems like a perfect toy for that combination!

  41. My daughter loves to help daddy grill so this would be perfect for her!

  42. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    Mine love to “help” dad grill, so I know he’d have fun with this.

  43. Shirisha Prodduturi says:

    My daughter loves to pretend to cook. So This would be awesome.

  44. Abbie Olson says:

    My children both love to pretend they are mommy or daddy, so this would be a fun toy to put on the porch for them!

  45. My daughter loves to help my husband cook & he’s a griller. She’d love to be just like her daddy with this grill set!

  46. Nicky K-B says:

    My little man loves to do anything his mama does, so, he would love this set!

  47. christine k. says:

    My toddler LOVES imitating my husband, so it would be nice for him to have his own (safe!) grill 🙂

  48. My son has begun copying everything Daddy does. He would love to copy Daddy on the grill!

  49. Christina says:

    my kids would love this because they all love to pretend to cook with the play kitchen, but I think they’d love getting to pretend grill like daddy too. the play kitchen is my daughters favorite toy

  50. My son would love love love this! He loves watching his Daddy grill!

  51. My son love to play “kitchen” he loves to play cook and help me really cook. He could spend all day just doing that!

  52. Kali Cloutier says:

    My two boys have an old hand-me-down kitchen set (which is basically missing everything that can conceivably be removed) and they absolutely love it. They still play with that thing more than any of their other toys! I think they’d love this as a replacement.

  53. My geekling LOVES to help me cook. When she’s not playing doctor, she’s mixing bowls and frying up things in her own little frying pan. (Some old house hold items) She loves to go help her daddy when he starts up the grill, so this would be wonderful for her to have a grill of her own to cook us up some goodies.

  54. My son loves playing in the kitchen, too! And we haven’t been able to afford a play kitchen for him yet, so this grill would be awesome for him!

  55. Karen English says:

    My grandsons love to watch Daddy cook on the grill, so they would love this.

  56. Barbara LaGrandier says:

    My little on was born at 26 weeks gestation and she needs lots of encouragement to play, learn, catch up.

  57. Karen English says:

    I really like your interview with Mr. Grey. It gave us some insight into your relationship and I think he is perfect for you. I hope you two have a very happy future.

  58. My kids love pretending to make me meals and I always have to pretend eat all of it over and over and over and over again.

  59. Ashley Brunts says:

    My kids is OBSESSED WITH COOKING! He would ADORE this!

  60. Laura Heitkamp says:

    My daughter has a Little Tykes playhouse in the backyard that she has named “Mac and Cheese Steak” (which happens to be named after her most favorite local food cart) that she serves food at. What she does now is take all of her kitchen play food from her bedroom to the backyard to play in her pretend wheeled restaurant. So honestly, having this outside would just streamline the process and I’d get my very own delicious plastic lunch delivered to me much faster 😉

  61. My son’s favorite area in school is in the kitchen. He says when he grows up that he wants to be a “cooker.” This is the toy for him.

  62. My niece loves to help me cook. She mimics my every move in the kitchen. This would be perfect for her

  63. My niece loves to help me cook. She mimics my every move in the kitchen. This would be perfect for her

  64. christina says:

    My nephew would love this because he’s always wanting to help people when they are cooking.

  65. My daughter would love to be able to grill just like her daddy.

  66. They’d like it because it resembles grilling which is something we do often. There’s so much play food they could grill with. Thanks.

  67. My kids would love the Little Tikes Backyard Barbecue Grill because they love pretend and they could take turns grilling and serving each other.

  68. lesley boettger says:

    My daughter would love this!

  69. Ayden loves to just help me with anything. no matter what it is, he is right there with me.

  70. lesley boettger says:

    My daughter would love this because she loves to try to help daddy and her uncle when they are grilling.

  71. sarah issac says:

    My son loves pretend cooking too, and also really enjoys it when we BBQ!

  72. My son loves to help cook in the kitchen and admiring the grill during our summer cookouts. He would love a pretend grill to flip burgers next to me.

  73. Nicole B says:

    My daughter really loves to watch me cook. I would love to get her something where she could be the cook!

  74. they would lvoe to grill alongside dad

  75. Carolyn S says:

    Corinne is always trying to cook and bake in her play kitchen, this would be a great addition for her.

  76. Melissa B. says:

    We do a lot of grilling at our family get togethers, so I know my nephew would enjoy being part of that in his own way.

