I Wasn’t Going To Blog About The Chick fil A Thing

I wasn’t planning to blog about the whole Chick Fil A thing. But let’s face it, the olympics only hold so much entertainment, right?


Here are my thoughts, in no particular order.

I’m tired of the anger and hate.

Do people have a right to be upset? Heck yes they do. Are there some people going overboard attacking the other side? Yup, of course there are. Are some people making broad generalizations that attack gays or christians or cows or vegetarians? Unfortunately, yes.

My thing is, own your feelings, own your anger, and channel it into something productive that helps your cause.

It’s not just a first amendment issue.

Hate speech is not the same as free speech. The thing is, Cathy didn’t use hate speech. He shared his beliefs, which IS protected by the first amendment. The thing that sucks majorly is that he’s funding hate organizations on behalf of his company. Hate is not cool, people. There’s a reason our laws protect people from hate crime and prohibit hate speech.

It’s bullshit that this will have economic impact for those without a voice.

According to the Yale School Of Management, only about 10-15% of Chick-fil-A locations are licensed. The rest are privately owned franchises. I find it hard to believe that these small business owners signed up for having one mouthpiece speak for all of them on such a hot issue. Whether Cathy really does speak for all of them or not, the fact remains that he’s the figurehead of the company and that the general public will assume he represents all Chick-fil-A locations.

I’m glad he said it.

You know why? Because it got people thinking. It got people challenging their beliefs and deciding whether they want to accept the traditional way of thinking. People I’ve never heard utter a word of support for different causes are banding together to fight what they deem as injustice. I don’t like the context, but I do think it’s great that people are talking about it, becoming educated, and hopefully making a difference.

End rant.


  1. It makes me sad that I can’t get my family to understand that, for me, its not about “free speech.” For me is it 100% about the fact that the chicken sandwitch they are eating “in support” is paying for the corporation to help other countries pass laws that put people to death for their sexuality.

    AND, I feel bad for the homosexual people who work at chick fil a (because some do) who are listneing to hateful comments every day now. -sigh-

    Hate is not cool sums it up pretty well.

    • It’s a chicken sandwich. Most of Americans CAN do withOUT it in their diet as it’s not a necessary commodity if they feel so strongly against it lol. Also, the homosexuals protesting this, and the straight people protesting this are guilty of the same hate they are alleging the Pro-Chick Fil A individuals of. Showing hate to show that hate is wrong makes them guilty of hate full-circle.

  2. Jessica P. says:

    ^^Protesting something is *not* the same as spreading hate.

    Personally, I don’t even think of this as having anything to do with “free speech”. I think people should know what they are supporting by buying a product from a certain company. So many people seem to just turn their heads, and pretend it has nothing to do with them or isn’t their fault. I think you’re directly responsible for what a company does if you are supporting that company…

    • Toni Porter says:

      Right on. Protesting is also a First Amendment right, and it doesn’t mean that you hate the people/company/organization that you’re protesting—it means that you disagree with them. And I absolutely agree that you should support the companies whose views reflect yours. It’s the same reason why I buy some organic brands over their mainstream counterparts, and why I have boycotted certain stores in the past. I “vote” with my feet and dollars, so to speak.

  3. I believe in supporting companies that provide products and services that can give our consumers honest information and choices.

  4. I did not know that Chick-fil-Agave money to hate organizations! I just thought that Cathy was stating his beliefs! I am against hate organizations that promote discrimination to anyone! Hate speech is so bad on so many levels!

  5. Thank you for raising awareness that this is not a freedom of speech issue. Whether you like what he says or not, he has every right to state his beliefs.

    The issue is all about what he is doing with his corporate dollars, and whether or not you are ok patronizing a company that supports the organizations that they do. I, personally, am not.

  6. Although the context of this entire debate is just plain sad. It is good that people are talking. I can only hope they are listening as well. Too many people have something to say but not enough are willing to listen to the other side and become educated about the topic they are going on about.

  7. I believe that he should be able to voice his opinions on the matter. However, to take profits directly from the company and use them to spread hate is another story completely. That is truly disgusting.

