Small Horse, Large Dog

Can you tell which is the dog and which is the horse?Large Dog Small Horse


  1. BOL, oh my goodness, I L-O-V-E this picture!!!! My “dream” dog is a newfie…even with all the fur and slobber that would go along with it.

  2. when we went camping this year my ds got to ride on a cart being pulled by one of those mini horses!

  3. Aw! How sweet! My neighbor raised miniature donkeys and they really are just so adorable.

  4. Those two are so cute! I always get excited to see anything “miniture” because they are so darn cute!!

  5. This is too funny. I have a neighbor with a HUGE dog. My in laws who are skinny teeny tiny people call is a horse. I will have to share this pic. Thanks!

  6. Whoa. How can that be. Not just the sizes. Just look at them. So unique picture. I have the biggest dog around here. But I bet he is still too small for that one. Amazing work.

  7. LOL! That is one big dog (or one small horse)! Incidentally, I showed this photo to my 3 year old and he was *fascinated*!

  8. LOL! Not something you see everyday. Seems all the dogs in my neighborhood are tiny little nippy things that would be easily eaten by a horse!

  9. Aw, this is such a cute photo! I love Shetland ponies!

  10. tubbytelly says:

    Okay, who photo-shopped this photo…! 🙂

  11. I love these dogs! This the dog that if I could have any one this would be it. One day I will have one LOL

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