How To Get Rid Of Fingerprints On An LCD TV

Recently, I was walking through the living room and realized just how bad the Levi fingerprints on my LCD had gotten.

TV Fingerprints

Yep, it was pretty bad. Levi likes to crawl up on top of the stand and use the TV for balance. And like most toddlers, he doesn’t care if his hands are clean when he does it.

Like most random questions I have, I deferred to the experts – my Facebook fans. They had some really good suggestions.

Facebook answers

The overall consensus seemed to be a special spray and/or special wipes. I know there are things out there that can ruin my TV, so I was worried about choosing the wrong product. I mean, our TV was an investment. I don’t want to break it doing something silly like cleaning it.

I had heard that Falcon Safety, the folks that make Dust-Off compressed air cleaner for keyboards, also makes other products. Including, you guessed it, screen cleaning products. They have this cool little kit that includes everything you need to clean Plasma or LCD TV screens, computer screens, cell phone or tablet screens, and even CDs & DVDs.

Ultimate Screen Care Kit

I like that it included all the items I would need, and even had a handy little case to store them in.

What I didn’t like is that the directions were a little confusing, and very easy to lose. The directions are on the box, and once I put everything in the case, guess where the box (and thus the directions) went? Yep, in the recycling.

Ok, so there are separate directions for each type of surface you’ll clean. For my LCD TV, I needed to use the Screen Shammy (far right), the special spray (center), and the Plasma Screen Cloth (grey center). The Orange cloth on the far left is for cleaning CDs & DVDs, so I left that alone for now.

The thing that confused me is that the Screen Shammy doesn’t have a tag to identify it as the Screen Shammy. Other than watching a few infomercials, I don’t have much experience in the shammy department, so I had to use the process of elimination to figure out which one that was. The CD/DVD cleaning cloth has a tag on it that says that’s what it’s for, but the Plasma Screen Cloth tag just says Screen Cloth. I’m sure you can see how I got mixed up.

Anyway, I started by using the Screen Shammy, once I figured out what it was.

TV after dusting

I’ll be honest with you. I was disappointed that there were still streaks (as you can see from my lovely arrows above). What I didn’t realize is that I was doing it wrong. I was supposed to dust the TV off with the Screen Shammy, then use the spray with the Plasma cloth. Instead, I had used the spray with the shammy and thought I was done.

Once I figured out what I was doing wrong, I sprayed the Plasma Cloth and gave the screen a quick once-over. Totally different results.

Screen After Cleaning

You can definitely still see Levi’s fingerprints on the edge of the TV, but the screen is MUCH better than when I started. I’m sure if I went back and took a second pass at it, all of the fingerprints and smears would be gone.

For $25, I think the Dust-Off Ultimate Screen Care Kit is definitely worth the money, even if it takes a little bit of time to figure out the correct way to use it. Even though the spray bottle is small, since you don’t use much for cleaning the TV, it should last for quite a while.

What Do You Use To Clean Your TV?

I received the Ultimate Screen Care Kit as a sample for the purpose of this review. All opinions are 100% my own. All fingerprints are Levi’s. Unless there’s a noseprint – that probably belongs to one of the dogs.


  1. Thanks for the post. My tv always has prints on it.

  2. Wendi Scharrer says:

    I spay windex on a cloth. Guess I won’t be doing that anymore.

  3. Jessi RIch says:

    I bet that would work on my LCD laptop screen. I have just been using a eye glasses cleaning cloth, and it just doesn’t cut it.

  4. Thanks for the tips – I’ve got a toddler that loves to touch the TV =(

  5. kamilah says:

    Thank you, my little one is always touching the tv!

  6. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I guess I was doing the wrong thing, but I used Windex on a cloth. I shall have to look into other products.

  7. kelly king says:

    Thanks for the post. My 3 year old loves to touch mine

  8. Betty Baez says:

    I have the same problem my little man likes to leave finger prints all over mine that’s why I have a kit similar to this one for mine

  9. thanks. fingerprints are so annoying.

  10. Meg T ucker says:

    All great tips!!! My hubby won’t let me touch his flat screen to clean it and says I’ll ruin it!! The prints are driving me bonkers!!! I’m going to clean it today….sure am! He probably won’t even notice!! Thanks! 🙂

  11. Great tips! I don’t have any kids but our tv still has dust and dog hair all over it!

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