I Am A Crappy Mom

A heated debate on my Facebook page led to a snarky (funny) discussion with Trisha from MomDot on what bad parents we are. I still think she wins, but I had to try to top her.

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I’m a crappy mom.

Here are all the things I do to screw up my kid:

I hug him every day.

I kiss his boo-boos.

I use cloth diapers.

I breastfed him for a year.

I supplemented with formula.

I use disposables at night because it’s easier than finding a cloth diaper that works.

I let him eat dinner without washing his hands first.

I follow a regular vaccination schedule.

I teach him to dance to Slipknot as often as Miley Cyrus.

I cosleep.

I let him bring a sippy cup to bed with him at night.

I use positive parenting techniques instead of physical discipline.

I don’t disinfect his toys.

I chose (with my husband) to have him circumcised as an infant.

I keep him rear-facing even though he’s two years old. And I’d probably do it forever if I could.

I taught him not to lick the windows instead of paying to test them for lead paint.

I drop everything when I come home to say hello and make sure he knows I am happy to see him.

I skip brushing his teeth if he’s already fallen asleep on the way home.

I wash all of his clothes separately so I can use special laundry soap to avoid additives and chemicals.

I try to use natural or organic products around the house.

I let him mix his food however he wants.

I teach him about God.


These are all things I do as a parent. I don’t feel the need to defend or justify my actions. I am happy to talk with others about my parenting style, philosophy, or decisions, because I know being a mom (or dad) is tough, and sometimes it’s helpful to hear how other people are doing things.

I don’t care if some people think the things listed above make me a “crappy” mom.

I am Levi’s mom.

What matters to me is that he feels loved, safe, and nurtured.

So far, I think I’m doing alright.

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  1. You’re doin awesome mama.

  2. Wow, I love your blog. I have learned from your blog. Toss the old fuddy duddys out and accept the new and improved way of life. U R A GOOOD MOMMMMMMMM

  3. I think you sound like an AWESOME Mom!
    I’m a crappy Mom because when I set rules I make my children follow them or deal with the pre warned consequences (one is 16 the other is now 27 so he doesn’t have to follow my rules anymore…lol)

  4. kem crosswhite says:

    i enjoyed this post!!! im a crappy mom too lol i can relate

  5. You sound the opposite of crappy to me. Let the haters hate. All we do is the best we can, and our kids never tell us it’s not good enough. You rock!

  6. Good for you! I’m a crappy Mom too. Let us crappy Mothers unite!! 🙂

  7. YOU are a great mom. I’m sick of mommy wars and I’ve been one for 21+ yrs to four kids. No one is perfect in anything they do. All we can do is try our best. What happened to encouraging each other and building each other up instead of tearing each other down? Life is hard enough as it is to get worked up over such things. Don’t we have better things to do with our time, energy and emotions? We’re all moms in this together. Supporting each other seems like it would be the better route to go. =)

  8. “I taught him not to lick the windows…”
    Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Love.

  9. After reading some of the comments on Facebook earlier, I feel like us moms need to focus less on what someone else is doing wrong with their children and actually use that energy to show our children how much they actually mean to us! Thanks for the great post!

  10. I think that God chose to give YOU Levi. I think God chose to give me my daughters. I think when all is said and done, we each have to answer for the important aspects of raising our children. Did we teach them to love others? Did we teach them to share with those less fortunate? Did we teach them right from wrong? Who gives patooty about what diapers you use? If he eats with dirty hands? Or if he snuggles next to the one that birthed him. I must be a REALLY CRAPPY Mom, especially since my 13 year-old loves to climb in my bed after having a bad dream and snuggle. Heck, I wish she still snuggled w/o the bad dream! <3

    PS… I have been known to let my kids have ice cream before dinner. *GASP*
    God Bless you Jen.

  11. Yep I’m a crappy mom too, I made sure I was with them at the mall instead of dropping them of, if I say I’m going to do something I follow through, I have taught them to contribute to society rather than be a burden.I think we need more crappy parents like us.