  8. Marina Andrade says:

    All of those around me knows that there is one word I don`t use very often and that word is *HATE* Hate is such a strong feeling and the total opposite of love. People say that when they love they are willing to do anything to make that person knows he/she is loved. The same goes to hate. If you hate someone, you are willing to do whatever it takes to make that person`s life miserable.

    If I hated someone, I would`ve gone insane and killed that person. But I don`t. They are some that we don`t get a long, we have different views and beliefs…we will have to deal with it.

    Sigh…I am glad I have the right of free speech.

  9. For me, when he said he is against my family (which he said by saying he only supports the traditional family blah blah blah), that is hate speech. I don’t expect people that don’t deal with what I do on a regular basis to understand, but I also don’t want them to tell me that I’m being hateful by standing up for my rights because I’m not. I’m glad people are making a stand. I don’t hate him. I’m not hateful about it. I boycotted CFA years ago when I found out where his $$ was being donated, and never looked back, but I’m happy that the mainstream media picked up on it (finally). I feel sorry for the gay employees at CFA. They’re having to deal with “I hate the gays, too” on a daily basis because of this jerk.

    I also agree with most of your post, I’m glad it was made public! It’s getting a LOT of people talking, and it’s definitely helped me find out who my real friends are.

  10. Bidisha Banerjee says:

    Thank you for raising awareness that this is not a freedom of speech issue. Whether he likes what his words or not, he has every right to state his beliefs.

    The issue is all about what he is doing with his corporate dollars, and whether or not you are patronizing a company that supports the organizations that they do.

  11. On Chick-fil-A “appreciation” day, I had several status updates in my head that I wanted to post to facebook, even though I knew they would incite some serious debate. I was angry about the whole thing and *really* tired about the whole “Free speech in Amurika but only for Christians, YEAH!” attitude that is SO prevalent in rural Texas. But then I realized that my status updates weren’t coming from a nice place, either…so I instead just posted an uplifting quote from Ellen.

    You do a good job of pointing out what the real issues are here.

  12. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    If a well-known figure makes a statement about anything, then he/she has to be willing to suffer/enjoy the consequences

  13. I for one think the whole thing has gotten blown way out of proportion. And, thanks to the media once again they bring an issue to light to devide us. It’s time we stop listening to these fear mongers and stop giving them what they want. Personally I think anyone should be able to say anything. It is free speach.

  14. It is quite the debated topic. One quote I liked that fit well with the whole discussion is this:
    “Our culture has accepted two huge lies. The first is that if you disagree with someones lifestyle, you must fear them or hate them. The second is that to love someone means you agree with everything they believe or do. Both are nonsense. You don’t have to compromise convictions to be compassionate”

  15. YES! YES! YES! Agree wholeheartedly with everything you said!

  16. Judy Bradley says:

    I like that Mr. Cathy was not hateful and was just stating his belief in the Biblical form of marriage, ie man and woman. But he also repeated that his personal and corporate belief was that all people should be treated fairly and basically allowed to follow their own beliefs. He also was looking forward to treating the protesters on last Friday with as much respect as they had anyone else. Their business is known for their good service and kindness to customers. I too believe in the Biblical form of marriage, but I have gay friends and believe we should treat everyone the way we want to be treated. No hatred nor snubbing, etc.

  17. 1) The president of Chick fil A did not ‘just’ express HIS PERSONAL opinion, he was asked and he answered.

    2) Why are people surprised? This is a company that values Christianity to the point that they are closed on Sundays!!!

    3) All those people who showed up to support what they thought was Chick Fil A’s position, where are they when it comes to volunteer for soup kitchens or food banks? I totally question their values.

    4) I have many gay friends who happen to love Chick Fil A’s food. They have not banned the restaurant, they still enjoy a great chicken sandwich. They did however ban the haters. Most are on facebook and have deleted those who “publicly stood for the unfounded cause”. Most were told why they were deleting before being done so.

    5) people should know what they are really saying before they say it!!!!!!!!!

