Helping Your Boobs Survive The Holidays (And Your Baby, Too)

Holidays can bring a lot of stress to a breastfeeding relationship. Here are my 5 tips to help your boobs survive this season. breastfeeding ornament

#1: Take All The Time You Need

Everyone is rushing to get somewhere this time of year – to the store before it closes, to church, to a family dinner. Remember that it’s best to feed your baby on THEIR schedule, not everyone else’s. Take the time to sit and nurse, even if it means being late or missing out on part of a group event. Most people won’t mind if you take 30 minutes for yourself anyway, and it can be nice to get away for a few quiet moments.

#2: Do What You And Your Baby Are Comfortable Doing

A lot of women tell me that the holidays are stressful on their breastfeeding relationship because they don’t know if they should nurse in public or that they worry what other people will think. If you and baby are comfortable, other people will see that and should respond accordingly. If you prefer to cover up, go ahead and cover up. When nursing, there are two people who’s feelings matter most – your feelings and your baby’s. Keep that in mind and it will all work out in the end.

#3: Check The Clock

I don’t want to imply that you should nurse on a schedule, but I do think it’s easy to let time slip away from you when there’s a lot of stuff going on. You may get distracted, and so might your child. Friends and family may be passing baby around, oohing and ahhing. All the excitement could mean a well-meaning relative mistakes a hunger cue for a wet diaper, and soon baby is overstimulated, cranky, AND hungry. Keeping an eye on the clock will help you know when to be more alert for hunger cues.

#4: Dress With Nursing In Mind

That cute one-piece long-sleeve dress might look fantastic on you, but it could make nursing difficult if you don’t have easy access for breastfeeding. If you know you’ll be nursing, plan ahead for wardrobe comfort and convenience.

#5: Pump If You Need To

Not bringing baby with you to a holiday event? Be sure to express your milk on your regular feeding schedule to keep your supply up. Many places have areas where moms can pump privately. (I once pumped at the Science Museum during a wedding reception.) You can always ask the host or hostess if you don’t see a spot readily accessible. You can use a restroom as a last resort, but I strongly urge against it.

Do you have any tips for keeping your breastfeeding relationship going through the holiday hustle and bustle? Let me know what I missed!

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  1. Great article! I especially like the part about slowing down and going at your own pace

  2. Gaby @ Tmuffin says:

    These are such great reminders! Especially dressing with nursing in mind! If you’re wearing a dress that doesn’t pull down on top, you can’t exactly lift up the whole dress to nurse your baby! I’ve had to change at the last minute a couple of times once I remembered that! It’s also handy to have a shawl or something with you (or a baby carrier) to help cover up when you’re nursing a baby in a fancy dress.

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