  12. You are not a crappy mom….as long as you are doing what you need to to make your child feel happy and secure…….your not a crappy mom. I hate women who “judge” other women on how they raise their kids……..I didn’t ask anyone to raise my children so, If I do it MY WAY and my kids grow up to be happy, healthy adults……I don’t need anyone else’s judgement. The only one with a right to “judge” me IS god and maybe my children 🙂 I may not be perfect (and who among us is??) but, I did it MY WAY and, my children are now pretty well adjusted and decent young adults. One is 15 & one 17 and about to graduate high school. That’s right, I’m such a crappy mom I have a 17 yr. old Daughter who made it all the way through school without getting pregnant (thank god) or hooked on drugs. She had her “rough years” but again, we all do. She is now a Senior in high school who is Class president, student council president, head of the prom committee and editor of the yearbook!! (I probably forgot something, I’m such a bad mom. lol) She worked hard to get where she is and I am more proud of her for that than if it had just been “given” to her. In my opinion……that’s all that matters. My son is a freshman in high school in honors courses (don’t know where those brains came from) and on his way to earning college credits before he even gets out of high school. This to me, proves I did something right and it means more than anything any “judgemental mother who thinks she’s better than I am” could ever say to me. The proof is in the kids 🙂 You keep doing what your doing….your kids will be fine. 🙂

  13. Amen! We need to each do what works for us and our families. There is no one right way to parent. We’ll all get flack from SOMEONE about pretty much anything we do.

  14. Shaina Anderson says:

    I let my 3mo son fall asleep nursing if that’s what he needs. I take him into my bed for afternoon naps sometimes. We got him circumcised. I kiss him at least 500 times a day. I leave him in his daytime cloth diaper if he falls asleep on the way home instead of waking him to change. I plan on ebf’ing for a year and not even thinking about any solids until at least 6 months. I pick him up when he cries no matter what anyone tries to tell me about spoiling him.

  15. Thanks for sharing and being honest. I don’t know if I could do that.

  16. Of course you are not a crappy mom Jen. I am a first time mom of an eight month old and constantly receive critcisim from others about how I am as a mother (you know, everything I do is wrong…even if theres evidence to prove that it works type of thing). Here is why I am a crappy momma:

    I co-sleep often.

    I give her a sippy cup instead of a bottle mostly.

    I breastfed for almost two months until my milk dried up from a thyroid issue. I felt like a failure and even took prescription pills and pumped every two hours around the clock to restart my milk supply but it was unsuccessful.

    I give her hypoallergenic formula because she is sensitive to milk and soy.

    I get frustrated because shes so demanding..but suck it up and give her copious amounts of cuddling and love because shes so precious.

    I dont sanitize her toys. Soap and water or just rinsing is what I do.

    I am not a germ freak. I dont wipe her hands off athe million times a day. She can touch a surface, such as the table, without me feeling the urge to lysol it. (This one has gotten me into many arguements with a close friend because Im “teaching my baby to eat germs.”

    I do baby-led weaning. She eats what I eat with the exception of dairy. Mil had got hysterical in a restaurant over this one..said I was gonna let her choke. my daughter chewed up her food, swallowed it, then smiled at grandma lol.

    I use disposable diapers and wipes.

  17. Samantha Powell says:

    Hello! This is the first time I have read your blog, I was introduced by a friend and was intrigued as a fellow MN mom! I just wanted to say that yes, I do not agree with some of the stuff you do. However, I am positive you would not agree with every aspect of my parenting. When it comes down to it, at the end of the day, if your child is alive, (mostly) healthy, and knows that you love and support them unconditionally what does it really matter? I would not ever say you are a bad mom, just different!

  18. Becky Cannon says:

    Wow!! Thank you SOOOO MUCH!!! I’m a crappy mom too and DAMN PROUD of it!!!!

  19. Nothing like a little honesty! I love it…good job, I do a lot of the same things, well, my kids are a little older, but I co-slept, nursed them until they were almost two, didn’t wake a sleeping toddler to brush his teeth…but yep, they know they are loved and can always count on me. Good for you, keep it up, loving your blog!

  20. We all have crappy moments, but we’re all doing the best we can in each particular moment.

  21. Sounds like you’re doing really good at being a “bad” mom!

    I’ve been lucky so far in that even my friends with radically different parenting styles have never questioned how I mother my son.

