How To Plan A Pirate Party

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You guys know I love pirates, right? I think it’s pretty obvious from my recent front yard makeover.

I’ve had some people ask me if I also dress up like a pirate. I do, but only on special occasions. Like International Talk Like A Pirate Day in September. My friend Mark throws a Pirate Party every year, so I thought it was pretty cool when these tips from a costume site came across my inbox.

How To Plan A Pirate Party

This is my fancy dress from last year’s Pirate Party.

Perhaps one of the most popular type of fancy dress parties around, pirate parties can be a lot of fun to be involved in, whether you’ve planned it yourself or you’re at someone else’s. If you’ve been to one before and want to see if you can make one organized by you better, what’s needed to be done? As is the case with any other party, there are a few things needed to be taken care of before you’re ready.

The most important thing about pirate parties is, of course, the costumes. When looking for outfits, you’ll want to get some which look realistic yet fun, and at the same time, you’ll want them to be good value. This is where going to an online retailer like Fancy Dress Ball will help, as you’re able to buy outfits for any occasion, including pirate outfits and Halloween costumes. Once the costumes are bought, you’re ready to plan everything else.

Almost as important as the costumes are the invitations: you’ll want to get them sent out nice and early, as you give those you’ve invited plenty of time to decide if they’re able to make it. Other things needed include food, drinks, decorations to make the venue seem more in keeping with pirate life and, of course, the games.

One of the best games you could play at your pirate party is a treasure hunt. By hiding ‘treasure’, which could be a bag of candy or something similar, you divide everyone at the party into teams and whoever finds the treasure first gets to keep it. All you need to give them is a series of clues that need to be worked out, and you’re guaranteed to have fun playing. Other games you could play include ‘walk the plank’ and ‘pass the booty’, which is pirate speak for ‘pass the parcel’.

Ok, maybe this isn’t the most detailed how-to, but I have to give them credit for trying. For most pirate parties, all you need is some great costumes and plenty of grog. Themed food and decorations are a nice touch, but really, after Yo Ho Ho-ing with bottles of rum, everyone is happy anyway.


This post brought to you by Fancy Dress Ball.

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  1. Great!

  2. Seyma Shabbir says:

    Great idea. I think some other things to use might be decorations perhaps a “woodenplank” at the door entrance and some way to make the house look like a boat. LOL

  3. Renee Hutchinson says:

    Wonderful idea love it

  4. kamilah says:

    awesome idea…my boys would love this

  5. love the idea, esp since the decorations can be used again for halloween

  6. Jessica P. says:

    Great dress! I’d love to have a pirate party!

  7. kelly nicholson says:

    Avast ye maty…i wanna swab her deck….seriously!

  8. This is all great tips! Now I want to have a Pirate party. I’d feel a little silly though at my age having a one. I wish pirates were popular when my kids were little.
    trishden recently posted..Planted my window boxes

  9. Jennifer Holovack says:

    How FUN! Love the costume :)

  10. theres some great ideas you had mentioned! now after reading this i feel like im ready to walk the plank and throw a wickedly awesome pirate party!

  11. darlene bohannon says:

    my grandaughter would love this,she is a little tomboy

  12. Thanks for sharing, my son would love this he is a Pirate nut. :)
    Kathren M recently posted..Thirty-One Gifts

  13. Love the pirate part. My boys want one after seeing the post.

    coming to you from the blog hop. I have subscribed to your blog and am following you on twitter. Would appreciate a follow back.

    Thanks for hosting! Having lots of fun reading all these blogs.
    Iva recently posted..Mint Denim

  14. natalia ellin says:

    i love ur dress!

  15. Marlene V says:

    I love the black flamingos — How fun!

  16. Chelsea Saulpaugh says:

    I volunteered a few years back at St. Jude Children’s Hospital and we threw a huge pirate party at their Target House. Although this was directed toward children, many of the same themes apply. We had a huge treasure hunt for the kids, where they had to find the pieces of a treasure map hidden around the building. In the end, there was a lot of candy! It was so much fun.

  17. Pirate paries are so fun! This gave me some ideas for a friends surprise party this month(;
    Chacoy recently posted..Sending Smiles from Teleflora

  18. Great ideas.

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