  77. April Brenay says:

    my boys love to act just like their daddy, they would love to pretend to grill

  78. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

    The grandkids could cook like grandpa does when they are here
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  79. Trisha W. says:

    My daughter would love this because she is HIGHLY into creative play. A couple of my littler boys would enjoy this too.

  80. My grandson likes to “help” me cook when he visits. I’m sure he would love to play and pretend with this.

  81. Melissa O. says:

    My boys love pretend play especially when they can be like daddy

  82. My daughter would love this!

  83. We are just starting to pretend and I know he would love to pretend to grill like daddy.

  84. I think this would be an awesome toy for Elijah because he watches me cook all the time.

  85. My girls love to play house so anything cooking related would be fantastic.

  86. Rachel V says:

    My son loves to use my daughter’s kitchen set (she hates when he gets in the way while she is cooking), so I’m sure he would love this, not to mention he loves to help his daddy grill

  87. Donna Yost says:

    Our niece would love this as she loves to imitate daddy cooking on theBBQ

  88. april willard says:

    My youngest boy Helaman’s birthday is on Friday Aug. 9th he will be 3 years old and his dad just got our first real BBQ I think he would just have so so so much fun playing with his own and being just like his daddy!

  89. emily callendar says:

    Colton likes watching his daddy make steak on the grill, Im sure he would appreciate his own cooking set

  90. my sons name is also levi lol and he loves to eat and play with food and also help me cook so this would be perfect for him!

  91. Tabitha P. says:

    My dd would like it so she could grill like dad.
    Very cute too.

  92. DD already loves helping her daddy cook, and was ecstatic when she got her play kitchen. The grill would complete it for her, since that’s obviously one of the things we’re not quite ready for her to help out on!

  93. My boys would love to play cook just like daddy!

  94. Nadene Adams says:

    I know my son would have fun with this because he is constantly stealing all the kitchen stuff like pots, pans, spatulas etc.

  95. April Brosius says:

    Max loves to be like daddy and big brother. He’d love to grill along with his dad.

  96. annette anderson says:

    My grandson wants to help his PawPaw cook outside ever time he grills so his own grill will work great for him to play with while PawPaw really grills.

  97. Stephanie McCloud says:

    My son Alfie will love playing with this while his dad makes dinner on the grill. =)

  98. Lily Ivey says:

    My little one has just started to pretend play. She was fascinated with a friend’s play kitchen so I know she would love this too.

  99. My granddaughter always watches her grandfather at the grill and imitates him so she would love this.

  100. Jessica Fortner says:

    My son loves to imitate us in the kitchen or a our family cookouts so this would be perfect.

  101. Jen Bigerton says:

    I have 2 kids that love cooking and we’re constantly finding ways to get them in the kitchen so I know they would beyond enjoy playing with this barbecue set, then they could act like “Daddy” when he cooks on the grill.

  102. Betty Baez says:

    My little guy loves to “help” daddy grill so he would love his own grill!

  103. Rochel S. says:

    My son would love to be ‘just like Daddy’!!! He would love this!

  104. My son always wants to help cook – inside or outside. This would be fun to let him grill on while we grill dinner on the “adult” grill.

  105. Lindsey D. says:

    My little girl loves to pretend to be Daddy so she would enjoy this.

  106. rebecca day says:

    my son is always trying to help me cook in the kitchen and when i bbq he would love to be able to cook along side of us

  107. My boys love to be outside when Daddy is grilling so this would be perfect for them!

  108. our son loves doing anything daddy does, so he’d love to have his own grill

  109. My 2 year old loves pretending to cook and playing with food 🙂 Plus when Daddy grills, she always wants to be outside with him trying to help, so I think they both would love having this toy out on the deck with the real grill!

  110. Janet W. says:

    My grandson gets so excited when we grill and always wants to watch my son in law do it on the deck. He would love to play with his own set and pretend he’s grilling us food, too!

  111. Both my boys love to help with dinner whenever allowed…specially when it comes to BBQ hot dogs!! so a grill would make him feel like dad!

  112. Laura Jacobson says:

    Oh Carter just loves to watch us grill outside! Last week we has playing with some rocks and pretending to make burgers on his picnic table as we were grilling! He would LOVE this! So cute!

  113. Wanda Clark says:

    My granddaughter is at the stage where she is carrying around a baby doll at all time even bathing with it. she like to play mommy and sets up tea parties. with the Little Tikes Backyard Barbecue she could continue her adventures outside or inside with all new recipes for her dolly to try.

