itti bitti tutto Cloth Diaper

I change a lot of diapers.  But to be honest, I kind of don’t mind.

We use cloth diapers, and for whatever reason, I never complain when it’s time to wash a load of diapers and I don’t mind folding diaper laundry and I even like putting it away (I don’t know how to explain this phenomena though, because I certainly don’t have these feelings of inner peace and joy when washing the rest of the laundry in this house).

Maybe I like it because (aside from saving money and being Earth-friendly and keeping chemicals away from my baby’s booty) they look like this:

itti bitti tutto one-size diaper (the print is called Carnivale and isn’t it AWESOME??)

This is an itti bitti tutto one-size diaper.  I was *super* excited to try this diaper (ask my husband about my squeals of delight the day it arrived).

Itti bitti is an Australian company.  Their diapers are known for their luxurious minky fabrics and vibrant colors (you can see how bright and cheerful this diaper is, I just wish you could feel it!).  The inserts snap in (and the snaps are all color-coded, so there’s no putting them in incorrectly) and can be folded to increase the absorbency.  The diapers also have a fancy little gusset to hold in messes.  This is a one-size diaper with a snap-down rise that, per the manufacturer, can fit babies 8-44 pounds.

On the left, you can see the two inserts and the gusset (which holds in poop). On the right you can see two of the soakers and their color-coordinated snaps.

I put this diaper right into the rotation as soon as it was prepped.

I *love* that this diaper has bamboo inserts.  Bamboo, along with being super absorbent, just does not get stinky like microfiber does.

I also love the thin layer of stay-dry fabric that is against baby’s skin.  Claire ended up wearing her itti tutto for around four hours once (I normally change diapers every 2-3 hours) and when I took it off, the diaper was heavy with pee – but her baby bits were still dry.  And that leads me to the next thing I like…

These diapers are very absorbent.  They come with an additional soaker that you can snap in, which I used…but I don’t think I needed to.  I did not try this diaper overnight because I already have an overnight system in place that I don’t want to mess with, but I imagine it would hold if I used two extra soakers (my daughter is a light wetter, though – I’m not sure if it would be enough for a super-heavy wetter or not).

I also appreciate the snap-in inserts.  Some people might be put off by all the snaps (there are a lot), but I can put this diaper together faster than I can stuff a pocket diaper.

Cutest diaper in our stash!

If I could change anything, I’d add stretchy tabs to the waist.  I never experienced a leak in this diaper (not even close), but I wish I was able to get a little snugger fit around Claire’s waist.

I believe this diaper runs a bit small.  I can definitely see that it would fit an 8-pound baby, but I don’t know that it would fit most 44-pound children unless they were tall and skinny.  Claire is 20 pounds and wears this diaper on the second-to-biggest rise setting…I imagine she’ll get lots and lots of use out of this diaper but a chubbier child might not.

I’ve added this diaper to our regular rotation and it’s become one my favorites.  And Claire likes it, too.  Every time she has it on she walks up to her dad and sticks her tummy out and points at her diaper…she approves!  This is a very well-made product and I would not hesitate to buy more of these diapers, and after looking at the amazing colors, I may be adding to my stash sooner than later.

Because when you change a lot of diapers, it’s always better if they’re pretty, right??

You can find itti bitti at their website (check out all the amazing colors), like them on facebook, and follow them on twitter!

DISCLOSURE:  I received an itti bitti tutto to review.  All opinions are entirely mine.


  1. The colors are really lovely!

  2. Carrie Conley says:

    The cloth diapers are better looking now….but I still prefer pampers…

  3. Jessica Eaton Ledford says:

    This diaper is adorable! Love the colors!

  4. I think if I had to do it all over again – I would do cloth. Love this diaper – the colors are beautiful!

  5. this is why i cannot wait to get started with the cloth diapering it just seems so much easier in my opinion and is so much cuter!!

  6. Bamboo is a nice material, so good that it’s appearing in diapers now

  7. Danielle Ring says:

    Cute diaper! I too use cloth and have debated on trying these diapers…just might have to try one now! Thanks for sharing this review!

  8. I have never wanted to try cloth diapers, but this blog makes me reconsider!

  9. Sam Herrmann says:

    I really liked the bitti tutto, but my daughter had issues with rashes, so I wasn’t able to use it. I had to switch to charcoal bamboo. They sure are cute though!

  10. Rebecca Majewski says:

    I have several of the tuttos and I love the the covers. I wasn’t a fan for at night though. They always seemed to leak. I tried fold a flat and sticking it in there and it worked much better. Cloth diapers are just so much cuter than disposables… If only I could get my 10 month old to stop crying through diaper changes. He hates laying down/staying still for that long (not that it’s incredibly long, but try telling that to him!!)

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