  22. Levi is lucky to have a mom like you!

    I can’t get my 2yo to eat new foods…or any veggies so he eats the kind he slurps out of a package
    He often times eats oatmeal for more than one meal a day
    If we are out and about at lunch time, he gets nuggets and fries…from where ever is closest (and it makes him so happy that it makes me happy)
    He kinda grunts and points and we give in to it more than we should
    He wakes up between 5 & 6 and gets in bed with us most mornings

    In the end, I’m just hoping that I haven’t F’d him so bad that he will manage to converse with his date, chew food that isnt mashed and not feel the need to sleep with us when he’s 17! 🙂

  23. I think you’re doing an awesome job. And you’re teaching him to be tolerant of others, something many people need to learn. Thanks for sharing.

  24. yup – it’s confirmed – you are my new online hero. Wanna know how I’m a bad mom? I nursed all three of my kids laying in bed and fell asleep that way sometimes. I figured it was better than dropping a baby out of a chair when I fell asleep nursing because I haven’t slept in, oh I don’t know, 5 years since having our first child. Being a mom is rockin’ awesome! And guess what – I hate formula but it’s better than giving your baby cow’s milk or nothing… do you think we should bring back wet nurses??? That would be wicked cool. (Just for reference – I am being sarcastic! I wish there was a way to emote that)

  25. jamie tucker says:

    sounds to me like you are an awesome mom. I love how you are not too extreme on either end of the parenting scale. I do most of the stuff on your list as well. Its nice to know there are other mama’s out there that have little quirks and are proud of them. As long as children are loved and know they are loved. Love your blog

  26. Yep, that says it all! You are a crappy mom! I am a crappy mom too! I embarrass my son by telling him how much I love him in public, and I do it daily! That will be a future therapy bill! LOL

  27. You are an inspiration! not crappy at all! I love what you do and as a mom, I do the same thing too. 🙂 What makes you feel like you’re a crappy mom? Not all people can do that. I admire you!

  28. LOVE THIS!!! I may have to link up tomorrow

  29. I guess I’m a crappy Mom too. I wasn’t shocked at how people were talking about circumcision, because I’ve heard it all before. My heart went out to Tasha though, because I’ve been in her place. I’ve cried my eyes out because I have been told that I mutilated my son. People can be cruel, but I’ve just learned to brush it off. There is no going back, and he is a happy, healthy, smart little boy that loves everyone. 🙂

    You are an awesome Mama to Levi! Even though we disagree on certain topics, I think you rock!!!

  30. I’m drinking coffee and letting my toddlers play Star Wars on the Wii for some peace and quiet. A happy, not-so-stressed-from-tantrums mom is going to be a good one. *sips and shares with Jen*

  31. Brianne Armstrong says:

    “Mommy Wars” give women a BAD NAME. Do we really want to set ourselves back any more than what has and is being done? I THINK NOT! Nice post and mad respect for doing it. Haters will hate and what you can sleep at night knowing is that you have been honest with yourself and your son, and you’re not raising a POS that has no regard or acceptance for the differences in others. Give peace a chance people, seriously.

  32. Yep, Horrible. I bet you even give him Candy some times.

  33. Annie Phillips says:

    Yay for crappy moms! My son was exclusively formula fed, circumcised, we let him make a lot of.decisions himself, I work full time so he’s been in daycare since about 10 weeks old…it’s a wonder he’s even alive! I should mention too…he’s growing up in a family with 3 gay men, two who are married(so 5) and he loves all of his uncles so much! The most important thing: my sonwill be loved, feel loved, and know love. My son will be raised to respect everyone no matter what. I’m glad to call myself a crappy mom if that’s what it means.

  34. I hug him and kiss him; my concession to puberty is not doing it in public.
    I praise him when I admire his character but I also actively encourage him to feel healthy shame when I don’t.
    I make him eat weird food like goat cheese and artichoke hearts and chia seeds.
    I teach him I am an atheist but that all points of view are valid and worthy of consideration.
    I make him help me help my mom and grandfather.
    I show him my budget and allow him to see when I screw up.
    We joke about sick things. I explain “absurdity.”
    I am a fascist about table manners and eye contact.
    I moderate his facebook and email only moderately.
    I parent actively in public.

  35. I do some of those things, others I do differently. I don’t see why it’s such a big deal. I think if MORE moms were CONFIDENT in their parenting, they wouldn’t be such whorebitches about this subject.