  114. my granddaughter would love me to win this so she could pretend to cook for her brother

  115. Tiffany Mann says:

    Little kids love to imitate adults. Anything that gets the kids to copy mom & dad makes them happy.

  116. My nephew loves to do everything Poppy does. Since Poppy grills he wants to help too.

  117. Heather Swarthout says:

    My daughter is always trying to help me cook, and because she’s too little I don’t want her getting hurt. So this grill set would be perfect for her to pretend to cook while I cook dinner!

  118. My grandkids love their outdoor kitchen set I have for them, this would help them not argue over who’s in who’s way..LOL

  119. tamara serrao says:

    my grand sons would love this to pieces!!! Thank you for the chance

  120. My little guy is really startingbto enjoy pretend play. And, he loves to watch Daddy grilling. This would help foster his imagination. And he loves to do things that Mommy and Daddy do. This would really tickle him. 🙂


  121. Danielle Papsis says:

    Our daughter loves to watch Daddy cook on the grill I know she’d love to have her own to play with.

  122. My 2 daughters would love to play with this becauuse they love playing pretend cooking and pretend house. THis would also go well with their toy house. 🙂

  123. Michelle S says:

    My daughter would love this bc she loves “play cooking”

  124. melissa allen says:

    my daughters play with play food all day so they would love this!

  125. My son loves watching his dad grill out, and since there’s no way we’re letting him near the real grill, it’d be nice for him to have one of his own.

  126. Rho loves to watch her dad grill so I know she’ll love to play with this set!

  127. Tiffany Sheffey says:

    My 2.5yr Daughter loves playing kitchen beside mommy… so I know she’d love grilling oustside with daddy!

  128. They want to grill just like Daddy.

  129. amybelle2001 says:

    Her pop pop likes to grill, so she wants to emulate her grandfather.

  130. jeremy mclaughlin says:

    My nephew loves watching his daddy cook on the grill, so he would love this.

  131. tam childers says:

    son would love to grill with daddy

  132. tina reynolds says:

    My little guy loves cooking and plays with his sisters play food and kitchen would love him to have something of his own his sister gets mad at him for it.

  133. Christine Waddell says:

    My grandson loves to help his Daddy when he is grilling. This would be perfect for him!

  134. Zay loves watching his daddy cook. I know Dad and him would love to play together with this grill.

  135. Zay loves watching his daddy cook. I know Dad and him would love to play together with this grill. Hot dogs and burgers are some of their favs.

  136. Since we went camping earlier this summer my girl is fascinated with “grilling out.” I know she would have a blast with this 😉

  137. samantha s says:

    My kids have a play kitchen and they love it so much that it’s worn down. My husband is a wonderful bbq cook and the kids love watching him and pretending to bbq as well. My toddlers would definitely enjoy having their own “bbq grill” to play with.

  138. Sarah Thompson says:

    My daughter loves watching her dad grill and she likes to do everything we do so I am sure she would love this!

  139. My kids both love to play with their play kitchen, They’d love this grill so they could “help mommy make more food”!

  140. Marcia Goss says:

    My granddaughter watches her grandpa grill out on the deck. I’m sure she and my grandson would love to have their own grill!

  141. April Yedinak says:

    My daughter loves to play chef and have me be the critic. She would love to pretend to grill items.

  142. Carolyn Colley says:

    both of my grandchildren would love this, they love to pretend they are cooking, this is an awesome giveaway

  143. My sons love to help their daddy cook on the grill.

  144. Tabathia B says:

    My husband likes to think he’s a chef so my daughter helps him cook on the stove and likes to watch him cook on the grill, so I know she would enjoy “pretending” to grill when he does it

  145. Julie Lynn Bickham says:

    My daughter loves playing with her kitchen set. So this would be great for outside, it would be a great way to get her to play outside more.

  146. This would be a really fun birthday present for my niece.

  147. My grandson just started getting interested in the play toys. I have been looking at whether to get him an indoor or outdoor toy, but with winter coming in a few months in door would be perfect.

  148. Laurie Kelly says:

    Little Steven loves to do everything like Daddy, so this grill would be a perfect addition! 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  149. Leah Shumack says:

    This would be a great addition to have when the kids are playing kitchen and lemonade stand!

