Kitchen Destruction: Maytag Made Me Do It

I’m sure Maytag had no idea I would randomly decide to destroy my kitchen, but that sounds so much better than Jason-took-a-nap-and-I-decided-to-play-with-the-Sawzall-before-he-woke-up explanation.

Destroyed Cabinet

Ok, obviously he woke up at some point, because he’s helping me tear apart the island in the photo above. But I did get pretty far on my own before he got up from his nap. This is what the island looked like before I attacked it.

Island before

It stuck out from the counter and just made the space kind of awkward. After Jason woke up from his nap, I enlisted his help to tear it out. We started by chiseling to break apart some of the cabinet glue.

Starting on island Next up came the Sawzall. In case you’re wondering, Jason’s in all the photos instead of me because I wanted to blog about the project. I did a lot of the work, too, I just have a tough time taking photos of myself.

Sawzall to cabinet

Once we sawed off the island, we still had to contend with the actual cabinet. It was tough, but we finally managed to tear it out.

Cabinet destruction

This is what is left now – my kitchen cabinet with a big ol’ hole.

Cabinet Hole

I still have to take out the back part that’s attached to the wall, and then I’ll be ready for this:

Maytag Dishwasher

This, my friends, is a Maytag® Jetclean® Plus Dishwasher with Fully Integrated Controls. Can I get a hell yeah?!? Not only am I FINALLY getting a dishwasher, I’m getting a top-of-the-line Maytag dishwasher. I can’t even believe it.

The rest of the kitchen is getting re-arranged, too, because I’m also getting a fancy French door refrigerator, a new stove, and a new exhaust hood. That’s why I blame Maytag for the kitchen destruction. If they weren’t sending me new appliances, I probably wouldn’t have decided tearing out the cabinets was a good idea 🙂

Thanks Maytag and thanks MomCentral for the opportunity to be a Dependable Maytag Kitchen Mom!


  1. Awesome news, new appliances rock! But the dishwasher is the bes part imho! I seriously don’t know how we survived before without one..

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