  36. Here are some of the ways I’m a crappy mom-
    All 4 of my boys are circumcised.
    We fully vaccinate, and give antibiotics when necessary
    My oldest kids go to public school and the younger two will too.
    I DON’T wash their clothes separately with special detergent-who has time for that? Especially when you figure cloth diaper laundry into the mix (no special detergent for those either). I don’t use dryer sheets though.
    My 11 month old wears a beaded necklace. To bed even.
    My three year old wants PB&J for lunch almost every day, and I give it to him.
    We watch too much tv
    We are very active in our church
    And don’t forget all those plastic toys…

  37. i think its ironic some of the things we are judged on.

  38. haha! Yeah, that’s pretty funny what some people consider bad mothering. Thanks for the laugh! And keep up the great work, mom.

  39. Lovely post. 🙂 I think that what makes a good parent a good parent is researching and making informed decisions based on love, a desire for what’s best, and research, for their child(ren).

    P.S. My six year old son loves Britney Spears… 😉

  40. Way to turn something negative into something so positive, Jen. None of us have a manual for how to do this thing called parenting. We all just have to do the best we can. I wish I could reach out and hugs the ladies whose feelings were hurt on Facebook. Adult bullies are even worse than child bullies.

  41. My mother was determined I would wreck my older daughter, her favourite. Now that Miss is nearly eighteen, my mother is eating those words!

  42. I don’t think *any* of these things make you a “crappy” parent; I do 75% of them myself! !! We have to do what is right for our children & family and that may not necessarily be what’s right for another child/family. To each his own…:-)

  43. Thank you for your honesty and comical nature in posting this topic!

  44. I just don’t get how we as women can’t just support each other. 🙂 Thanks for the link up!

  45. I just read the book “Scary Mommy.” (It’s the only book I’ve had time to read this year!) HIGHLY recommended. Totally truthful about what mommyhood is really like – it’s about this “crappy mommy” topic. I laughed the whole way through. If any of you haven’t read it yet check it out.

  46. Awesome post! We all do the best we know how!

  47. Great post! I can so relate to things you wrote. Boo to the moms who didn’t actually write a post and linked up to old, unrelated posts. What a crappy thing to do!! Dare I say a crappy mom thing to do?? 🙂

  48. I love this. I am so writing up a post in time to link up! Even if it means parking my kids in front of the tv while I do it!

  49. Love your post! You are a terrific mom!

    Have a nice day!

  50. We have a lot in common and some things not in common. The most important though is that we care about our children 🙂

  51. Maria Isabel says:

    You’re actions seem like what my mom did to us ever since she gave us this life! 🙂
    You’re simple and amazing if you did that to your kid! :))

  52. I’m loving these crappy mom posts because it’s important to see that every mom is different, but every mom is wonderful in her own way. No matter what we do as moms, someone will have an issue with it, so it’s best to do what you feel is right and accept that others will do the same without judging them.

  53. Okay so now I have linked up both my humerous crappy mom post and my serious crappy mom post. This link up and reading all these posts has made me feel so much better about my mommy failings.

  54. Glad to know more people with the name Levi (it’s my brother’s name) and kudos on turning something ugly into a great way to support one another’s choice to parent unapologetically. I like to stir the pot but dang those people were just plain mean and rude. I do wonder about their stance on other issues though – because I’d like a chance to use their arguments against them. ; {D

  55. I’m a crapy blogger, too, ecause I forget to update it ALL the time, but I felt pretty strongly about this, so I’ve made a post and added to the link. There are very few truly crappy Moms out there, but I’m loving all the ways that other Moms are “crappy” just like me.

  56. I’ve loved you for a long time but even more now. I am going to write one, now, and it is the first original post I have written in a while so THANK YOU!!!

  57. Colleen FOwler says:

    this is not bad parenting, this is love! He will have a happy life.

  58. Although my kids are grown – I’m going to have to write a post about this.
    When I commented on the pic that you are talking about (when another Facebooker shared it), I had NO idea that there was a total meltdown over it.. All that I can say about all that is ” Those people need to start spending their time raising their own kids, instead of telling everyone else how they are doing it wrong!”