  150. Gigi is obsessed with all things daddy and when he “leaves” the house to grill out back, it’s torture for her. She could just join him now and grill right along with him! 🙂

  151. Vicki Hall says:

    Our 2 year loves to do whatever his dad is doing So he loves his bubble mower and I know he’d love this Thanks for the chance to win !

  152. Casey Olson says:

    he likes to play pretend

  153. Our grandson loves following his father & grandfathers around outside, and they all love to grill out in the backyard.

  154. Stephanie Larison says:

    My daughter would love this, she likes helping her dad get things ready for the grill. She’ll bring him out the food and set it on the table.

  155. Mary Withrow says:

    Abagail is just at the age where she is copying us, lol. We have a grill inside and out and it would be Awesome for her to have her own.

  156. My son would LOVE this. We grill out all the time, and I know he would love to have his own grill! 🙂

  157. He would be able to help bbq like his daddy.

  158. Jennifer Nixon says:

    My daughter Zoie is just learning pretend play. She likes to mimic people singing or talking on the phone or reading. I’m sure she’d love this.

  159. My son loves cooking, and when friends come over, they often fight since there is only one little stove. I think he’d love this grill, and so would his little friends!

  160. My youngest is always in the kitchen “cooking” with me and then helping with the dishes. She just loves being in the kitchen and doing “big kid” things. She would love to be able to “cook” unsupervised with this grill.

    boylaneely at hotmail dot com

  161. My 8 year old has autism, and I’m trying to help him learn social play with toys like this.

  162. Jenni Jones says:

    My son LOVES to help me cook and would love this in his playroom! He also has a little friend with one, and enjoys playing with it at his house!

  163. emerson loves her kitchen from little tikes, this would be great so she could grill with daddy on the back porch!

  164. My little girl would love this because she loves to pretend play.

  165. Mandy Weirick says:

    She loves to “help” me cook….I would much rather give her her own little grill to “cook” on!! Gotta love those little fingers getting into everything. I know she just wants to be a big girl though! 🙂

  166. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says:

    I would like to win this for my niece Stella. She is at that age where she is mocking what others so. I know she would enjoy playing with this.

  167. Rae Higgins says:

    Gavin, 1 1/2, loves pretend play. He vacuums with his toy vacuum, sweeps with his & our broom, and I have no doubt he would love to cook like Mom!

  168. Jennifer Marie says:

    My sons go over to their friend’s house and he has lots of little tikes kitchen and bbq toys. They love playing there and would love to have one of their own!

  169. Tanya White says:

    My little one thinks he our little chef making us lots of “yummy” pretend food, so I think He would enjoy this.

  170. My niece would love to join us on the deck for a BBQ!

  171. andrea dimario says:

    He just got a kitchen set and I would love to get him a grill set to put next to his Grampys grill on the porch

  172. my grandkids love to go to the kitchen everytime anyone does and they love to help make stuff. This would be so much fun for them to play with outside at our picnics.

  173. I want to win this for my brother-in-law’s son, Chase. His dad grills out a lot and I think he would love to be able to do it alongside him!

  174. Patty Mills says:

    Cameron wants to be just like Daddy and Grand-père. This would be great for when we are grilling out so that he can “help”. 😉

  175. Stephanie Phelps says:

    My son would love this because he is always doing what daddy does and loves to imitate dad so this would be great for him to do while his dad is bbq

  176. Natasha Rodriguez says:

    My girls love to cook and I know they would like to pretend with this! My son is only 5 months but I am sure he will love this to!

  177. Christina Graham says:

    My 3 year old loves helping Daddy grill and loves playing pretend.

  178. Arwen Peszynski says:

    Elliott loves to watch his dad cook on the grill. He would love to be able to do his own grilling!

  179. Linda Bradshaw says:

    I would love to have this. I won a little tikes kitchen set last week for my nieces and nephew. I would love to have this for them too. I know they would all enjoy playing with it.

  180. My nephew loves playing with his fake food and I think he’d really enjoy this for his birthday gift. Thanks for the chance.

  181. Ashley Morrissey says:

    Because his daddy loves barbecuing and he looks up to him!

  182. Paula Michele Hafner says:

    My son keeps wanting to help my husband when he is grilling. I know he would enjoy having his own.

  183. My son always wants to be out side and “help” his Daddy grill. He would love to grill on his own grill while daddy grills on his.