  18. I find it all quite sad

  19. cheryl dangelo says:

    I don’t know how I really feel about the whole argument..I know a blogger wrote yesterday that we all support the gay community by what we drive, using computer,etc. I don’t mind the whole gay lifestyle but I’m not sure how I feel about it being a legalized sanction by marriage..Our chickfila was PACKED and so the bottom line is that CHICKFILA made “BANK” last Wednesday..They do very well here anyway, but last week was unbelieveable

  20. I find it all quite sad.

  21. kelly nicholson says:

    im not led by the main piss stream media..i dont care about any of this..im tired of emotional controled news storys…complete mind control bs..i do not watch the news anymore

  22. I for one am glad people are talking about it. Things like this don’t get fixed if people don’t step up to fix them. Just do it politely of course. I just wish things like this weren’t even an issue.

    Love doesn’t have a gender so why should marriage? =\

  23. The way I look at it, and I have a sister-in-law that I wish could marry her girlfriend, is he has the right to speak his mind. Now about him funding “hate” organizations, that is debatable. He funds organizations that push for marriage to stay between a man and a woman, for all that I have read. Granted, I don’t agree with this, but it isn’t as though he is funding groups to go beat homosexual people.

    It would be the same as saying anyone that votes for marriage to stay between a man and woman are a hate group. They may be close-minded on their openness for change, or due to their beliefs, but again it doesn’t automatically become “hate”.

    My major issues honestly were more the cities of Chicago and Boston telling Chick-Fil-A they cannot or should not build their due to their company beliefs. This starts a dangerous downward spiral. People agree with this because it matches their feelings, but companies should not be banned from building due to fundimental beliefs, because it would be the same as a city telling Target they cannot build due to their homosexual friendly stance. We can’t test every company to see where they sit on the top 10 political hot topics…

    Either way, it is a private company that is run mostly by mom and pops who are the ones getting hurt by this. From what I hear(they aren’t here really except mini-stores), they give amazing customer service and treat their employees VERY well compared to other fast food companies. They do not shy away from hiring homosexuals and have never done this.

    I believe this became a lightning rod because it was blow out of proportion with the media talking about “hate groups” and “funding hate”. The CEO is an idiot, this is known. But after that, there is a ton of grey area.

  24. Daniela S. says:

    I don’t agree with Cathy’s views, but I don’t live near a Chick fil A and I don’t plan on going out of my way to purchase their sandwiches. If you don’t like his message or want to buy into his views, don’t eat there. I am glad there’s more awareness, but buying sandwiches to support him or holding kiss-ins to protest is not really going to make a huge difference. Unfortunately, there will always be discrimination against homosexuals. That’s my two cents, and not everyone will agree with it. That’s fine. Cathy does have a right to free speech. It is deplorable that he’s standing on his soapbox and funding anti-gay marriage and anti-gay organizations. I’m sick of all of this discrimination, honestly.

  25. There are so many companies out there using their corporate dollars one way or another we may or may not agree with. Most times consumers have no clue unless something like this happens.

  26. Chelsea Saulpaugh says:

    I think I missed something very big here. I am going to have to read up on what happened.

  27. rust hawk says:

    Well put. It’s become more and more clear that “liberalism” or :progressivism”, the party of “tolerance” are some of the MOST intolerant. If one does not march in lock-step with their ideology, out comes the hate. Sad, but undeniable.

  28. kelly goss says:

    great post. i only wish that it wouldn’t effect the poor folks making minimum wage that work at the restraunts. enough people boycott the place and some (of the stores)will close and the poor shlub busting his hump to make a few bucks is out of a job. unfortunately anyone who would boycott a place of business because of one man’s running off at the mouth doesnt realize the long reaching consequences of their actions.

  29. JENNIFER HART says:


  30. Zachary Kl. says:

    I always heard great things about Chick-Fil-A, but we don’t have any here in NY. And at this rate, I don’t think one will be opening here anytime soon…

  31. adrienne warren says:

    all the money spent on advertising to convince people that they want like need your product and the owner of the company makes a big issue of who they want as customers and who they don’t (save those gay dollars for San Francisco). Annoying people and making people feel unwelcome in your business is a bad way to stay in business.

