Kids’ Gift Idea: B. toys

This past weekend, we celebrated Arianna’s birthday. The approach was a little different, I asked the family to consider bringing her a toy to donate to needy children this Christmas. It’s hard to believe that the holidays are right around the corner, right? Well, even though we’re trying to do more giving this year, there will also be buying for others and I have a few great ideas up my sleeve thanks to B. toys!

The kids got their first taste of B. toys last year with a gift from Greg’s parents. I loved it for several reasons (which apparently are also reasons everyone else likes them, too!):

  • The packaging is earth-friendly (soy ink, minimal packaging, and recycled materials).
  • Each toy has a gift tag already attached (love this!) and many have packages that can double as gift wrap
  • Kid quotes are included (and oh, are they fun!)
  • The toys inspire kids to be creative .
  • With each purchase, B. toys gives 10 cents to “Free the Children”.

B. toys has launched several new toys including the Symphony in B.YouTurnsCarousel BellsWooferOddballs, Walkness Monster, and Global Glowball. All of them look like such fun (the colors are adorable), and many of them help the children make music (one of our favorite toy themes). Plus, the age range of many of these toys is 3-13; however, there are great options for the 6 month + children, too.

My kids got to test out two toys that will definitely be on our “giving list”–Meowsic and Poppitoppy.

My future Adele?

Meowsic is Arianna’s dream keyboard. She loves singing into a microphone and playing along to the beat. There are 20 different songs that you kids will probably know plus 7 original songs (including lyrics to sing-along). Not only does the keyboard play “piano” sounds, it also plays 5 instruments and rhythms. She can record her original music (which has been fun to listen to). The microphone is retractable, so when ‘lil brother comes to steal it, he can only get so far. Moms and Dads will love that Meowsic has an auto-shutoff feature…no more finding the kids’ toys fresh out of batteries when you really just need them to play! Meowsic is a good toy for children ages 2-6 and takes 4AA batteries (included). 

He was so excited that he didn’t even let us take it the whole way out of the package!

Poppitoppy had Evan laughing for a solid 20 minutes when I handed her to him. When you press on Poppitoppy’s head, the balls (which Arianna called “gum”) pop, pop, and pop. Greg liked that you could essentially push repeatedly and the balls kept going wild, “poppy-popping”, and keeping Evan entertained. Poppitoppy is a good toy for children ages 1-3 and is “powered by” forced air as your child presses on her head, creating a vacuum. 

You can find B. toys at Target and specialty toy stores. These toys are quality, fun, and educational gifts that come highly recommended by my kids. You can learn more by checking out, following them on Twitter, or liking them on Facebook.

* * *

Disclaimer: I was provided with these toys to review and enjoy. All opinions (and desire to go out and buy more) are 100% my own.


  1. What an absolutely wonderful idea– gathering gifts to give to others!
    Fantastic! I commend you!

  2. That keyboard looks adorable! My kids would have loved that when they were little! Such a great idea to teach your kids the joy of giving at such a young age!

  3. love them both!!!

  4. I did not know they donated to feed the children….thats awesome!

  5. These kids are so adorable. Thanks for the great ideas!

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