  59. Sounds to me that you are a great mom! Keep doing what you are doing!

  60. I think it’s great that you battle through the negativity with a smile and upbeat article. There’s no one single answer or solution to raising children… that’s why there are thousands of parenting books all preaching something different that parents have found great success or huge failure in. 🙂

    I think that there is a huge pandemic of judging going on in our society for many reasons… one is that people try to make themselves feel better and more in control of their own lives by pointing out what they feel to be mistakes and downfalls of others (what an odd way to feel superior). And then there’s just the people out there that thrive on negativity – you know the old saying that Misery Loves Company… well…

    But also I think that many of us just haven’t worked out the intricacies of neutral communication through faceless, inflection-less internet speak. Even after years living with the same person, there are miscommunications, right?… so why anyone should think that we can simply blurt out our opinions like some sort of knowledge-slinging online form of Tourette’s Syndrome and not come across like a-holes is a mystery.

    I still find myself in that situation at times – where I’ve read a great research article or something that I find interesting and want to share it with a friend, but don’t want to make it seem like I’m condemning them because it may or may not relate to something they do. But then again… I feel like I shouldn’t have to hold myself back completely just because I don’t want my friend to choose to take it poorly.

    I think we all have to battle foot-in-mouth disease at some point (or points – like me!) in our lives… but I guess it comes down to trying to keep a healthy balance between caring/sharing persona, and negativity spewing a-hole – with an emphasis on the former, of course.

    But to tell you the truth – I’m totally with George Carlin on this one – a lot of our population has become a bunch of overly sensitive, easily offended, cry babies that can’t take constructive criticism or anything that even remotely questions our motivations (and no, I’m not referring to anyone here or even this article… just our population in general). I remember asking one of my friends “why” when she told me she was going to be induced instead of waiting for the contractions to start… and to say that she jumped down my throat is a vast understatement. It wasn’t my tone of voice, since I was genuinely curious and my voice reflected that, so I can only take it to mean that she simply wanted to spew words at my face but not have me be actually interested in the content of said words. Or maybe she was hoping that I wouldn’t question her – just give her a high five and shout Right On! And now, because of that little experience, whenever I talk to her I feel like I’m in some insipid Victorian romance novel where all we do is talk about “safe” subjects like the weather and how lovely it was that so-and-so got married last June.

    But now I’m rambling…

  61. Thanks for this, loved it!

  62. I love that you & other moms are doing this!! Nobody’s perfect & we each have made and will continue to make the best decisions for us & our families! Will they always be the “right” choice, no but we’ll make mistakes & learn from them.
    Thanks again for this!

  63. Who cares what others think of us! All parents make mistakes and all parents try to do what’s best for their kids!!!!! We all love the same!

  64. I’ve definitely had my moments as a crappy mom too. Everyone has. We should all stop trying to be perfect and just do the best job we can. You’re a great mom.

  65. Great meme. The bigger picture was missed, we are all great moms!

  66. First off, your little guy is adorable! Second, sounds to me like you’re doing just fine as a mother. I think we all at times think we are crappy mothers. Unfortunately, there are always going to be those who are judgmental. We just have to believe in ourselves and our children and ignore the negative comments from others. I had to do that a lot when my kids were young. Sounds like you are doing a good job of ignoring them.

  67. What a crappy momma. You will most likely raise a child who loves and respects his parents, has good social skills, knows he was loved….how could you do that!

  68. Lori coupons says:

    As mom to 2 daughters, one of them right around your age, I must say that I am appalled by the behavior of these “women” who commented on your Facebook post. First of all, if you put it out there for the Internet to see, expect some backlash. Secondly, why apologize for your parenting skills? Be PROUD of them! So what if you wipe your kids’ nose with your shirt? So what if you didn’t breastfeed? It’s YOUR choice, and only YOUR family’s business. My best suggestion to this generation? Maybe you should keep your mothering to yourself…just a thought.

    • Lori coupons says:

      Maybe the Internet has become too much of a part of our parenting. Shut the computer off, never mind who says and does what, and spend time with your kids. To hell with what people you have never met, and will never meet think about how you mother your kids. When my kids were young I didn’t go through what young mothers today put themselves through, why? Because I didn’t have a computer and focused on my family. Think about it. Seriously, don’t let the Internet raise your kids. Do it yourself.

  69. Carole Ingram says:

    There is nothing wrong with your parenting style… do not compare yourself with others. I dislike it when parents think they aren’t good at parenting or that their kid is better then everyone else’s :). LIke Bill Cosby said, parenting is an easy job, any idiot can do it….however, some are better then others at it but we moms beat ourselves up way too much about we “could have” done this or that better. LOL As long as you provide for your kids and show them love and kindness, and teach them morals, you are doing a lot better then most! So, CELEBRATE being a mom 🙂

  70. Well said! I think all moms reserve the right to do things the way they feel is right and not be pressured by anyone else to do otherwise!

