Can You Get Kicked Out Of A Wax Museum For Making Out With A Statue?

Does anyone know if you can get kicked out of a wax museum for making out with a statue? I’m, um, asking for a friend. Because I don’t care if he’s made out of wax, if Johnny Depp is at the Hollywood Wax Museum in Pigeon Forge when I head there in October for Brandcation, it’s on.


I’m 99% sure kissing the statues is frowned upon, but I checked their website and it didn’t specifically mention anything about that, so I say it’s fair game. I did leave a message on their Facebook page, just in case, because Brandcation isn’t just about having fun, it’s about representing the sponsors, and I wouldn’t want Pigeon Forge embarrassed because a lil’ ol’ Minnesota blogger got arrested for accosting a wax statue. (Sidenote: I really did post on their FB page. You should check it out.)

Kissing a wax statue probably wouldn’t be that fun, even if it does look like Johnny Depp. I can’t imaging they taste very good, though it would be kinda nice to make out without worrying about keeping up a conversation. Plus, I don’t think Jason would get mad at me for kissing a statue, whereas the real thing would probably land me in hot water with the hubby.

Johnny Depp fantasies aside, I’m really looking forward to visiting the Hollywood Wax Museum and checking out all the celebrity statues. Just wait – when I get back, I won’t have to Photoshop my pictures because I’ll really be there!


Which wax celebrity would you want to make out with?
(Assuming it’s not against the rules, of course.)


  1. Leonardo Dicaprio!

  2. YOU are so goofy. HOWEVER… if there is an Adam Levine statue… well, you will have good company in jail.

  3. Is there a Jason Statham statue? If there is it is coming home with me! That one I’m SURE is against the rules!! =-)

  4. Betty Baez says:

    Lmao! Um ok sit down for this I have a list lol, Chris Evans (fantastic four no shirt on and captain America) mmmmh mmmmh mmmmh mk moving on Channing tatum, Ryan kwanten (true blood), mark wahlberg (I know don’t make fun of me I hated the Marky Mark days) but lawd every movie I’ve seen him in lately has made me fall in love with him for approximately two hours at a time

  5. Haha! It sure would be funny if you attempted to kiss johnny depp at the wax museum. I would love to see ryan gosling!

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