Investing at 26? Definitely!

I’m fairly young (though I won’t be able to say that for too much longer), so when it comes to investing, it’s just not something I’ve ever put much thought into. Before the stock market crashed, I had never even considered investing. After it was all over the news, though, I thought “Man, I’m glad I didn’t put money into that mess!”. But now, it seems things are starting to pick back up – and while I don’t think they’ll be perfect any time soon, I think investing is something that everyone should at least think about. You don’t have to invest into the stock market, invest into your own bank account if you want. Just get started, saving for your family. If I didn’t have a family to take care of, I might not be as worried about it, but it’s important to secure your future and investing is a great way to do just that.

While the value of the American dollar is fairly low in the grand scheme of things, lots of dollars still add up to, well, lots of dollars. Sometimes I wish I had some gold or silver sitting around, though, because I’m sure the price of silver per ounce is something I could get pretty excited about. We all know the economy has gone downhill, lots of jobs have been lost, and people have had to resort to selling things they normally wouldn’t. Whether you’re taking your gold to the Gold Guys, or cashing in your 10 oz silver bars, you’re one step ahead of most of the country if you have items like that sitting around.


No, I don’t have gold or silver sitting around, but it’d be nice if I did! My point is, investing for your family – investing in your family – is something to consider, even if you aren’t sitting on a pile of gold. You can start small, and secure a little nest egg. After you’re a bit more established, you can add even more to it. One idea I read about was taking money from your paycheck each week and having it directly deposited into a savings account, so you don’t even “miss” it. If you don’t see it, it’s not as hard to save it.

What’s your best investment tip for families?

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  1. If i have some extra money , i would invest them into gold 🙂 Worth it. Too bad the price is getting too high now

  2. This is so true! Even just a tiny bit of money each week put into a separate account will add up eventually. I’d also recommend not charging your purchases. If you don’t have it, don’t spend it. It’s worked really well for us.

    • Great tips, Ellen! I know with my kids, I started doing allowance with them (just for the summer, so they’d have extra spending money), but they are required to save half each week. It gets them excited about saving!

  3. I have talked to guys about investing in gold before…I haven’t done it yet. Last year we paid off TONS AND TONS of bills. We did this by finding a way to make a little extra money…and we didn’t spend it. At the end of the year we paid it off. We found something that worked for us! That is what it is about for sure!

  4. Diversify… putting all your eggs in one basket can lead to yolk on your face…

  5. Tiffany Jank says:

    I have found that couponing and finding great deals and never paying for anything full price. I have learned to price match.

  6. My mom’s friend saved hundreds of dollars by using a little trick. Every paycheck she saved a $20 bill. When she got five of them (or $100), she went to the bank and traded it for one $100 bill. Then she proceeded to start over the next week with a new stack of $20 bills. She said it was extremely satisfying to go to the bank and trade in those 20’s and watch the stack of 100’s grow. It was like a little reward every time she traded them, and it made her feel accomplished. 🙂

    I think you could do this with any amount of money. You could even save $5 bills, or $10 bills. If you’re able to, you could even save $100 bills! It teaches discipline and patience, and the reward at the end is seeing your stash grow. I think this would be a good little ‘game’ for kids as well.

  7. When I was working at a job with a paycheck I did that, had them take it from my paycheck. I t was much harder to miss it when I didn’t see it. These days it is much harder. I do have a savings account that takes it from my account each week so it is similar idea, just on my own. I wish I knew more about investing, and really wish I had some gold or silver sitting around, but sadly I don’t.

  8. I totally agree with this post. Putting something, even if it’s spare change from your wallet, is better than nothing. It definitely adds up. If you have kids, start early! After I’ve done my grocery shopping for the week, I line my kids up with their piggy banks and split the change between them. They start to learn the value of saving as well as the importance to spend wisely. They know, whenever they want to buy something, it will cost money. More often than not, they choose to leave the change in their banks because they don’t want to part with it. 🙂

  9. We really need to start investing soon. We’re not getting any younger lol! I wish I had some gold or silver sitting around as well, but I’m not sure that I do, beyond the rings on my fingers, and I’m not getting rid of those anytime soon!

  10. megan brewer says:

    i save money by, going to the dollar store, using scan bar on my phone, coupons, etc. 🙂

  11. I have been talking with my husband a LOT lately about investing in gold or silver! I’m not getting any younger…. lol

  12. In general I agree with Ellen’s comment, not to spend what you don’t have by charging it; however, if you’re careful you can make a credit card earn you money without spending a dime. I bank at Wells Fargo, and got a no-annual-fee card from them that gives 1% cash back. I have it set up to deposit the cash back directly to my bank account. I also have automatic bill payment set up so the card balance is paid month to month so no interest is charged. What’s really helpful is that all the charges show up right along with my bank account records and spending reports, since the card is through the bank, so it’s easy to keep spending in check. Not sure if other banks have systems that can work like this, but I recommend looking into for anyone who thinks this could work for them.

  13. One of the things we do, and our kids do is save our change. Change adds up and then you can even put that in a savings account! Great tips Sadie!

  14. I was always fascinated by the stock market and started investing at a very early age. First I invested via dividend re-investment plans (DRIPS). Drips allow you to invest small amounts of money every month into a certain stock. Later I opened up my first brokerage account. I follow a lot Warren Buffet’s principles and invest in boring companies that we all need and use everyday.

  15. I am a firm believer in supporting the financial system, or it will eventually collapse. With that being said, we all have to take personal responsibly to start this daunting retirement process, (I am only 28) or we will be with out! I am not going to get all ranty in your comments, but there will most likely be no medicare for our generation, and very little to no social security. Get your couponing on, do the gift-card deals, save them and live of off them as a savings account. Invest your money into the items that will not loose value and sustain you, including renewable energy and the STOCKS that help the production of these ideas. 🙂

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