  71. You are an awesome mommy! And if you are a crappy mom, I hate to see what that makes me…a SUPER crappy? lol You are doing a great job! 🙂 Also, so relieved you found JD. <3

  72. Here’s a “Crappy Mom Award” just for fun – I added it to my Post, feel free to take it and add it, tweak it, or whatever. I created it just for fun!


    I added my post link above, but put the wrong thing in the “name section” – says Susan M, instead of the title of my post – 🙁 oh well.

  73. I got say that I am enjoying all of the crappy mom posts. I haven’t read the FB discussion yet, but will get to it.

    My kids are older now, but I remember lots of those “perfect moms” all too well.

    I never read Dr. Spock. Is that the guy from Star Trek? And cloth diapers? Not a chance!

    It won’t be long before I’m a crappy Grandma too.

  74. I love reading about all the things we moms do that make us less than perfect in some mother’s eyes, like we’re less deserving of the mom badge.

    To me it sounds like you’re doing a fantastic job and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

  75. You taught him to dance to Miley Cyrus?!?!?! I don’t think we can be friends anymore. LOL 😉

  76. Toni Porter says:

    The whole mommy wars drama has made me glad that I don’t have kids yet. But when I do, I’m going to do this MY way, because I will know what’s best for my kid—not someone else who’s never met her/him. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  77. I think you are a great Mom… What you have listed above is very close to what I did with my 3 children as they were growing up and today they are respectable, responsible mature adults – one recently graduated and two still in college. I find that the relationship I have with each one is stronger. I also know now that through all of the difficult years of being a single parent they truly understood and admired my perseverance in maintaining a loving, safe home environment for them to grow into the beautiful individuals they are today.
    If you are a crappy Mom, then I am too and PROUD of it!!

  78. darlene bohannon says:

    i love your blog,and i think you are a funny and loving mom.

  79. I love this post. I few months ago I was attacked on facebook page for saying that I had my son circumcised and was told I was a horrible mom and disfigured him and all this stuff. When I said I went to his father for the majority of that decision because I hadn’t thought much of it I was told I was a weak woman and so on. I still never regretted our decision. It’s good to see there are other moms out there who feel the same way.

  80. Alexandra Clatterbuck says:

    I do all the same stuff… they tear ladies like us apart on Cafemom.com hahaha. I think it’s funny. We are the best moms I believe!

  81. I cannot believe the amount of attention this photo has recieved. I love the store Granola Babies.

  82. I will add my post to this tomorrow and visit everyone elses. What a fab idea, we need to embrace our styles not worry about what we are doing wrong!

  83. Thank you so much for this! I liked your idea so much I did my own list on my blog (with a link to your’s). We all strive to be the best mom we can. Sound so me like you are doing a great job!

  84. Wow, yeah, super crappy mom (eye roll). Good grief, who are these people that are attacking your parenting style? Sounds like you’ve got a handle on things. Sheesh!

  85. Brittiney B says:

    I’m already a crappy mom after having my baby for a month. I began breastfeeding and then gave my baby formula after a few days to let my nipples heel. Then she wouldn’t take the breast milk anymore unless it was in a bottle. 🙁

  86. WHAT?! You ARE a crappy mom! Just kidding! You sound like a really awesome mom! I do most of the things on your list, too. 🙂

  87. You know, as awesome as the internet is for so many reasons, one thing that I don’t think is so awesome is that it has brought to a new level the need to “out-mommy” each other. You shouldn’t have to defend yourself to us or anyone but God about the decisions you make as a parent (with the obvious exception of any type of abuse). You go on hugging, kissing, diapering, and whatever else you want to do and don’t worry about what anyone thinks!

  88. Crystal Craig says:

    Thanks for sharing that. I don’t have any children yet, but reading all these posts about being a ‘crappy’ mom makes me feel a lot better and not as scared of the idea of being a mom, haha. 🙂

  89. arianna bonanno says:

    you’re a great mom !

  90. jodi bradshaw says:

    im a crappy mom too – i agrue with my step son whos 17

  91. i enjoyed this post!!! i m also not good mom.

  92. pack n bag
    Very good . I enjoy this post.

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