  32. I love all that you have to say about this topic. I won’t give my opinion of the topic of gay marriages because it’s not a huge issue to me, but I will say that people do have freedom and their own rights to choose what they want in life. Thanks for sharing how you feel and view the topic.

  33. I wasn’t going to take sides until the toy thing happened back on July 25th Jen. I wrote my piece then Values Should Not Cause Causalities. Jim Henson Company decided to end their relationship with them and then Chick-Fil-A recalls the toys for safety reason (even though they have passed all safety inspections it was to much for me) I didn’t agree with anything that was going on in the first place but now they had done the ultimate and they placed my son in the middle of it. They told me as a parent that a toy that has been proven safe that he currently has needs to be returned. It’s a slap in the face to my intelligence and I wrote about it. Thank you for sharing Jen

    Aaron – AkA Dadblunders

  34. to each their own! SMH at the whole thing!

  35. Melissa Stoneback-Tuttle says:

    I wish people would just live their lives based on those two age old “momma” sayings.

    If you haven’t nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.


    Treat people the way you wish to be treated.

    This world makes me really sad as a whole anymore. 🙁

    Thanks for your thoughts 🙂

  36. I find it equally sad that people equate a PERSONAL BELIEF as “hatred”. It’s sickening. As a Roman Catholic, I believe in the traditional / Biblical definition of marriage. That in no way means I “hate” anyone. Gays and straights DO have the same rights under the Constitution. Marriage is defined by the individual state.

    Terri P
    pr4gatheringroses AT gmail DOT com

  37. Not at all on the same page as Mr. Cathy and his religious or political beliefs.
    1. He can say and believe whatever he wants. USA.USA.USA.
    2. He makes a really good chicken sandwich and we all need to eat. It beats McDonald’s any day of the week and it’s the only fast food we eat. Once a month.

    Thanks for your good food beliefs Mr. Cathy.

  38. (The thing that sucks majorly is that he’s funding hate organizations on behalf of his company)
    Focus on the Family is not a hate organization. Do some research on both sides of the fence before you speak.
    Some of us who express are religious views on some topics are so tired of being called haters. We have had more hate directed at us than the other way around.

  39. I think that Cathy has a right to his opinion and a right to donate his money wherever he wants.

    I have the right not to patronize his franchises because I don’t want a penny of mine going to any group that promotes intolerance.

    Simple. He has his rights, and I have mine. I think that people on both sides of this are going totally bonkers when it’s not called for. Nothing anyone can say will change Cathy’s beliefs and his rights to have his beliefs. Calling him names because his beliefs don’t jibe with yours (not YOU, just over-eager people on the other side of the issue) just makes the person calling the names seem just as intolerant, only for a different reason.

    My wallet will be my voice,and my wallet won’t be going anywhere near one of his restaurants … ever. But that doesn’t mean that I think his belief is less valid than my own…it just means I don’t want my money to help spread his message.

    Do I think these restaurants should be banned from opening in any city? Nope. (well, at least not any more than I believe that ALL greasy, calorie-laden, cholesterol-raising fast food should) 🙂

    If someone shares his beliefs, have at it. Buy the food, gain the pounds 🙂

    If someone doesn’t, simply don’t go into one of his restaurants.

    All the name-calling and hate-mongering has to stop. On both sides.

  40. Kiki Bacaro says:

    For me, It WAS a free speech issue. I am a Christian and I happen to support some of those organizations myself. I dont consider them organizations that hate homosexuals and I dont hate homosexuals. In fact, I love quite a few of them in my life. Loving them doesn’t mean I have to agree with everything that they do or believe, just like they can love me and not agree with all that I do or believe. I would have supported a homosexual who owned a business and stated that they support LGBT organizations and if a mayor or other politician would have said that they would be BANNED from opening up their restaurant, I would have gone to that restaurant to show my support for believing how they believe and for being able to state it without losing their business.

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