  184. My boys would have a good time with this grill!

  185. My son loves when daddy grills, but he can’t get near it and help because its so hot.. this would be perfect!

  186. Both my boys love watching their dad grill and would love to pretend to grill!

  187. Paula Tavernie says:

    Because they love to pretend with their Kitchen set and they would love to pretend to BBQ too!!

  188. Renea Pike says:

    I would love to give this as a Christmas present to my kiddos. They’ve been begging for a play kitchen for months, but we just don’t have the space to get a big one.

  189. My nephew would love this!

  190. my daughter loves to be outside with her daddy when he bbqs. It would be great for them to both be bbqing :).

  191. Luke loves to help mommy in the kitchen. This way we could both cook at the same time!

  192. Jill Myrick says:

    My son would love this because he could stand and cook at the grill with dad when we grill out. He on his grill and dad on his.


  193. Mihaela D. says:

    My daughter loves to play cook, so I know she’d love to play with her own grill set.

  194. Cassandra Eastman says:

    My son loves to watch his daddy grill so he would just love to play with this!

  195. My grandson always wants to help Poppy when he grills, so he’d love this.

  196. Lukas loves to “make” me dinner with his play toys.

  197. leah moskovitch says:

    My son would love to copy his Daddy and play grill. This would make his day

  198. I am the griller in our house, and my daughter loves to copy me. She’d get a kick out of grilling next to her mama!

  199. Claire Rheinheimer says:

    My son loves nothing more than to be outside with daddy while he’s grilling, he would love to have one of his own right next to daddy’s!

  200. This would be amazing and easy to clean for my two lil boys. They could grill just like Daddy!

  201. laurie brown says:

    My nephew would love this-that way he could grill like daddy does

  202. Both my children enjoy helping in the kitchen and like watching daddy cook at the bbq. They would love to have their own bbq!

  203. My son loves playing things like restaurant, store and school with his sisters.

  204. Victoria Carlson says:

    My nephew loves being outside no matter what he is doing! But he also loves to do anything his dad is doing and this would be perfect for him to pretend to be like dad making dinner and grilling 🙂

  205. My kids love to pretend so I’d love to win

  206. Christina C. says:

    She would love this set because she loves to hang out with her dad while he grills.

  207. Isla loves to pretend like she’s doing any sort of cooking. She’d love to have this BBQ set!

  208. Jennelle J says:

    My little man constantly wants to be where mommy and daddy are, and do what mommy and daddy do, so he can feel like a big boy, so I know he’d love this.

  209. My 3 year old loves to play with anything food related. We have a small play kitchen so the grill would be nice addition.

  210. My grandson would love this because everytime I BBQ he wants to help me out, but it’s too dangerous for him.

  211. My grandchildren have a play kitchen so I know they would love to have a BBQ set also

  212. Ashley loves to make a mess in the kitchen so she would love this.

  213. My daughter would love this to grill while her dad grills!

  214. my boys sit outside with dad grilling and wan to do it so bad, with this they can copy dad.

  215. Rebecca Lock says:

    My nieces love to “help” me grill and cook. I think they would enjoy having this to play with while “helping” me.

  216. Deborah Mireles says:

    My grandaughter loves to imitate her daddy quite a bit so I can imagine seeing the two of them there grills side by side cooking away!

  217. Laura Smith says:

    My grandson would love this, he is always trying to help Dad when he is grilling out

  218. Katie Bellamy says:

    My son can be right out there with Daddy!

  219. My daughter loves to “cook” in her play kitchen. She would have a blast being able to “grill” too just like daddy does.

  220. My son loves to watch his Dad cook on the grill, this will allow him to be just like his Dad without the heat.

  221. My grandson loves his little tikes kitchen and would love to cook on the grill like his grandpa!
    jofo120 at yahoo dot com

  222. My son loves playing outside, and this would be perfect to grill alongside daddy!!

  223. Nicole Stanke says:

    My granddaughter would love playing with this as she lovesssssssssss <3 food!!!!

  224. Candice Hull says:

    My boys love to stand outside and watch Daddy grill, so i know they would love to have this and pretend like they are daddy

  225. Susan Christy says:

    My great nephew likes to do everything his daddy does, and one of those things is grilling.

  226. Jessica Long says:

    Well I love to encourage Pretend time and it would be good If ray could cook during dinner time, that way I am free to cook non pretend food lol!

  227. My son loves to watch us grill outside– he would get a kick out of this!

  228. Karen Propes says:

    My Granddaughter would love this, her Dad just got a new grill, and she wants to cook with her Dad. This would give her a grill to herself that is fun and safe. She’s a Daddy’s girl and wants to be like Daddy, ie mowing, golf, she’s right there with him. Thanks for the chance to win.

  229. She has a toy kitchen she would love this so much

  230. My grand daughter would love it because she loves hanging out with Nana. I do plan to teach her how to cook as soon as she is old enough. Nana is not one to spoil her grand daughter…. no, no , no LOL!

  231. Great giveaway!! Thank you!

  232. susan smoaks says:

    our son would enjoy playing with the grill because he loves to pretend he is like his daddy

  233. my niece plays bakery with me all the time

  234. rene chartier says:

    My twins would love this. Little Tikes is such a wonderful creative company.
    I always like the attention to detail for the child’s imagination and pretend play.

  235. Vikki Billings says:

    My grandson loves to make believe that he is cooking stuff all the time and I think he would love this.

  236. My friend’s 2 year old loves to imitate his parents and others. He would love to barbecue with his Dad in the backyard.

  237. Our 4 year old grandson loves to help his daddy BBq so I know he would love his own!

  238. Laura Unger says:

    My son would love this because he always tries to copy what his dad is doing, and he doesn’t have a grill to use like his dad does. He loves to make “dinner” for everyone.

  239. My twins love to use their imagination and they regularly play restaurant, so this would certainly come in handy!

  240. My son Owen loves to play pretend kitchen and I know he would love to grill too!

  241. allison Lesley says:

    This would be prefect for my son to go with the Playhouse

  242. Samantha Waters says:

    I have a very smart almost 10 month old baby girl. Last month, my mom bought her a play kitchen that we knew would be to advanced for her to understand, but I set it up anyway. To my amazement, she went right to it and started playing with the pieces. I sat down with her and started teaching her words like “plate” “cup” “pot” and she’s picked up on a few!! I think she’d LOVE this BBQ grill because she watches her daddy grill all the time and I thoroughly believe she’d pick up on it quickly too!

  243. Melissa Fox says:

    My Ezra (2 next week!) loves to play with his and his older brother’s play kitchen. He also is very much a daddy’s boy. So it would be fab if he had a play grill to use while daddy is cooking on the real deal!

  244. My 3 year old absolutely loves play food and his kitchen set, and he always gets a kick out of watching me grill. I’m sure he would love this set!

  245. My kids love to “cook” the other day my 4 year old daughter was bossing her 18 mo old little brother all over her play kitchen. It was like Hell’s Kitchen for toddlers 😉

  246. He loves to pretend to BBQ. He uses a spatula from the kitchen and flips fake hamburgers and hot dogs whenever his grandfather BBQs our food.

  247. Soooo cute. My son loves to play in his kitchen! I’m sure he’d love a grill!!!

  248. Valeria B says:

    My son loves to copy Dada, so he would love this.

  249. My son, also named Levi, loves to grill with his daddy and I am sure he would love to be able to “grill” any time he wants!

  250. Julia St. John says:

    My little girl is ALWAYS into my pots, pans, and kitchen utensils. Maybe my kitchen will be cleaner now!

  251. Gavin would love to play with the grill! He loves to cook and adores any sort of pretend play. The kitchen at his preschool is a favorite spot. 🙂

  252. jennifer wexler says:

    this would be great for my nephews because they love helping their daddy grill outside

  253. Joanne Livingston says:

    My 22 month old son loves to watch me cook and hang out in the kitchen. He’s so interested in what’s going on that I know he’d love to play with this grill.

  254. Because my son loves watching my husband BBQ & he tries to help. It would be awesome if he could have his own.

  255. Caitlyn H says:

    My son (20 MO) is learning new things every day, and he loves to be like his daddy. This would make his eyes light up! He would love to “grill” like daddy does

  256. My sons would love to grill like Daddy!

  257. Sara Miller says:

    My little guy loves being outdoors and seeing his daddy grill. I think he needs more imaginative play as I’m sometimes the only person he sees all day (and I can be quite boring)! This would help tremendously!

  258. My kids love to cook too. My son can crack eggs one handed and he’s four…breakfast in bed is in my future!

  259. Sam Stamp says:

    Aidan loves to watch his Dad grill so I know how much he would love to have his own grill and grill right along with him!

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